Drifters, The - Save The Last Dance For Me Lyrics

You can dance
Every dance with the guy
Who gave you the eye
Let him hold you tight

You can smile
Every smile for the man
Who held your hand
'Neath the pale moonlight

But don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin'
Save the last dance for me, mmm

Oh I know
That the music is fine
Like sparkling wine
Go and have your fun

Laugh and sing
But while we're apart
Don't give your heart
To anyone

But don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin'
Save the last dance for me, mmm

Baby don't you know I love you so?
Can't you feel it when we touch?
I will never, never let you go
I love you oh so much

You can dance
Go and carry on
Till the night is gone
And it's time to go

If he asks
If you're all alone
Can he take you home
You must tell him no

'Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin'
Save the last dance for me

'Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin'
Save the last dance for me, mmm

Save the last dance for me, mmm
Save the last dance for me

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Drifters, The Save The Last Dance For Me Comments
  1. Maggie Tomas

    Always & Forever ❤️

  2. Lali Lerma

    Love their music. I was only a child but still remember.

  3. WildGooseUSA

    I'm here the night of January the 29th 2020 thinking of his awesome song with many memories

  4. Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca

    Deberías poner una foto con Ben E. King...esa foto es con Clyde MacFatter...

  5. Rose Keller

    Great song !

  6. Shamim Huq

    One of those forever hit songs -- people will play it 100 years from now ...

  7. carol King

    What memories that song brings back from 1960. Thank you for posting.

  8. 33 Whiskey

    The prettiest girl in my high school just died. I graduated 60 years ago. My memories of her are wrapped up in 50s and 60s rock and roll and she will live on every time I hear one of these great oldies.

  9. Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca

    You post the wrong photo.

  10. Martin Barrera


  11. fdc sinay

    in the early days they were my favorite group which i love to hear

  12. Geri S.

    Oldies but goldies.

  13. hiroshi558


  14. Zeynep Öksüz


  15. 000


  16. Lachario New

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing this song was everyone song at party's don't forget about when it's time to go every one got back with that special someone love forevermore Linda j peace ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯🌈🌈🐻🐻🐻

  17. Cheryl Maroz

    Please save the last dance for me please?

  18. Sergio

    Sounds great in 2020

  19. Hinga Mbogo

    This song takes me back to 1971 , my friend Mark lumula would sing this song at the end of the night , i often wonder what happened to the band, Bongo boys. Kampala, George Mess, Luangu.

  20. John Miller

    Not quite 80 but once was young, strong, vibrant but those days are long gone. Still enjoy the music. Best time to grow up, people happier then

  21. Ken Hatchett

    Still listening to this great classic 2020

  22. Francis Alan Wormald


  23. Denise Hedden

    🥀Amazing song🥀

  24. Marianne Arendt

    Genau vor 2 Jahren habe ich mit Agostino geschrieben ... das war in den..Anfängen meiner Playliste...Puff weg war ich



  26. amy jalleson

    2020 anyone already?

  27. Mary Naughton

    One of my favourite songs. Love it. X ❤

  28. Edson Johnston

    2020 Anyone? She saved the last dance for me. But I wasn't taking her home. She's married...

  29. M N

    Hand's up for 2020 ♥

  30. Ruth King

    Here it is,the first day of 2020. Are we still having fun? I thought so. Dance on folks,dance on.

  31. Tina Webb

    Love this song was made before I was born but know all these songs because of my mum god bless her sadly passed away

  32. Dave S


  33. Mickey Bowser


  34. Melissa Patey

    Brings back childhood memories of my mum listening to this and singing along....now I do the same with my children....#makingmorememories

  35. jef lynn


  36. Veron Renton

    Absolutely great song.

  37. lorenzo magazzeni

    sure, and get gang raped...

  38. Dannibee Hill

    And the drifters xx and that is how j know ur all full of it my dad would be here if it was serious he would never let me go so jog on

  39. BoBo Manny

    I'm 41 an when I was 18 I was listening to this absolutely love Motown I feel it in my soul today's music doesn't come close to this .

  40. Walter Hladnik

    Simply great

  41. Sebastian Wendel

    ... this song evokes tears in my eyes ...

  42. Dannibee Hill

    The last dance is for 1 man and 1 man only my son aj if he says ur OK then OK if he don't like ya toodles x

  43. Lienie Staal

    Me... my favourite!!!

  44. Steamybags

    This is what we call pool playin music

  45. David McKain

    Iconic voice

  46. El Buchito

    Ben E King vocals

  47. Linda Gold

    Still singing this incredible song
    Great group. Love the strings.

  48. Kim B

    Me and my mum are seeing them next year

  49. Fauzia Jamil

    Absolutely the best song ever even today

  50. Marco Ceccarelli

    This is what you call music and talent.

  51. cyber grunge

    So sweet song, so harmonically and melodically divine!!!

  52. Joan Russell

    I am 😁

  53. David pitaval

    Le kiff💞

  54. Ju americangirl

    Love this song 😍

  55. Tilly Colleton

    Awesome sound

  56. Aisha Halilu

    Something in the rain feelings😭❤️

  57. Reno Arjes

    Herinneringen an Kaapstadt en Amsterdam bedankt Anneliese

  58. Win Ritzert

    The Drifters were MY group... If you grew up in the 50's/early 60's, you know what I mean..

  59. Grandas Girl

    My boy xx

  60. Russell Williams

    Oldies will always be a favorite of mine..

  61. Frederick Kiel

    How can 2,600 dolts give this classic a thumbs down? One of you, please explain your displeasure. Thank you.

  62. Linda Toussaint

    This song remind of Justin and Brian dancing at his prom. SWEET

  63. John Hawkins

    My father said this was a real pretty song in the 50s

  64. Ken Hatchett

    A great classic from a great time in my life.

  65. Tuco Cat

    Brian Kenny and Justin Taylor

  66. John Pace

    It's funny how the arrangement sort of sounded south of the border Mexican. As opposed the soul and horns of Motown of that era. Not complaining! It's a fantastic number.

  67. Adam Duddy

    Adam Edenburgh

  68. Irma P.

    Großartig! Dieser Schwung! Aber die anderen Versionen (Elvis, Io Robic 'Mit 17...' ) sind auch enorm schön.

  69. Ramona Reyes

    Do you want to come home with us now? No not yet. Don't cry because I wont.

  70. maurizio sant

    But i beleve that ANN BREEN interpret save the last dance for me, better👍😊

  71. Kim Zastrow

    My feet dont work so well I wonder why that is probably cause yet again somebody is so funny and my life has been so awesome

  72. Grant McIntosh

    This one was about 1960, wasn't it?

  73. Nanjimoy Al Kursi

    Iam 77 and just love the drifters, but isen,t that charlie. Wilson sibging lead? Because thats not him on the picture.

    Rob Arnum

    Actually it is Ben E King! His last lead vocal with the drifters! He'd already left the group for a solo career but they needed a lead singer for this recording session and had to coax him back to do this! He gave a first rate job of it for them as you can tell! Just thought I'd tell you.

  74. Lucyy 213

    I've known this song for a long time before but recently came back after watching QAF💙 someone with me?

  75. Alan McEwen

    I'm 70, and still think my generation had the best music.

    Michelle Regis

    @Renata Ostertag teens back the had simliar setbacks as many teens today, some things never really change.

    Tornesha Wilson

    Dear Alan, I'm 24 yrs old. All i do is listen to old school music. Theres nothing like it. I was born in the wrong era.❤

    Toni Winwright

    I'm 34 n love this music all thanks to my mam wouldn't have it any other way real music unlike the music in this day

    Ruben Celiceo

    I'm 23 and I can say that the old school singers are evidently passionate about their songs

  76. Brian Mullin

    Listening to this classic Nov. 8, 2019

  77. Reno Arjes

    Anneliese ich danke für alle Deine Liebe. Könnte ich Dir diese CD noch schenken Dein Reno

  78. Grandas Girl

    Nope lol watch my next move lol tell me

  79. Ora Williams

    Ora in Detroit is listening in 2019 ... A song for the ages, BEAUTIFUL and meaningful!!

  80. Judy Jae

    Great song...one of the best to come out of the 60's:)

  81. Marisol Romo

    I thought this song was sung by Ben E. King

  82. Ames Harlem

    One of the very best.

  83. Rakesh Das

    I am listening

  84. Jocelyne Surdin

    Me 🤗 I don't know about you guys but to experience that kind of trust from a boyfriend would have been lovely 💞

  85. Rochelle O.S

    Such a beautiful song 🕺💃❤🎼🎵🎼🎵 a classic of all time 😍

  86. Connie Wagner

    I was there at 15 and still here at 71, loving this like a kid.

    R Stanhope

    Cheers to all the older people out there who is old enough to remember all these great songs & still listen to them...Thank You,,, You Tube

  87. my melody

    This original version is clearly the BEST!!! I wanna dance the last dance still in 2020!!! ❤

  88. Vikki Smith

    My last dance for you will be for eternity

  89. Brooke Gellerman

    This song screams romance. Light a candle, pop open a bottle of wine, and enjoy!

  90. corlyssd

    Love that song. My mom used to sing it. She was quite a dancer. My dad wasn't. She always found someone at a party to wanted to dance with her. But she always went home with my dad.

  91. Anastasios Tsougrakis

    yes, great song. what is greater is the heart of the man that wrote this song, doc pomus, his doco on youtube brought me to tears. if i had a fraction of his heart, i would become a much better person. rip doc.

  92. Thiago Santos


  93. Colin Edwards

    Don’t get much better ...😊🎸🎶🎸💫

  94. Cecila Brooks

    Rip pop for you

  95. Grant Mitton

    Takes me back to the Stateside Bar in Amsterdam in the 60"s.

  96. Debra Grosso

    Love this song! It brings back so many memories!

  97. Rahul Mawari

    I knew what kind music will this song have just by looking at the thumbnail....I was right it is beautiful