Drifters, The - There Goes My First Love Lyrics

There goes my girl
there goes my first love
With the guy I used to call my friend
There goes love I thought would never end
And I can't forget her
my heart is breaking
When I see her holding hands with him
Can't help thinking how it might have been
She's still my first love

My first love is still around
She never left this part of town
Now I see her most ev'ry day but she don't look my way
There goes my first love with the guy I used to call my friend

She loved me but not for long
I wish I knew where I went wrong
Now ev'ry day those pretty feet come walking on down the street

There goes my first love with the guy I used to call my friend

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Drifters, The There Goes My First Love Comments
  1. Adrian B

    Yates wine bar in Nottingham on a Friday night. Oh the memories

  2. Karen Ward


  3. margaret sancaster

    classic xxx

  4. Kerry Mckenna

    What a tune love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃2020

  5. dave

    I was only 11 when this came out and still love the music I was brought up with. Many of us can relate to this song when we were younger.

  6. Adrian B

    Nottingham on a Friday night 🕺

  7. Lorraine Speirs

    Putting band of gold on breaks my heart

  8. James Bretherton

    H l. 🌟❤️🌟❤️🌟😘😘😄😄👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


    reminds me of my teenage years

  10. Dale Harmer

    Reminds me of Sunday morning s when I was young boy with my mum and dad. God rest their soul s. 💜

  11. bluenote824 jones

    Who is on lesd

  12. bluenote824 jones

    Great great group

  13. jongleur

    For me personally, this was the best song The Drifters ever recorded.

  14. peter farrel

    I was only 12 in 1975 .and I just loved this song...

  15. Linda O'Neill

    I was 18 when this song came out now am 62 bring back great memories of the 70 s music god how I miss those days

    Jill Charlton

    Absolutely. I was 12, and bought it with my pocket money. Still brilliant.

    Beverly Lindsay

    Me too 18 when it came out, another lifetime..such good memories..and a few sad ones too.

    Jason Maddock

    Linda O'Neill I am45 and love this music

    Arto Crossan

    I was 16 just started apprenticeship as a welder great times no worries and enjoyed life

  16. musiccharts play

    UK W/E 25th October 1975 NUMBER 3 Drifters - There goes my first love

  17. Mary Briggs

    Ceelo move over !!!

  18. Andrew Thornhill

    Johnny Moore's voice was THE voice of The Drifters for me. He led the group that I knew. Rudy Lewis was unforgettable (as were McPhatter and King) but this is the styling I fell in love with.

  19. Gray chambers

    true to life for me as this actually happened'' as a 15 year old I never told this girl how I really felt[of which ive regretted ever since] and ended up losing her[ my fault ].as no one has ever come close ever since''love you forever and then some [Annette ] soulgray of westbrom

    Gray chambers

    @david mitchell we were too young mate'' I think and naive ''[pisses you off though'[' if only'] gray of wba

    karen lnsy

    Find her again. If there's any hope. Don't regret not looking

    karen lnsy

    Find her today. Don't regret not trying.

    Glynn Evans

    @karen lnsy hi Karen I luv this track and your more than a number in my little red book..Glynn n Greetings from Stourbridge West Midlands 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  20. bluenote824 jones

    Great who is lead

    Nigel Stainforth

    Johnny Moore

  21. Lucy Riley

    Easily their best song

  22. Tracie Beards

    Dont you just love the old tunes

  23. Darren Nicholl

    brilliant pop love song I sing it

  24. Graham Chambers

    love this and the early 70s as a teenager''loved the soul scene'' back then different world and carefree times'' long hot summer nights''and dancing'' reminds me of my first love at 15'' lack of communication back then[no cell phones] never told her how much I loved her[biggest regret of my life] and di'dnt  know she felt the same as me until about 7 years ago' gut wrenching' and a 'massive regret for me as no one has ever come close since[and no one ever will] always and forever annette''and then some'gray & Annette j whitehouse''forever n' ever''soulgray of westbromwich'

    karen lnsy

    Find her. It's never too late. I found my first love after 20 years. I lost him all over again, two years ago, but will never stop loving him. She might be wishing and dreaming, you get in touch. Do it today. Please.

    dog tiered woz ear

    Yea me too...met a girl called cheeri in 1976 spent 3 days with her in s Wales.car broke down.....never saw her AGAIN.she sent me a photo booth picture.i still carry it.mo +cheeri....43 yrs ago...

  25. Adrian B

    Reminds me of Yates wine bar Nottingham on a Friday night. Pissed and on the pull 😂

    Celia Morris


  26. Greg Mardell

    Always used to put this on the jukebox in our village pub in Herts' 1975 I was fifteen great times.

    Graham Chambers

    and me '' used to put this on the jukebox in my local  in 75'in westbromwich'i was 16 at the time great times and would go back in the blink of an eye if could''soulgray of westbrom

    Greg Mardell

    @Graham Chambers I also wish we could go back Graham I think the 70s was the best decade.

  27. Jj R


    richard eley

    hello very good times

  28. Adrian B

    This is fucking awesome 😎

  29. Marie F

    I remember seeing the Drifters at a big nightclub in my home town in England when I was very young 😁😍 awwww memories lovely 💓

    Kevin Beck

    great music i didnt see them but they were always touring around the uk

    robert talbot

    i saw them at KGH in Blackburn

    dog tiered woz ear

    Arrr.but. was it is real ones....i 've seen a few saying there the drifter but no real connection

    Gaynor Achilles

    Kevin uiiuuu

  30. KRYPTIC_ 13

    There goes my firrrst love❤💘

  31. Smashmambo

    We used to have this on tape. I was six...that was 30 years ago.

  32. starryian007

    Fantastic lyrics. The songwriting is superb!

  33. Darren Gough-Cooper


  34. Ian Cropper

    Great song and year too. Wish i could go back.

    Lisa Moseley

    @Glynn Evans yes I remember your more than a little red number in my book and Saturday night at the movies great songs xx

    Glynn Evans

    @Lisa Moseley Cheers for your reply s Lisa. I'm from Stourbridge West Midlands how about you XX

    Lisa Moseley

    I am from England south east London x

    Glynn Evans

    @Lisa Moseley cheers Lisa bet property is through the roof luv .up here for 250k u can get 5 bed detached with some land ,do u like the fast pace of life in London I live in a small village very quiet. 😍😍

    Glynn Evans

    @Lisa Moseley meant to say Lisa would u like to chat for a while XX

  35. Jackie Smith

    Love this song, still listen to all the 70's songs, can't beat them 😁

    Lisa Moseley

    Yes I am still listening to it I love the drifters great x 1a

  36. Tinsby

    Wow I must have REALLY been asleep at the wheel to miss this one, it's a killer, thanks for a great posting, you made my day!

  37. Rini Hariani

    The most cheerful song to describe a broken heart situation 😁😄😄😄

  38. Kirsty Nelson

    this reminds me of the music I heard growing up!!! now I'm a huge soul fan and this song still makes me want to get up and sing 😆😆

  39. Kirsty Nelson

    this reminds me of the music I heard growing up!!! now I'm a huge soul fan and this song still makes me want to get up and sing 😆😆

  40. Kirsty Nelson

    this reminds me of the music I heard growing up!!! now I'm a huge soul fan and this song still makes me want to get up and sing 😆😆

  41. Kirsty Nelson

    this reminds me of the music I heard growing up!!! now I'm a huge soul fan and this song still makes me want to get up and sing 😆😆


    he feels jealous

  43. Gary L

    I love this song

  44. Zoran Milovanovic

    Reminds me of Jane Pyle from Canada who I fancied like hell who liked this song.
    Hi Jane if you are readin'.

    Liam Corley

    Zoran Milovanovic Love it when a song reminds us of who we fancied! x


    Always bring back such great memories of Samella.....................RIP

  46. Ben Morgan

    definitely can relate to this

  47. Andre Matulich

    Still as fresh today as it was back in the day.

  48. Irish Patti

    AT TOY~~~ SWEET. ... TYK 🍀😇🍀

  49. Emma LFC 75


  50. seventiesmusicisbest

    Doesn't matter how old you are if you're good enough to carry it off. Just listen to these to see what I mean.

  51. Kurt Turner

    Classic, it's a shame they've carried the name on with so many new members over the years.

    They don't make em like they used to!! 👍

    Thanks for sharing.

    Big Ten Inch Records

    +TheLoopy666 No worries at all, thanks for your comment!


    Well said👍

  52. churmsy1

    Probably the first drifters song I ever heard . And I was hooked straight away.

  53. Chicky Biccy

    I would just like to say that I am 22 and I love this song, my father has a station on in the car that plays songs from his youth and that is how I discovered this song as well as many others.

    Helen O'Brien

    I would just like to say...i am ages with your dad and this is one of my favourite songs , you have good taste girl 🌺

    Paddy Eejit

    I was 5 when this was a hit 😊

    Helen O'Brien

    I would just like to say i am 60 and love this song so much, wow those were the days 🌺🌼💞

    Helen O'Brien

    I am the the first reply in 3 years... Really


    no one can take the times we had

  54. Elisa Martin

    Johnny Darrow Moore ~ So Love The Drifters ~ Thank you for sharing...hard to believe it was 40 years ago

    Big Ten Inch Records

    No worries at all! Be sure to subscribe, got a few more Drifters records in my collection that will be uploaded soon!

    Elisa Martin

    +Big Ten Inch Records Fantastic ~ Thank You *smiles*


    Yes... Time flies so fast. Where did the years go🤔

  55. Toby Hart

    Takes me back my youth and when I first started buying records. Great numbers to sing along to. RIP Johnny Moore

    Lisa Moseley

    Yes takes me back to my younger days xx