Dream On, Dreamer - Yourself As Someone Else Lyrics

Did you ever feel that there's somebody else
Who controls our lives and guides our way?
Someone who would love a life of one or another,
Perceiving smiles of faces with unfamiliar names.
My blurred vision couldn't see what was right in front of me

What was right in front of me.

Grey seemed matching to my frame of mind.
Head full of clouds and angry eyes.

We disregard the real heart
Choose elegance as a satisfaction
Where does it lead us? Tell me where it will lead us.
Where do we go from here.

Strangers come alive at night when colours try to hide
As long as we will fight for a new day, for a better day.

Strangers come alive at night when colours try to hide
As long as we will fight for a new day, for a better day.

Now the sky will lead the way.
Even when you feel like running away
Or knowing that everything will be okay,
To not follow what everyone says.

I'll touch what you saw in colour,
But to me it's just a part of my path.
And I'll make sure it's under cover,
Cause you won't take this all in.

I watched the blind see what other can't witness.
Seen the eyes of thousands, broke and helpless.
I heard the deaf listen to the change of tomorrow.
What does it take to overcome the fear and sorrow?

Will we ever lighten up?
Will we ever comprehend our meaning in life?
My soul, my soul, my soul will lighten up the sky.

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Dream On, Dreamer Yourself As Someone Else Comments
  1. Drew Boo

    Brooooo this album has got me through a lot and coming back to it now, it resonates so much deeper.

  2. Aaron Mann

    It's 2019 and i still think this album is a masterpiece. Been listening to the album all week

  3. Indie Indie

    one of the best phc songs

  4. Santi

    The end is so amazing

  5. Matt Cunningham

    Changed Me Forever.

  6. Josh Core

    Debatably one of the best bands from Rise

  7. Ryan Mullen

    damn i missed this album

  8. Aurora Morales

    they always reminded me of Oh, Sleeper

  9. GGSAmine

    it's unbelievable to see comments submitted 4 years ago

    Ryan Mullen

    GGSAmine doesn't feel like long ago I was a sophomore in high school and I was hearing them for the first time when they released the music video for downfall. Damn how time passes


    Yuppp time flies the older you get the faster it goes


    The worst kind of sadness is the nostalgic kind


    Damn I miss the music scene during the life of this record

    Wes Sones

    Unbelievable that your comment is now 2 years old. Time flies

  10. parks

    arguably the best song on this classic album!

  11. The Man

    i... i came here thinking it was some kind of video as literally dreaming that you were somone else...

  12. Trillary Clinton

    The lyrics are beautiful. Such a good band.

  13. dcbcballer24s

    My soul, my soul, my soul.

  14. oool

    "I heard the deaf listen to the change of tomorrow. What does it take to overcome the fear and sorrow?" thats amazing. this song is fuckin incredible.

  15. CoreyNick61

    i dont like this album as much as i liked the Hope Ep they kinda altered their sound a little bit

  16. Ben W

    I agree, they should get more recognition (and I think they slowly are, but very slowly), but this is a style of music that a lot of people hear and go "Oh, they're screaming, it obviously means nothing". It used to bother me, but I realized 90% of the people that I deal with think that,so I've gotten over it.

  17. hundredandonenames

    its more of a statement on the misconceptions surrounding this style of music rather than a specific example. and you should care about that because these guys deserve recognition

  18. UNxForGotTeNN

    This song is pure beauty.

  19. Ben W

    Who cares. I don't mean to be rude, but really, why do we care if somebody you know can't see the meaning in a song?

  20. Maria Cavarlez

    Everybody says that they're so generic, but i think that they're their own.....we always look for goodheavy breakdown only; but i think DOD definetly has more than just that . The whimsical lyrics, the melodic endings, they build up so intensely and softly breakdown......those are moments i look for in bands to fully appreciate them :)

  21. El EsDee

    ...and my mom thinks this song has no meaning. Typical...


    it has a big meaning

  22. bmxtwitchy630

    i wud kill to see them at warped tour!

  23. oool

    this band has some deep and meaningful lyrics

  24. BoyMeetsDrum

    @JordanDrummerSloan lol. i have no clue how i screwed that up. Especially when i was listening to the alhum like just a week prior :P lol

  25. Jordan Sloan

    * The Tide, but you were pretty close :)

  26. BoyMeetsDrum

    @MrSuzukiRm125 if you thought that this song gave you the chills, then you need to listen to The Ocean by Oceana. GREAT album. That was back when I still liked Oceana :)

  27. larrybob141

    my favorite song from the album!

  28. larrybob141

    @LockerPunch locker man I can understand where your comeing from. People like diffrent shit than other people. Also when I first heard this band I was like wtf is this but idk it grew on me and i started to love it. Just gotta listen to it a few times to know its full meaning

  29. MrSuzukiRm125

    I've been singing the last three lines of this song for the past 3 days and I still love them as much as when I first heard them. That's when you know you're listening to an amazing song.

  30. MrSuzukiRm125

    @LockerPunch I can't believe you just compared this to modern pop music. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

  31. mitomen2000

    And In the end it'S coca cola

  32. indianatone

    Favorite song from them. Their lyrics give me the chills. And Marcel's screaming.
    And the chanting at the end. And..
    fuck man everything about this band is perfect.

  33. Jason Bentley

    Look at the cover picture, its a Jammy Dodger! :3

  34. ClaribelG

    i can't stop listening to DOD! so so good.

  35. Joshua Wallace

    These band are so fucking amazing man

  36. CharlotteHopeless

    God that's awesome.
    My boyfriend love them, and he was right when he said 'They're fantastic'. :)

  37. Gill7691

    If only the whole world could stand together as one and chant the final words of this song...

  38. CollapsingFacade

    This band is good, but this is not even close to their Hope EP

  39. rushexit7

    @EveryoneAdoresMe I have better standards than that miss, sorry!

  40. 44skirtfire

    Reading arguments that have been going on for about a month. Seriously don't people have something else better to do

  41. rushexit7

    @EveryoneAdoresMe Why dont you shut the fuck up, beacause, I dont adore you, phh, what a joke.

  42. rushexit7

    @thestricken8 Still not wanted her, yet you remain.

  43. rushexit7

    @thestricken8 Sweet, You know everything! You're not wanted here go listen to gay ass AA.

  44. Dustin Hayes

    Great song...if only people gave their opinion of the song and not another band

  45. xnemesisx09

    @thestricken8 neanderthal

  46. rushexit7

    @thestricken8 Look dumbass just shut the fuck up your not wanted here, go tell your gay emo AA fans about there music, not here, this Is Dream On, Dreamer, go somewhere you're wanted, stupid bitch.

  47. spoopy

    Well, he's a good singer.

  48. Foreversouth0

    @rushexit7 I think you won when he typed "lil wayne" case closed.

  49. Foreversouth0

    > Types that you're scene
    > complains about not being scene
    > listens to lil wayne
    yea ok

  50. rushexit7

    @thestricken8 I did it on purpose, and at least my best comeback isn't "faggot" lol loser, and I'm sorry, I have to go back to this "oh my god(:" gayest shit ever there fucking posers who don't care about music just the money and the girls, learn your facts I used to be a bigger fan than you.

  51. Foreversouth0

    @rushexit7 People still do that shit? @thestricken8 Now normally I think scene kids are cool, but im detecting the highest levels of faggotry.

  52. rushexit7

    @thestricken8 You're a fucking Dumbass, of course there has to be this one dumbshitt scene kid comparing this band to gay ass shit asking Alexandria, THEY FUCKING SUCK!

  53. Aaron Smith

    @Deathblade6661 never said it was

  54. Got Rice?

    I watched the blind see what other can't witness.
    Seen the eyes of thousands, broke and helpless.
    I heard the deaf listen to the change of tomorrow.
    What does it take to overcome the fear and sorrow?

    Will we ever lighten up?
    Will we ever comprehend our meaning in life?
    My soul, my soul, my soul will lighten up the sky.

  55. Brandon B

    He implied it

  56. Brandon B

    @ohitslandon Asking Alexandria isnt rise records buddy

  57. indianatone

    My soul, my soul, my soul... will lighten up the sky.

  58. SarahTheMonkey

    why would you even start shit on the internet?

  59. MrDominic22

    I fucking LOOOVVEEE this album. Glad I actually BOUGHT it xD

  60. J gilly

    Why don't we all just shut the fuck up and listen to the music?

  61. James Schwartz

    @CJtvW23VTjc The word "ignorant" is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware. He being ignorant on the subject of them not belonging here , when first of all , TDWP is not signed to rise records. Second Of All, ignorant because the diversity that comes along with rise records is ridiculous. My Third and final point for him, is that there are many bands like DOD on rise, try That's Outrageous!

    For you, calling him a douche for his un-offensive opinion. You sir are ignorant.

  62. Alex Hackler

    @ChristianSkywalker Nope.

  63. 120f

    amazing song .

  64. Kenpachi

    @asshat95 facepalming the keyboard while making a youtube account is the shit.

  65. Nicky Salehi

    @grandpamoe1 thankyou.

  66. redflatcrab

    this song in live my friends,is just the best thing that we can hear!

  67. JohlBro

    I know I'm not the only one who sings along to the yell/chant at the end. It's honestly... just freakin' beautiful.

  68. Israel Bojorquez

    As long as we fight for a new day, A better day..
    most epic lyrics out of the whole fucking album

  69. Randomhomemovies

    Best song on the album!

  70. Smansdf Msamas

    Hey Guys

  71. Assidon

    So much arguing, love people... Music is about love...

  72. Israel Huerto

    This song is pure gold

  73. MattLavoie10

    SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

    (such a good song! and a awesome band)

  74. William Busic

    @CitizenRare Memphis May Fire has also established their own sound.

  75. JankSmanks

    @CitizenRare I agree but they don't sound like Of Mice & Men. They've established their own sound.

  76. dustyowl99

    @ChristianSkywalker lmao no

  77. Alex

    2 bands of the same genre sound similar? no fucking way

  78. CitizenRare

    @xbdo777x Actually, you're right. Even though I really like this band, you're definitely right.

    Asking Alexandria has a pretty distinct sound.

    This on the other hand, sounds exactly like Memphis May Fire, Woe Is Me, Of Mice & Men, Abandon All Ships, and just about every other band that has signed to Rise Records.

  79. Justin Keeton

    @DeathOnJoker No they don't.

  80. Stephen Shangle

    Who cares about who this band sounds like? Why can't people just appreciate music anymore? The reason bands are getting "Cliche" is because YOU think they are. They will always keep their loyal fans no matter what. So just shut the hell up, turn the volume up, and enjoy what you're getting. Because we won't have these bands forever.

  81. Justin Elswick

    @xbdo777x Asking Alexandria sounds like nobody else?.................your kidding right?

  82. Aaron Smith

    @xbdo777x asking alexandria has the most cliche breakdowns in the history of post hardcore / metalcore bands. have you listened to stand up and scream? i can only think of one band that DOD sounds like & its memphis may fire. but their lyrics, and breakdowns are a definite factor that differs them from other bands. umad?

  83. Aaron Smith

    This is not a typical Rise band. Have you read their lyrics? Their breakdowns: they aren't like those cliche Asking Alexandria / overrated breakdowns. These guys actually have a vision, and their album is based off the most positive things since The Color Morale's first album. This band is different. Aussie Pride.

  84. Nick Fay

    I had a wet dream.

  85. Ty M

    Wow. Someone top comment something unrelated to the arguments.

  86. perswidle

    It's rather sad that the top comments are people bashing each other...

    Lets just enjoy the music, shall we? :)

  87. Erik Nordgren

    @TheFlyingCandyCanes thank you

  88. realest realist

    This band is Amazing. Continuing the trend of the EP with kick ass, original shit. Keep doing what youre doing guys. Top 10 core bands out there most def.

  89. Dejai Bee

    Internet fighting makes my penis twitch =\

  90. Aaron Smith

    @asshat95 the devil wears prada isnt signed to rise anymore -___- this goes harder than woe is me. no offense. WIM is one of my favorite bands.

  91. Erik Nordgren

    @asshat95 your username is "asshat" do you have any right to be talking about stupid usernames?

  92. Eitan Levinzon

    I hope all of rise records videos would have lyrics in the video like in Memphis May Fire...

  93. schafey562

    @punkwise21 lol im sorry but if you think that is hip hop you are sadly mistaken

  94. James Schwartz

    @asshat95 You are both Ignorant. Please leave.

  95. Aaron James

    Will we ever lighten up? Will we ever comprehend the meaning in life? My soul, my soul, my soul will lighten up the sky.

  96. Adam Liss

    who ever said shit about woe is me stfu there lead singer just left them so yeah

  97. Circasurvive1238901

    Listen to the rhythm behind the breakdown at 1:11 , it's so awesome :)

  98. Circasurvive1238901

    Listen to the rhythm behind the lead at 1:11 , it's so awesome :)

  99. Hilda Issa

    sooooo good.