Dream On, Dreamer - In August Lyrics

(The pitter-patter of tiny feet on the glass of our eyes
Making things so hard to see
Wipe the pain away, and then you see that the sun does shine
As you walk you notice you don't walk alone, this army is full of people
People who've lost the will to live
Can you help us now)

We have been watching the clocks collapse.
A bridge that folds together and no longer lasts.
With opened eyes I'll no longer see.
Never forgot how things used to be.
Pouring down a sky of insecurity.
A dream of destination and the thoughts of being free.
Hopeless dreams in a dying day I never felt I would return in grey.
Wind back those times, When our children learned to smile.
I can't wait no longer. I cannot hold my breath for any longer.
When will this ever fucking end?
I'm just a silent man on his way to neverland.
Never thought I would mean so much, so much without a simple touch.
To me you are still weak or is it me who is trained not to breathe.
Trained to carry you, carry you away on these ships.

(The pitter-patter of tiny feet on the glass of our eyes
Making things so hard to see
Wipe the pain away, can you help us now?)

This will never be the same again.
Pictures that never seemed to end.

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Dream On, Dreamer In August Comments
  1. Adam HaSheini

    I get chills when the song first comes on 😎

  2. nightfox

    Love :)

  3. Camron Lee

    Bro HOW THE FUCK DID I MISS THIS!! JESUS I wish it was like this again but I'm a fan to the end no matter the change.

  4. Cass N Ash


  5. Ameera A

    *crying heavily*

  6. sabina kleebova

    In august ..super

  7. Marvin Sepp

    2017 still going strong!

  8. Amanda Hyde

    I recently recorded a cover of violent Pictures and it would be amazing if anyone has a few free minutes to go and check it out. It's posted on my channel. Leave a comment and let us know what you think, even just have a quick listen, really thank you if you do!!!

  9. tordjeu

    Wow, just stumbled across this song. Great song!

  10. Bojack DeepMayo

    For me the breakdown at the end ruined this song


    +Marco Pellicoro We agree

    Nova 142

    +DreamonDreamertv LOL, at least you guys can admitt your mistakes. You guys are awesome. Songs Of Solitude is my favorite work from you guys :)


    You guys can always re-record this song with the breakdown :)

  11. Jop Stammen

    Such strong lyrics.. im glad ive been able to hear this masterpiece! Its one of their better songs but that remains my own opinion

    Adam Carter

    +Jop Stammen agreed

  12. Juraj Okasa

    song written by man who wanted to kill himself .....depressed and shattered man .....he did this .....but those songs made him happy again ....he began to produce more and more

  13. Rub My Penguin

    I still dont get why this song is not even on the radar. Ambitions is good, certainly, but this song has a sadder feel that ambitions doesnt. I (personally, you are entitled to not agree) prefer this over ambitions by far, iTunes tells me its my favorite song, yet here on Youtube, it gathers dust.

  14. Brandon Besso

    So somebody wanna tell me why it isnt available on mobile?

  15. xXxSwaglord420xXx

    13000 views wtf? should be more

    Antonio Rua

    well... here we are now.

  16. bluefieldchecker

    This song is really beautiful

  17. Fishtank

    in my mind what sets this bands apart from others are their amazing lyrics

  18. Maybee rock.

    fucking awesome!!

  19. Possumsnout

    My favorite song, yet so little views...

  20. xXxSwaglord420xXx

    pictures that never fucking end!

  21. Aamir Ali

    aww ;)

  22. Millie- Eloise

    I'm in love with this song <3

  23. Small Penis Doctor

    xD hahahaha loser, grow up

  24. Small Penis Doctor

    -.- stupid kid

  25. Jack Katz

    lol, i disliked

  26. dustyowl99

    @ColorOfSincerity yeah man the trolls can smell those comments

  27. CollapsingFacade

    @ColorOfSincerity way to attract the trolls

  28. Jacob Ramsey

    one of the best songs i have ever heard

  29. Savanna Haverson

    Absolutely incredible.. <3

  30. FifaS7ar

    This is seriously amazing. Probably my favorite song by them, along with Blackened Sky.

  31. Askeladd

    I'll give this band a year and they will be bigger than AA which are good (i really like them) but absolutely overrated newcommer. well they aren't that new now ;D

  32. FifaS7ar

    ... Amazing is all I can say.

  33. Mak

    OMFG. This band NEVER disappoints Me <3

  34. Giovanni Prina


  35. Yolocrator

    fuckin' awesome (!)