Drew Jacobs - If She Ain't Country Lyrics

(Hey Drew, we're headed to the city, you want a ride?)
(I told you ladies, I don't pay no mind) If she ain't country

If she don't do Daisy Dukes, if she can't rock cowboy boots
I know she ain't the one for me, if she ain't country

You know she rolled in here on a Saturday night
Brought the girls, they were hurtin' every guy inside
And she yelled (Hey hey y'all, wanna dance?)
So come on over, baby, and she took my hands
Strutted out to the floor and she got to get down
Shakin' what her mama gave her, heart was startin' to pound
Oh, man, hot damn
Now that girl's country

If she don't do Daisy Dukes, if she can't rock cowboy boots
I know she ain't the one for me, if she ain't country
I don't mean to curse or cuss, she's cute as hell, from Heaven above
Won't take no (Shh) don't give a (What?) now that girl's country

Well, she kept the party rollin', kept the liquor pourin'
Shut the bar down, shout out, give me some more
Baby got back, got me so bad
Southern belles got me hurtin' like a heart attack
A little country cutie, a little redneck beauty
Put a kiss on my lips while she's shakin' her booty
Oh, man (Oh, man) hot damn (Hot damn)
Now that girl's country

If she don't do Daisy Dukes, if she can't rock cowboy boots
I know she ain't the one for me, if she ain't country
I don't mean to curse or cuss, she's cute as hell, from Heaven above
Won't take no (Shh) don't give a (What?) now that girl's country

Country (Country) country girls do it better
I said country (Country) country girls do it better
Country girls got all the right moves
City girls got nothing on you

If she don't do Daisy Dukes, if she can't rock cowboy boots
I know she ain't the one for me, if she ain't country
I don't mean to curse or cuss, she's cute as hell, from Heaven above
Won't take no (Shh) don't give a (What?) now that girl's country

I won't take no (Shh) don't give a (What?)
If she ain't country

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Drew Jacobs If She Ain't Country Comments
  1. W. Zach Comstock

    listening to this with only one headphone makes the dude sound like Shy Ronnie

  2. Brent Shipley

    Dude wants a country girl, but isnt country himself. Idk what this trash is but its not country music.

  3. Dip Boy

    Good lyrics but it sounds more like pop and I don’t like that

  4. country boy325

    This is not country music and you have no clue what country is

  5. Mark Mullins

    Not country

  6. Tori Crowe

    Do y'all not realize that country music ends up like this just to keep up with what the new societal standard is??

  7. shawnwhite08sw

    Idc how hip hop he sounds them girls are sexy

  8. Stephanie Wilson

    Those are sluts in booty shorts and boots

  9. Stephanie Wilson

    That's not country.......

  10. Jace Johnson

    Yall hating. But all the country girls ive met have been wearing daisy dukes.

  11. Brandon DeFrenchi

    All you people that get mad at a song for sounding different than other types of country are incredible to me. Get over it, Jesus. You obviously took the time to write the comment so you must not hate it that much.

  12. Jaedin Paul

    This guy has know idea what country is or knows what a country girl is

  13. Missouri Rebel

    Girl in the white daisy dukes is hot as fuck!

  14. Willow DeSpain

    So fuckin trash.👏😂😂😂😂😂

  15. redneck life_living

    What ever happened to good ole country music george strait conway twitty charlie daniels. Alabama hank williams and hank williams jr. Thats country music.

  16. Reginald Laird

    Trash hussies

  17. M K

    Hell yeah I just found my new jam. Damn this is the truth.

    Jaedin Paul

    Fuck you don't know what country is

  18. Tracey Arentt

    Umm this ain’t country. boy I would look up country or get real girls who know what country is before you make this video. I’m embarrassed tbh this makes me sick and to the people who thinks this is country I promise you it ain’t.

  19. zombie_g_legend Hi

    I need some like George strait or Waylon Jennings not this

    Neto Aguilar

    Do you not know how to fucking search for "George straight or waylon Jennings " moron?

  20. Sammi Minich

    Hot Damn😍😍😍

  21. Aduo mrry

    *One day sure to see you* kind of crazy haha

  22. Baanah

    Talk about lousy music. Clearly country music has been destroyed from within.

  23. Paul Clendenen

    What the fuck this is what country is nowadays? Wow this woman look like trash/whores

  24. Jason Shetrone

    Drew it better..

  25. David Tucker

    I think he is confused about what country music is also. This shit is piss poor pop. Maybe he should try hip hop or something.

  26. chuck russell

    He damn sure not country

  27. Alexander kelson

    This dude ain’t country

    Neto Aguilar

    Funny ,neither are you

  28. Jenna Tippett

    I love this song but those girls ain't country.

  29. 22spurg

    Does this guy know what country is ??

  30. Britney speed

    Think I found my new crush omg he is hella fine and love the song to

  31. Clifford Abbott

    I'm sorry but this guy is a little too far cocky . . . . .

    Drew Jacobs

    Clifford Abbott I agree

    J H

    Drew Jacobs 👀👀😂😂😂

  32. jesse henry

    This shit is a fucking joke. Its not country music and to make it worse the song sucks to.nothing catchy about it at all.

  33. BitterAmerican762

    This is gayer than a bag of dicks

  34. Elisabeth Dahl

    I think this guy is a little confused about what a country girl is...

    Amanda Armstrong

    Totally agree

    c walk

    Elisabeth Dahl shhh

    zombie_g_legend Hi

    You right

    Neto Aguilar

    @Theo Shaeffer I think these haters are thinking meth heads and trailer park trash are "country girls"

    Will Feral

    Drew Jacobs I had a feeling you would with all of them girls on set😉😉

  35. Jake

    I want to know who that blonde is good god 😍😍😍

  36. Rebekah Swift

    Its new country yall get tf over it .. Do your thing you got my attention 😁

  37. Allen Chest2

    Like your song

  38. Jessica Blankenship

    Love this

  39. Brendan Baird

    My friend owns that barn

  40. Joey Guyton

    WTH is this? Jamie Johnson should slap this dude.

  41. Ryan Popa

    Bartender is killing it

  42. Renita Hoopes

    Now give that song a cma award it's that good from the husband

  43. Montana Man

    Lol this is a cheesy song

  44. Brian Burkhard

    Listen to this all you want, just don't call this crap country.

  45. Lilly McDaniels

    Drew I absolutely love your much and you❤️❤️!!!!! Oh man hot damn😘🤤

  46. CamoGames

    Not too big of a fan of this song the lyrics and quality are great but I feel itd be better by someone else. You have a great voice just not for this song

  47. avoidfornicator 765

    He looks like the dude from blue mountain state


    Bro Country beurk !!!

  49. Sharni

    I love you Drew. your music is amazing.

  50. Chris Johns

    Man dude you sound so much like Granger Smith its awesome. Keep it country dude


    Chris Johns not at all. Granger is country.

  51. HJZ75driver

    White shorts looks familiar 🤔

  52. Aaron Dillon

    I have a country girl and she does all the stuff that these girls do keep the great work Drew all of country music is real Country

  53. Isolated Diesel

    Some of you are giving Drew crap about this not being a country song or him wearing skinny jeans ain't country and also him not being a country boy. How would some of y'all feel if we was saying you boys that live at home with mom and dad driving diesel trucks that they bought you wasn't country? Y'all don't know his personal life so why judge when you don't know the facts? This song ain't about his life anyway. It's about country girls being better. Country or not theses women are hot. White shorts with black cross on each pocket. SPEECHLESS.

  54. Evan Boone

    Country or not, a great song nevertheless. Keep it up Drew!

  55. Apex Killer97

    Good song people need to understand this is ain't the 90's like everything it changes

  56. dylan rebel76

    Decent bud decent great song but the skinny jeans need to go. But i like ur music.

  57. Theron Barnes

    Badass song skin u an your band killed it here RHEC

    Tracey Arentt

    Theron Barnes it’s not country it’s like a fake knock off

  58. Aaron Sollis

    Stop hating on this song

    Tracey Arentt

    Aaron Sollis He ain’t country that’s why people hate it. It doesn’t even show what country girls do it’s just hookers

  59. Julie Glenn

    Ummm DrewJacobs!!! Loving this song 😍If She Ain’t Country 😏

  60. dakotah west

    Yeah. Sure looks country with 20 sluts shaking their flat asses without the slightest knowledge of anything to even in the slightest compare themselves to being Country.

  61. Joseph Renfro

    love this song

  62. Josiah Boe

    for security perposes im gona need the names of all the girls in this video.........thanks

    Isolated Diesel

    Hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣 best comment I've read about this video.

  63. Cohen Stettner

    Love this

  64. Justin L

    This reminds me of bo burnham’s country song.

    Drew Jacobs

    Justin L dying😂

  65. kelly harris

    dude you got amazing voice but what the heck is that its like some pop crap and youi called this country sorry dude if youre gonna sing about us then get to know us cause man this music video sucks but "I like Key word some of the song but you don't understand are country".

  66. Angel Colosimo

    I love how even when some of these comments were people being rude over his music, Drew Jacobs still takes the time to respond to everyone so politely. And if you don't like a song or artist why listen to it? Lol Keep doing what y'all love.

    Little Kenny Dow

    im a hardcore traditionalist its not bocephus or even newer to justin moore lol......i get it! but just like u (and i like it!) don t listen to it LOL flip to somethin else lol! haha #hatersgonnahate #iguess

  67. Katlynn Reidhead

    I don't know why it took me so long to find this song...but damn! I love it!! 😍😍😍 on repeat all day long!

  68. Shayla

    It’s funny how the girls in this are city girls umm.. where’s the mud, 4 wheels, dirt bikes, and REAL TRUCKS,

  69. Quinten Coon

    TO anyone that post comments about not being country yes true it's not old traditional country which is some of the best country out there but the country music is developing different and it isn't about what you look like it's about where your from and how you choose to do what you want in the country

  70. rednecks do it the best yee yee y'all

    Damn good song I love country chicks 💕🤠 love this song needs to be on the radio

  71. Coty Bonee

    Hell ya good song

  72. Redneckhomophobe2 69

    I am 14 years old and this is the fakest shit I ever heard country girl don’t wear fucking Jean booty shorts and wash fucking chevey hashtag what happens to country I would rather listen to Luke Bryan the this awful music and don’t get me wrong Luke Bryan I bad

  73. Braeden Elizabeth

    What kinda country are you looking at. Us girls don’t wear shorts like that, my goodness this gets me mad. Like good song but bad video

  74. Delonda Brafford

    This song isn’t even country... man go listen to some willie Nelson and come back and see us!

  75. thegreat

    And just like that ...he just become my favorite singer

  76. Dalton Collinson

    Why are half the comments talking about how this doesn't exist in country?
    Country isn't wearing wranglers 4x to large and listening to music about my wife leaving me for my dog all night.
    Grew up on 4 acres in nowhere Louisiana, dad used to rock to Tupac, Kid Rock, Eminem, and Hank Jr. When you don't work you don't have to dress in work clothes, you can have nice clean and sometimes unreasonably tight jeans. Get over it.

    Drew Jacobs

    ayyyyyye I like you haha amen!

  77. Ashlyn Agee

    Sorry I’ll stick to Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean whatever the hell this is it definitely sure as hell ain’t country music

  78. Outlaw Pawley

    ok No country artist should ever use autotunes…. city boy #1 everyone city here nothin country bout this

  79. Kurt Kistenmacher

    The way i see it he's making money while you're sitting here commenting.


    That's the problem, people actually pay to hear this.

  80. brian hermann

    this song is good but the girls are better lol

    brian hermann

    Lol right on I ain’t even lying they fine af shit ain’t seen girls like this in a music video in awhile

  81. Deborah Ward

    my friends from Autumn Kings Jake and Joe are in the video omg

    Colten Cooper

    That's awsome I love autumn kings

  82. Stormy Keen

    What do daisy dukes have to do with being country??? Where I’m from that’s trashy and disrespectful... Good song tho. 👌🏼

  83. JT Phins97

    Watch out yall
    Luke Bryan 2.0 is on his way 🤣🤣🤣🤣 good grief

  84. Matthew Spencer

    If you Turn sound off and it's a great video

  85. MWGF Ghost

    Just wanna say i like your sound. Not the usual stuff they play on the radio. Good party music. Keep up the good work and don't let the haters get to ya.

  86. Hick Hollar

    Really Good beat!

  87. keegan vanosdol

    Oh god the paint on that poor truck.......😭😭😭 you never scrub with mud on it still. Clearcoat scratch city right there......

  88. drumbeat21

    Who is the short haired brunette. She is in a few of his videos. She is so fine.

  89. Isaac Anderson

    This is not country

  90. mr crazy

    So many asses i love it

  91. Cory Padilla

    All Country songs is cool 🤠

  92. FoxRcng708

    sorry dude, but the beat and song sounds just like the upchurch song. and this is so far from country music. Just my little ol opinion tho.

    rhec 2002

    "the Upchurch song" hmmm🤔

    Dude there's hundreds of Upchurch songs. What song u referring to cuz I never heard a church song like that

  93. The dark Reble

    Them girls made me hurt through a screen lol

  94. Todd Dahl

    Bro come work at my farm you probably won’t last 2 days

    Conner Gavrilles

    Jason bourne *hours

  95. Lulu Harsh

    This is not country, this is a city boy trying to be country

  96. Ashley

    Well, you just got a new subscriber! This was great! A nice mix, and very catchy! I love it!!!

  97. The dark Reble

    Hey drew your the best singer ever being true you could be a little better than upchurch keep it up 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸