Drugdealer - Fools Lyrics

One, two, three, four

You've been livin' life on a thin line
But it really gets you down
You can try but it just don't feel right
Oh, to light a candle for the underground

It's not the same song you remember
You can try, but it's just plain wrong

Fools, they lie to each other, ahh
Fools, they hide from their lovers, ahh

You've been havin' lots of late nights
But it really wears you down
Fans of hippie music
Oh, light a candle for the underground

It's not the same song you remember
You can try, but it's just plain wrong

Fools, they lie to each other, ahh
Fools, they hide from their lovers, ahh
Fools, they lie to each other, ahh
Fools, they hide from their lovers, ahh

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Drugdealer Fools Comments
  1. Samus Aran

    i fucking love this.

  2. Louis Marsh

    01:24 I didn't know Saltbae could sing whilst lying down! Is there anything that man CAN'T do?!

  3. Rotcod

    It's a little derivative.

  4. lobstrosity pat-a-pon

    This is what I listen to in my yacht.

  5. LEO420

    It’s nice to see people my age love Real genuine music and like making it too

  6. jessica

    this is so 70s i'm confused


    fuego alert 🔥

  8. Cae Gwyn

    The clock in the video kept changing time and so did I

  9. gumiflex


  10. C Stein

    Plz don’t stop making music

  11. Anthony Moon

    1990s dead vibes

  12. Amélie Lhernould

    I can't believe the singer/keyboard player looks exactly the same as Nouveaux Climats drummer !

  13. Mal Mantra

    que buena musiK!

  14. bbosch

    You guys make me wana beat up my family. Never do this again. Im mentally disturbed from this video.

  15. Daniele Milazzo

    David Berman would have liked you.

  16. tom Placentia

    croby,stills,nash, and scaggs.. dope

  17. Yusha Abdulrahman Charles

    It's good to see that Pablo Escobar is still pushing the keys.

  18. StoneCole

    How is barely anyone saying Boz Scaggs??! Sounds just like him!

  19. Bo Jaywalker

    Notice how both records of theirs is Perfect.

  20. Bo Jaywalker


  21. Bo Jaywalker

    Crosby, Spills The Hash, & Young.

  22. Jesus Christ

    These men are going to ascend us into the next dimension

  23. emma jones

    Saw them at the 'Yes' bar in Manchester, UK recently. F*****g BRILLIANT. An amazing night.

  24. Ej Brigil

    Where’s Kenny Anderson

    Landon Anders

    Ej Brigil 1:23

  25. Yung Amaru

    he hit that crash so clean from behind at 1:43.

  26. Terry Tolkin

    You guys sounding exactly like the very best of Steely Dan and the Eagles is a fukin cheap trick but it works for me. Who does your Paisley?

  27. Mav R

    My hands down fave collaboration. I was supposed to see them live in Philly. Kept thinking it was the 27th. It wasn't it was the 17th. Yup. Mercury Retograde. The Struggle is real. This song is all that and more.

  28. Baggio Proa

    Hell yea what a kick ass smooth sound to smoke to!!! What 2019 needs you guys are the fucking shit.

  29. blackdaylight

    Whaaaat???!!! Boz Scaggs meets CSNY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Hunter Skowron

    my dad approves this song.

  31. Mummylips

    Drums sound good

  32. Steven Casteel

    Those vocal harmonies are so nice. Who are you guys referencing?

    Hunter Skowron

    your dad

  33. Anthony L

    a couple of youngers with old soul

  34. pushedbacktosquare 1


  35. Eric Crawford

    I'm hooked! Watching Ace's "How Long" as it must have provided inspiration. But there is another blast from the past woven in here as well. I'll figure it out at some point!

  36. Monica Meza

    This music if life

  37. Martin Pasley

    What happened to your Instagram why did u delete it?

  38. The Night Hob

    That was fucked up!
    That sound is so spot on. New favourite!!

  39. virrisu


  40. the white wall sessions

    Great tune

  41. Bo Jaywalker

    our beloved dr gonzo

  42. i go p00f

    I think we saw you guys in London,,, y'all were dressed as ghosts on the water lmao. Nice music man >.>

  43. Tony Iannelli

    This is my summer 2019 jam already.

  44. Tonnie Pickett

    Has a real Steely Dan kind of sound. Thanks for posting.


    Yes! I just heard it on the radio and thought the same thing!

  45. Richard Jarram

    yes mate

  46. Montelimarr

    Steve Harley on Acoustic!

  47. Anthony Adams

    Groovey man....

  48. Reidman landshire

    0:06 neymar playing sax

  49. Fredspil

    topt du top les Cocos !!!

  50. TheThirdEye


  51. Lord Čardak

    easily getting addicted to this tune...damn you, smooth gang of cool cats!

  52. Jovy Baliguat

    Nice song i love it thanks ❤💜👉😍🥰 i injoy it 💜💜💜😘thanks dear friend 👍👍👍

  53. Altamira

    Have they performed it live ?

  54. Altamira

    Wow Brillant ! This is what i call music, we are back in the late 60's- 70's (and musically i would have stayed in this era forever if i could)

  55. Xixu

    I fuckin love this. Need moreeee

  56. Yolaus Kriff

    Blue Jean Committeed

  57. Matt Meyer

    1:43. swagger

  58. avbnv

    Driving in LA with mark knopfler

  59. Tijjeroo Woopdidoo

    Literally feel like I hopped into a time capsule. Great stuff. Unfortunately this awesome music won't catch on with the majority of these millenial wackadoodles (I'm a millenial myself lol). It seems as if musical talent is a detriment to economic success in this day and age.

  60. J35h13

    I literally cannot stop listening to this record. Please, I have other obligations I must see to ..

  61. Paula MUÑOZ

    clasico instantaneo

  62. Kerry Hirsch

    little bitta george harrison on that solo

  63. Royal Chicano

    Love to see these guys merch table. We have shirts, pins, stickers, X, Blow, Grand daddy purp.....etc.

  64. jon Zabko

    This song sucks.... I've tried to like it and understand what these guys are trying to do.... they're not doing it well...

  65. DrTomoculus

    I was very surprised by this once it kicked in. I heard so many things in it, touches of Crosby Stills & Nash, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, 10cc, Gerry Rafferty. If I was in the car, cranking up the AM radio as loud as it could go, and this came on, I just might turn off at the next exit and find the nearest wrecka stowe and pick this single up! Maybe even the album.

  66. asstrailean

    where was this filmed?

  67. whodroppedthefruit

    If 10CC were a yacht rock band.

  68. Kelly Mungai

    Found via Vice News

    Jesus mendoza

    Me too man 🤘

    Alan Barr

    Vice News for the win!

  69. Been Microphone

    warm fuzzies dude, jus warm n fuzzies my friend ✌🎶🎶💋

  70. Marc C.

    1:40 uh don't pretend like hitting the cymbal behind your back is a normal thing to do :-)
    I think it's time to think about a rotating drum cage.


    Marc C. Watch the @drumeo videos of John Moffitt - Michael Jackson's drummer. You'll be amazed... His smooth criminal video on drumeo

  71. Neil

    How perfect can you get?

  72. Jorge Cuervolini

    Harmonies HELL YEAH!

  73. Lag1378

    Love that sound, so good.

  74. smg60631

    Wow its 2019 and group with real harmonise what a concept. Only if top forty radio still exists.

  75. TheWidowMaker 69

    I wish drugdealer was my drug dealer

  76. seoulc

    CSNY. Gotta have it in your blood to produce this sound right now. " It's not the same song you remember..."

  77. David Turel

    i have listened to this track an absolute reckless amount of times since its arrival. i'm so excited for this album.

  78. Chris Dangelo

    Where is Kenny Anderson?

  79. Brian Chapman

    These guys should tour with The Greenhorn Brothers. 🤘🏻

  80. John Ryan Gallagher

    skilled drummer

  81. Isaak Diamond

    dude what the heck this is so damn good i don't even know just wow..

  82. R17fontay

    I know that bassist is Bill Hader in disguise. Can't fool me, Bill

  83. Andy Abert

    Reminiscent of the Blue Jean Committee. Nicely done.

  84. Derrick Crump


  85. spazatron 2000

    Def seem like opiod users...

  86. spazatron 2000

    They def shot up a few ballons in the making of this...heorin musta been good in the 70s i guess to lol...

    Royal Chicano

    I doubt it, that shit is hella whack. All they had was some killer bud.

  87. Ben

    yo is that markiplier on sax

  88. You must gather your party Before venturing forth

    I like the first album but this album raw honey rocks. Just bought the CD and I’m loving it. It’s songs are varied in style and is a joy to listen to

  89. Rima Lyn

    I heard this on KCRW and thought how is it possible there’s a Dan tune I don’t know!?!Are these outtakes from Countdown to Ecstasy?!?! No Fool, it’s Drugdealer. Awesome hybrid.

  90. Brent Valleywhag

    These guys look like a bunch of Narcos!

    P.S. Cool song

    Been Microphone

    I love nachos 😛

  91. leahinparadise

    Fantastico!!!! This is the tightest musicianship I've heard in a long long time, So good...gotta share!!!!

  92. Vincent Meyer

    A for unoriginal

  93. Ian Joseph Greene

    I really like this song! Honestly if y'all tried to sell me drugs I'd assume that you were narcs and tell your snitch asses to get on though.

  94. WillMansell

    Amazing song, but the saxophone solos bug me out on your stuff. Completely ruins the vibe : - (

  95. Daniel Kelly

    i see 2 guitars but dont hear them?

  96. Surfs Up

    This could comfortably sit between Emerson Lake and Palmer and Steely Dan and it would sound right on the radio.

  97. tone finder

    Sound like the dobbie brothers a bit.
    Very nice song.
    Rock on

  98. Dark Doggo

    Lol! How pretentious this shit is. Nice bass tho

    Daisy Duke

    They are definitely posers

  99. Thomas Minarchick Jr.

    Am I the only one that can hear the Yacht Rock guys saying how “smooooth” this music is?