Drew Jacobs - Jesus And You Lyrics

You don't hear the prayers I say for you when you sleep
But to him and I those are the secrets that we keep
I love your smile, I love your heart
Oh girl, this love is true
All I need is Jesus and you

Girl you saved me I promise, baby
I'll always be the man you need
'Cause I'm blessed here with you beyond belief
I send my prayers and thank the lord
And I try to pay my dues
Honey, all I need is Jesus and you

To you I'd give the world and wish upon my lucky stars
That he'd never take this love out of my heart
The way you grinned and giggled when
You heard me say "I do"
All I need is Jesus and you

Girl, you saved me I promise, baby
I'll always be the man you need
'Cause I'm blessed here with you beyond belief
I send my prayers and thank the lord
And I try to pay my dues
Honey, all I need is Jesus and you

Girl, you're all I needed

Girl, you saved me I promise baby
I'll always be the man you need
'Cause I'm blessed here with you beyond belief
I send my prayers and thank the lord
And I try to pay my dues
Honey, all I need is Jesus and you
Oh, all I need is Jesus and you

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Drew Jacobs Jesus And You Comments
  1. Ms. Marki


  2. Louis Torres

    may God bless everyone with his everlasting Love,and for the love for one another. Amen

  3. Ashley Emfinger

    All I need is Jesus and you ! Love this tis so sweet I pray that 1 day Jesus will send me my person until then I'm ok with just me and jesus

  4. Shweta sonong Kiro

    I started crying after listening this song and it give me more inspiring to belive in him even more

  5. PawPo Peter

    This song is really touch my heart 💕❤️💘such a beautiful song💞 All I need Jesus and you’

  6. emilin k baby

    I randomly searched 'jesus and me', before typing it full this came in suggestions..

  7. peggy self

    Jesus and Justin &my children

  8. Mermaid Soldier

    That I goodness for that happy ending ! I was on edge, wondering what was going to happen !! ❤️

  9. Kelsey Sutton

    this song is really inspiring what i hope i can find in a man that loves christ this much
    i love his voice also and her playing the violin ❤awesome song

  10. Alexer Sandari

    Imagine God has chosen a perfect partner for you out there......this song is a masterpiece much respect for your music 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. Thanjama Ngirsim

    Nice songs

  12. Slimy Gumbo xD

    Been going through a hard time but thank God for all he does. I needed to know if everything in my relationship was gonna be okay and I think this is God giving me a sign.

  13. USA BOYS

    Amen, So beautiful song.

  14. Eric Anderson

    Is he from Michigan?

  15. Angii Slbnz

    "All I need is Jesus and you"
    Me: *tears in my eyes* 😭😭😭

  16. Mathew Carrier

    I like this song just listen to it for the first time I like it and I love Jesus Christ 😊🤗🙏😊

  17. harold gann

    I stopped believing in God after he took my daddy away from me but I'm slowly starting to believe


    God has a plan and purpose for all things! He doesn't promise that it won't rain, but he promises to be with us in the storm. He's the great comforter. As someone who lost their mom at 14, trust God, that he has plans for the hardship you endured. He promises to never leave us or forsake us!

    harold gann

    @Tucker I'm slowly starting to believe back in god

  18. Jangngam Sitlhou

    Nice song...

  19. Kate Oelayor

    My man always says this to me. I can't be more happier than this,😭😭😭
    He is always in my heart next to Jesus. 💕
    I love u baby Gaby!💓

  20. KCARPS Pops

    Awesome song Title Keep up the Great witness for Jesus Listening to as writing it is An Awesome Song

  21. Evangeline Lyngdoh

    Praise the Lord

  22. IAmJust Amanda

    I cry while watching this sooooo emotional😢😢had to Like, Comment and Subscribe

  23. Debra Parkerson

    Great song

  24. Kay J


  25. Ksenia Primak

    Love it

  26. Michelle Bermea

    Absolutely love!!!

  27. Eric Shiel

    Drew where'd you get your necklace? I've been trying to find a quality cross necklace.

  28. Connie P

    Beautiful song!

  29. Dan Reed

    Wow if this song don't hit you in the heart is something wrong reason why I say this me and my girlfriend fiance sitting on a couch watching The Notebook I know a lot of y'all know what that movie is about my fiance never seen the movie on August 18th 2018 we received a phone call a phone call that you would not ever expect my fiance's parents lived in Santa Monica California it was a tragedy her parents before others got killed in a fire condo complex I never in my life seen a woman cry like she did that day it made me up set that I started crying too I just met the folks a handful of times and they were the Great parents of my fiance I I like to think the person that wrote this song hit me so hard but I stuck it out the here and watch the video again I like to thank you for whoever wrote this song and this artist to sing it yours truly a fan of yours God bless you and your family and your loved ones.

  30. Dj Sinns

    This guy do a bunch of videos for his songs in one day??

  31. Michael Smith

    I'm doing the best to have so much faith in God and know he is always there. It's so hard one second I feel up and then I am down and discouraged especially when I come home feel so down and alone. All I want is to be a good husband and father but I'm not good enough for both. That's when I feel down and alone all hope is lost. My heart is breaking in two, all my strength is gone. Right this minute I feel so lost and all alone. What's wrong with me, tears are flowing strong.

  32. Julie Ann

    I’ve always loved #DrewJacobs#Music !!He has the most amazing voice ever 😍

  33. Jakobi Phillips

    sorry about your loss

  34. Ben Webb

    I just saw this today as of 12/20/19 at 10 am and I pray that I find my soulmate one day. I pray to find the live of my life so that I can worship Jesus with her with all our hearts ❤️🙏🏼☝🏼

  35. sam

    Beautiful song I love it a lot 😍😍😍♥♥ beautiful and the hit me he see the house on fire😢 video

  36. Shoe Lover

    Praying that Jesus would send the perfect guy for me that is also Christ centered 🙏🙏🙏

  37. Lop Synnah

    If you need Jesus and her ...then that means you need Jesus only 50% in your life brother...you're still not a whole person ...accept it okay brother

  38. Roselin Khaklary

    beautiful song 😊 wish my future husb would sing these to me 😀😊

  39. Celin C


  40. hazel louisa

    Yes GOD is the first and the rest will follow

  41. Nengjavah Haokip

    This song really touches my heart.... May God bless you jacob.
    Honey all I need is Jesus and you Amen

  42. Dallas Morgan

    Paying my dues

  43. Alex Haley

    I don’t know how I’ve never heard this song ❤️ Praying for my husbands safe return home. 22 more days until he’s home from deployment!!!

  44. Skylar Bowens

    Love this song so much 💜💜

  45. Dustin Harris

    I love this song and Jesus.I know your proud that she survive

  46. Mo Nti

    I know i wish 4 this ..hope we all find such honestly..Christ and a partner full of love ..

  47. FitSoul

    And suddenly my bedroom turned into an ocean.

  48. FREE Child

    Stay focused and moving forward

  49. Heather Legg

    Absolutely love this song. Man 1st time I heard it I had to replay it and hear it all again. I always need Jesus and I pray one day I find that guy like you.

  50. Raphaela Bueno


  51. MikeFusion

    Thank you Jesus. 🤲🏻

  52. Emily Hahn

    My ex sent me this song when I went on my cruise he missed me liked crazy I can’t stop listening to this song I would do anything to get him back Austin I miss you so much😭😭😭 I’ll do anything to get you back forget about the reason why we broke up I can’t go another day without you please just come back💔💔💔😭😭😭 all I need is Jesus and you

  53. Atrain1997

    Bittersweet watching this rn. My ex broke up with me a couple weeks ago and i thought she was the one. Met her at church. Prayed for a girl like her.

    But hey..... Gods plan and Gods timing. If my future wife is reading this. Im praying for you

  54. Emma Trott

    Love this sobg

  55. Beverly Angermeier

    What a beautiful song how true that song is

  56. Rita F

    Thank you

  57. Rita F

    The violin was an awesome choice ... great song... I was skeptical for the first few sentences but waiting was worth it

  58. countryman2021

    I am a volunteer firefighter and this hits close to home I lobe this song❤️

  59. Matt LeFait Music

    Beautiful song!

  60. Priscilla Nabukeera

    Wow God first indeed

  61. Remekie Stevens

    Asalaamu Aalikum.
    I am a Muslim, and I am here to say I love everyone despite their differences in faith. I am sorry for all the bad things you have all seen and hear about Islam and Muslims, but Islam does not teach us to do bad things; people decide to. I am a proud Muslim....and I can say Islam saved my life. We were all given the right to choose what we find to be the truth. Our relationship is between us and the creator, we all will have to answer to Him. We were all created so that the creator may be known and worshipped. This is my belief.
    I love you all.
    Salaam - Peace.

  62. Destiny Ring

    I loved this song it brought me to tears

  63. Prof Danny Chege

    Wow Jesus n mih coz 4 this days wah...

  64. penguinZ85

    Very moving, but I wonder why they didn’t have working fire detectors.

  65. Bianca Kim

    Am I the only one who feels empty after listening to this song? :/

  66. Megan Dominy

    Words haven't been invented yet to describe how much I love this song

  67. cs CS

    Oh, I'm in love with this 💕💕😍

  68. Jamie Rambo

    906 on the tailgate!! Say ya to da UP, eh!

  69. L1ttleR3d R1d3r

    Love the song!!

  70. Sarah Thompson

    Beautiful song

  71. Deb V.

    Dating is frustrating. Men are interested for 2 days and gone the next. I pray for that man of God to find me one day. A man who prays and leads his family. A man who provides and protects his wife. God, I pray he is somewhere out there and will find his way to me. I am so ready to be the Godly woman and possible future wife that I am called to be.

  72. karen ambrose

    beautiful song

  73. Viktorija Matic


  74. Chris Morris

    Beautiful song

  75. Toria Live4Christ

    Beautiful 🙏✝️♥️

  76. Lilly Errthum

    This is a sad song

  77. Neichong Chongloi

    Real man 😘🙏

  78. Sky Rebecca

    I wish my future husband would say that😍

  79. monkeydude3987

    So true of a song, I've got a wife and 2 year old daughter and this song and video hit me in the feels. In the video the most moving part was when the firemen are carrying his girls out of the house. I used to be a fireman and know the drive to save people like that, but never could imagine having to wait outside while someone else goes in for my family.

  80. mike johnson I need you Jesus

    To the girl that saved me all I need is Jesus and you!!!!

  81. Marx gaplery Marxencier

    Nice song to the man that God will bring into my life. i love u in advance.

  82. Thrimhokiu Sotsula Yimchunger 7B

    Exactly all I want to my fiance is Jesus in her...

  83. Ana Mana


  84. kayla johnson

    This song is so amazing. All your music is so inspiring. I love every song you have came out with.. keep it up love you!


    All I need is Jesus and You 😍😍🌸😇 I love it one of my New Favourite

  86. Lily Holy


  87. monkeydude3987

    Thanks for leading me here YouTube... I have a wife and daughter just like in the video and this hit me in the feels. Great song and video...

  88. Toka swu

    It Touches my heart ♥

  89. Cathryn Brown

    I pray God sends me someone like you

  90. Simon j lag

    I need more like this song.. God bless u brother.

  91. jane Mongcay

    I want to marry a man have Jesus in life ..

  92. Jasmine Puente

    😍😍 Im in love with this song 💕💕

  93. Dillyn Cline

    My girlfriend broke up with me and every time I listen to this song I cry and pray to god that I can have a second chance

  94. Gorgeous Gladys

    Get a man who would proudly say, "All I need is Jesus & you". You are so lucky to have him. ❤

  95. Jaya Dcosta

    Jesus is the key to all relationships..trust, pray and believe.. when he is in our lives..there is no problem at all..he takes care of everything

  96. Þórarinn Sigurðsson

    This is beautiful song
    This video is also beautiful

  97. Gods child

    What a beautiful and moving song. Lord only you know the silent prayers of my heart.

  98. H.B sangi

    All I need Jesus and you, it hurt for me to say this, for gave me my lord coz I'm with wrong person I hop that one day I will found the man who can say all I need Jesus and you.

  99. Carol Fugaban