Drew Jacobs - Kiss Me Lyrics

I took you home, it was a Friday night
Your ripped jeans and your hair pulled high
I could've kissed you there or just moved on
I turned to walk away, then I heard you say
Are you gonna kiss me, kiss me?
Kiss my lips
Its been such a good night, baby, good night
Hanging out like this
You'd hate to mess it up, wreck it all and miss me
Baby, won't you kiss me?
Baby, won't you kiss me?

In the moment, man, I couldn't believe
How that kiss was all I needed
To fall in love and go your way (and go your way)
But girl I'm glad I stayed, I didn't walk away
And I'm glad you said (glad you said)

Are you gonna kiss me, kiss me?
Kiss my lips
Its been such a good night, baby, good night
Hanging out like this
You'd hate to mess it up, wreck it all and miss me
Baby, won't you kiss me?
Baby, won't you kiss me?

When the sun came up, couldn't beat the view
You grabbed my hand, baby, then I knew
What to say to you

Are you gonna kiss me, kiss me?
Kiss my lips
Its been such a good night, baby, good night
Hanging out like this
You'd hate to mess it up, wreck it all and miss me
Baby, won't you kiss me? (oh yeah)
Won't you kiss me?

Are you gonna kiss me, kiss me?
Kiss my lips

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Drew Jacobs Kiss Me Comments
  1. Debbie Biddix

    Drew Jacobs all your songs omg I love.

  2. Nate Kirk

    Private is that how you wear a pc

  3. caty verster

    missing and wishing# SorryNotSorry#

  4. Joshua Zwilling

    I love this song

  5. Joy Butkhot

    Im a girl,and im at the military i miss my husband so much😔❤love this song

    Christy Lu

    Thank you for your service.🇺🇸

    Joy Butkhot

    @Christy Lu I'm a soldier in Israel🇮🇱
    but thank you.🙂

    Christy Lu

    @Joy Butkhot oh I'm sorry I was being inconsiderate. A brave soldier is a brave soldier tho, regardless where you're from. 👍

  6. jane Mongcay

    I share this song to my BF ... Boyce Letchford I love you more more more more more more more

  7. Jose Balderrama


  8. Diega Escamilla

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 love music 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💗

  9. Jayjay.Rice00

    Boy got no unit patches!!!

  10. Alec Ihde

    Man wish they let me keep some of my facial hair when I was in lol

  11. krishna prakash

    YESS moment from my 💓 in this night of the June's first weekend to my Beloved 1 MAHI 😍😘🖤 take my 😙eyes are closed and flying in the air to your 💋 I am trying to one long ,taste the essence of our soul 😘

  12. Angel Leiphart

    Such good vocals and very handsome!

  13. Yesenia Martinez

    Words so true

  14. Tina Beck

    Great song

  15. Carlie Bishop

    Whos listenin in 2019? Anyone

    Ben Guiry

    Yep, still listening 👂

  16. Janine Pullman

    You should come do a show in Prince George I would definitely come see your show❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Cassie Schrode

    Omg!!! 😍😍😍 This song though ❤

  18. M Corley

    This made me cry! I am currently in a relationship with someone is the Army, and I couldn't help but cry! Such an amazing song!

    rafsan nahid

    go ahead

  19. Wanda Barr

    Thanks for sharing my hubby works long distance I really do love and miss him every day but God is with us

  20. Judith Kirkpatrick

    What a sweet song ,hell ya.

  21. Anna Medina

    I love this song❤❤

  22. Howitfeel2bloved


  23. Stormy Keen

    Being a military wife is hard as hell. But you make it work. #HOOAH

    Amanda R. Kelley

    Marine girlfriend

  24. Les and Brian

    Love from Jamaica 🇯🇲

  25. Howitfeel2bloved

    omg hes so dreamy... those eyes

  26. Bob Werner

    Dear Mr Jacobs I am getting married Oct 20 2018 never thought would happen n there a bonus I was told 7 year's ago I couldn't have kids n guess what it's a boy so amazing n I totally wish my significant other could meat u well from a small town boy

  27. janel Gough

    ♥️♥️In love with your voice Andrew keep the good tunes coming 😘

  28. Cody West

    i have been with mmy boyfriend going on eleven years just to find out hes got fifty damn names and cant tell the truth! I have it all in black and white but still denies everything! I love him with all my heart but gotta bounce cant take no more cheating and lying! I love you ricky judd!

  29. Jackie Whatley

    I'm going to the army soon so I won't be able to keep my ex if we get back together because she might not want a soldier to keep leaving I miss her so much and im going to miss her so much

  30. Jackie Whatley

    I can't kiss my ex know more I wish I could I miss her so much I haven't been myself since we broke up I still love her so much

    Jonathan Stiles

    I know how you feel its almost been a month and yet everyday I still think about her

  31. Christian Smith

    Damn how bout that lead guitarist though<3

    Drew Jacobs

    Christian Smith Hahahaha he’s a hunk right?! Hope you’ve been well man!

  32. Xavier Mateo

    kkdkllsckke Ijvu. CT konjvuw iiw kizkk

  33. Well Yep

    Aww, the cat.

  34. JaKayla Crinklaw

    I really love this song. This how I feel when my boyfriend has to leave to go back to work because he works out of town and it is so hard on me because I just want him be home with me when he gone for months on end.

  35. Lhen A

    I love your song drew. I love you. I hope i Can find my love😘😘

  36. Wolfe Reblz

    Why does every newer song have rams what happened to the old Chevy and ford trucks

    Drew Jacobs

    Wolfe Reblz I just happen to have a Dodge truck haha

    Wolfe Reblz

    Drew Jacobs everyone is buying dodge lately it's not that I don't like them it's just all you used to here about is old beat up trucks and dogs dying

  37. Logan Filliez


  38. Anista Oosthuizen

    Totally inlove with his voice

  39. Kenny Zeck

    That haircut is not in regs

  40. Drew Conner

    I like that phone number lol. But damn. I listened to one of your other songs. Missin and Wishin. And now I’m here. Why couldn’t I find out about you sooner?

  41. Matthew Jacobs

    I wish I could get my friend # love her to kiss me

  42. Heather Norman

    love it

  43. Teri jo Myers

    i am madison i am 9 years old and i love your songs make more

  44. Willow Morris


  45. Charline Rene Yawn

    So, captivating. Introduced to your channel by my niece in MS. Best part of my day!!!

  46. Robert Shelley

    Is it just me or does this dude in the video look a lot like Gordon Hayward???

  47. Rebecca Wyrick

    he reminds me of this guy I know named Keith I just wish he would talk to me again

  48. Lee Stewart

    I actually like his music, and not a country fan. But makes me think about things...

  49. Ashley Russell

    I listen to this and I see my fiance coming home and imagining how our dates will be when gets home from his military base i love him so much i cant wait til he comes home

  50. Katie Nimmons

    He is so hot I love this song

  51. Lucy Van Duine

    The girl who was hanging out with the man was my old dance teacher! I’m so proud of her!😍❤️

    Jessica Ann Smith

    Lucy Van Duine ❤️❤️❤️

    Thomas Shelton

    What is her name

  52. Jessica Harper

    i love this song. 😘😉😍😚☺😗😊😙😃😜😄😝🎇🎆🎊🎉💝😅

  53. Zane Scrivner

    Why is that most songs that involve somebody from the military do they make them so jacked up??

    Drew Jacobs

    Zane Scrivner it’s funny. We took it upon ourselves to really get this right and it was approved by many of our friends in the military. We also didn’t want any “Stolen valor” so we took everything off it, as he is just an actor. I hope you enjoyed the song and video either way!

    Zane Scrivner

    Drew Jacobs song was absolutely great. And no stolen valor claim will be made by me. Just the dog tags hanging out of the shirt & the wearing of uniform bottoms and boots w/out a top is what hung me up. But great song!

  54. Jerry Foster

    Love it

  55. babygirl123373

    Love this song 😍

  56. MachineGunBilly97

    So is this the girl you were wishin and missin and finally kissed

  57. Mary Matze


  58. Kevin Cummings

    My boy!

  59. jessica nelson

    awe I like it

  60. Maryke Mouers

    Love this song

  61. diana rose esconde

    i always listen your music..its so beautiful. .i never stop listening on it..it makes me inspired...GODBLESS ..

  62. Tinotenda C Chikinje

    very nice... it reminds me of my ex e dy before yesterday she asked me to kiss her on the lips just like in the song . grt job guys

  63. Pj Roberton

    #futuremarine this song speaks for the perfect relationship

  64. Danielle Murphy

    I wll kiss 😘 you baby Troy nikis lough love ❤️ Danielle Ann Murphy

  65. Ze Aphrodite

    Love this song

  66. Alexia Jones

    R.I.P. I was so sad when it showed he was deployed. :((

  67. Khilee Bundy


  68. Torri Knouff

    I love is song he has a amazing voice

  69. Betty Owens

    Love it

  70. Bridgett Bartlett

    Omg yes

  71. Tyler

    agree I really could use a country girl to come and kiss me great song drew Jacobs

    savannah Coffel

    Tyler where do you live lol

  72. Valerie Parrish

    good job drew

  73. Valerie Parrish

    good job drew

  74. Kelly Dodson

    the singer is soooooooooooooooooooo cute :) :)

  75. country girl

    Why am I just discovering him? His voice and style, I love it.

  76. ShayanneA

    Beautiful song. Even better video.

  77. Kem Samath

    Would you mind if I kiss u .. because I love ❤️ u..

  78. Kat Jones

    Gorgeous and you sing so well

  79. DownUnder Gaming

    The worst part is when you find someone who you think your going to spend your whole life with then they leave you because of something you can't control ( recently diagnosed with BPD Borderline personality disorder )

    Allyssa Gilbert

    DownUnder Gaming something better is coming. Trust that

    Adam Mitchell

    DownUnder Gaming You are not alone been there done that exact same thing hang in there I am though most of it now but still looking the the rest of my life partner


    oh man that sucks... I also have BPD so I feel where you're coming from.

  80. Brianna Dewitt

    i love the song

  81. Loretta Petrov

    I love your music, vocals, and lyrics!!! You're so amazing and talented! Can you please crash my boyfriends senior prom!! #May2018 #prom 😮😍

  82. Danielle Murphy

    I wll love to kiss you baby love Danielle Ann Murphy

  83. Hoosier Nathan

    What genre would you consider your music? Don't get me wrong I like the music but I wouldn't consider it country.

  84. Tiffany Smith

    This is amazing song and you are very cute!! 😍😍

  85. Duaa Sarayi

    @drewjacobs love this song

  86. Shelbie Jessup

    I love this song so muchI think I broke the repeat button ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. 805 Ok42day

    i cant wait to see you again baby...i miss you

    Joshua Reynolds

    805 Ok42day febxdhxbd

  88. Slim Chapman

    amazing love the song

  89. ahalvorson509 Halvorson

    the bronco though❤❤

  90. Upcharge The Redneck

    This song makes me wanna like my own comment and reply to it

  91. Jinger Sijing


  92. Xavier POPix my

    well I want to text all the

  93. Allison Wierzbowski


    Great Easter egg 👌🏻😂❤️

  94. Екатеринаыьвьчлвьь Михална


  95. Ma'am Agnes

    Definitely good and Nice.