Dream On, Dreamer - For What You Believe In Lyrics

All that’s said.
Has nothing to do with the way I want to see the world

And now what’s left?
I can’t find the answers to
The questions in my head

You know we’ve seen it all.
We met the ones that live no more.
Deceived your children you said you loved
Fooled the ones that stood up for you.
Your light will shine on, until everyone receives
The hidden words of a million hearts.
Behold your faith and carry on

They make no sound, when they’re coming after you
And I can’t hear you screaming out my name.

Conquer the flags and capture your legs.
Stand for what you believe in.

Conquer the flags and capture your legs.
The only ones that keep you from breathing.

Stand for what you believe in.
The only ones that keep you from breathing.

Breathe in, breathe out
Behold your true faith and carry on

Read the headlines…
What they say is anything but real.

Now listen to what they tell you
Nothing else will be retold
These are the terms they gave you
Walk away without a soul

Because voices remain and mark your names.

If you take your hands from your eyes
You don’t know where we have been and died tonight
With your eyes shut and reinforced
They won’t stop until you pray for gold.
As they begin to introduce their stories
Enlighten all their bodies.
What they do is pull you in,
Have we forgotten how to deal with them?

We’re victims of stories
That don’t make sense to us.

And we are victims of stories,
That don’t make any fucking sense.

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Dream On, Dreamer For What You Believe In Comments
  1. Felipe Jofré

    my feelings...

  2. Santi

    Heartbound >= Loveless

  3. Jordyn Beckwith

    Why is this album impossible to find on Spotify/iTunes except for the song Downfall?


    Dude I'm so mad and confused on why this album isn't on streaming.. like this album is one of my favorite of my childhood

  4. chris lee

    Lol made you look

  5. taia .b

    The best song ever.

  6. Yeah The Boys


  7. Sergio Suarique

    Loveless > Heartbound

  8. Matt Rucker

    I really want that Shirt-t on the right. o:

  9. Jessiee Bakes


  10. Sophie

    Omg this band is amazing.

  11. Kyle Kirby

    same kast name o.o

  12. Ben F

    the clean vocals sound the most like wcar, nevertheless both are amazing

  13. justsomrandomguy

    This is youtube, not eHarmony.

  14. Reullot

    1. "breathe in, breathe out. behold your true FAITH and carry on."
    2. guitar :: For The Fallen Dreams
    3. I Love DOD.

  15. Michael Numeracki

    Amen. Atleast someone also realizes this as well.

  16. Kody Price

    The clean vox in this song sounds REALLY similar to most of WCAR's songs

  17. McKenzie McGilchrist

    dream on dreamer isn't similar to we came as romans, they where just influenced by WCAR making this song. Theres nothing wrong with that lol, there whole album has a variety of different sounds which is sick in my opinion.

  18. Marianas Curse

    If you like Dream On Dreamer and like Australian Metalcore please check out my channel for my solo project Marianas Curse. New music and an EP coming early 2013!!

  19. TheRedButterfly

    Fearless > Rise... Rise > Everything except Fearless.

  20. Jared Rigdon

    I personally like Dream on Dreamer better though.

  21. William Thomas

    thats so fucking true!!

  22. ShufflingNewb

    Hope EP was different x_x Part of me wishes they stayed true to the sound of Hope.

  23. PhasedAngel

    when the video ends the repeat button flashes at you....begging you to play it again...and again.

  24. Rachel Nagle

    I apologize, *they're

  25. Josiah Schulz

    Grammar Nazi says you need to learn the difference between their, there, and they're.

  26. Scrotie McTasty

    sounds gay

  27. TheMexicanGinger

    Gonna tattoo STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN across my chest :')

  28. Dominique Halliway

    great balance of clean vocals and screaming in this band

  29. Philippe Bourassa

    STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN ! ... gotta tattoo this on my heart !

  30. William Thomas

    hell yea!

  31. William Thomas

    dam right.

  32. 18darkishadow

    2:12 Best part.

  33. matt e

    the song midnight thoughts, eaaaarrgasm buut thiss and ever yother ive heard so far are epic as well

  34. Nikki Bizeta

    2:12... so amazing... so powerful.. FUCK

  35. Endseeker16

    oh i saw that video!!! it had 100000003234234 likes on it :)

  36. ReviWolfe

    The melodic... Is so amazing. I must have guitar skills like that.
    And that voice, that grunt.
    I'd say this is my favorite number so far from Dream on Dreamer.

  37. James Greyson

    Has anyone figured out the tapped riff? I'm trying to now and it's killing me.

  38. Tyrell Wilson

    First 5-6 songs i've listened to and so far im liking it.

  39. Fearing Farewell

    Poop on my chest.

  40. alanis lazcano

    orgasm! fap fap fap!!!;o

  41. Señor Delicioso

    They both pack a lot of soul into their music, but WCAR has more focus on being upbeat with the occasional super-mover, while DO,D go more for every song being moving.

  42. Rachel Nagle

    we came as romans and dream on dreamer are similar... but their different. anyone else feeling that?

  43. zlatkee2k11


  44. Jordan Sloan

    Ya know what is getting full? MAH PANTS FROM THE MANY LOADS I'VE BLOWN TO THIS SONG.

  45. Vincent Bender

    @DatsiikGrizzly yeah XD

  46. DatsiikGrizzly

    @Wisordan Epic fail...

  47. DatsiikGrizzly

    1:58 to 2:49 cleaning up the biggest blow

  48. DatsiikGrizzly

    @ThailandlzockMetal totally bro

  49. Vincent Bender

    @BreatheMakayla97 OHHH ...MY.....SHIT *_* ;_;

  50. Mak

    @Wisordan It's, STAND For What You Believe In.

  51. Justin Orders

    come to jacksonville florida!!!! i fucking love you guys!

  52. Vincent Bender


  53. ไทยแลน์ ร็อกเมทัล


  54. melanie nicole

    @Milwaukee414Nick Um...
    I don't need to know ;)

  55. Dominic Faiola

    They need more EP's and albums.

  56. Meagan O'Connor

    Wooowww, this song is smooth. very nice.

  57. Dustin Hayes

    Don't want to sound like an idiot but they sound a lot like WCAR in the beginning. which is tight cuz WCAR is tight.

  58. haylee mishelle

    songs so awesome it doesnt even have a dislike bar :p

  59. Kenneth Ross Archer Gonzalez

    @zachzilla123 FUCK YEAH !

  60. Megan Barchak

    These guys are amazing... they deserves so much more popularity than what they have now

  61. shawster19

    1:40 Stand for what u believe in!! freaking epic...

  62. tamy wung


  63. larrybob141

    great song!

  64. mark nezbert

    They have gotten so much better get Voice get a boner every time

  65. Austin Mielczarek

    @jmanfine1234 Ya, except good.

  66. Juwan Wallace

    loves when you listen to songs with your headphones, and the gutair play different notes in both ears sounds awsome random thought

  67. Juwan Wallace

    vocalist sounds a little like the vocalist from BFMV

  68. peter scholten

    after 2:13 best part of the song

  69. jefresh123

    This is my favorite song right now. You guys should go check out my vocal cover if get the chance!

  70. mark nezbert

    This is unreal I love this band

  71. edsel monroy

    who the fuck pressed the dislike button?

  72. selena nope

    hey? where's the dislike bar? not there and it'll never will be. (⌒-⌒; )

  73. FoxDHX

    @TheZombieSociety im guessing he means the breakdown that follows..

  74. Nick Kesich

    @TheZombieSociety No shit dumb fuck.

  75. TsReDLiNe

    Best song in their album aside from Downfall imo.

  76. ellidoesntcare

    v This is how things should be ending, to forgiving other.

  77. keonifx

    @DGKrew00 It's fine :3 accidents happen.

  78. Devan Sobolewski

    @keonifx Sorry man, i didnt see your other comment. and i wasnt trying to start anything lol.

  79. Purplekykyk

    I've been with y'all since your first EP ever dropped on Myspace and I still have it on my iPod. Much love.

  80. JustinD

    I really wonder what kind of pride/satisfaction you people derive from describing how you masturbate to a song. Bandwagon is getting full.

    _Zeon _

    AznLolgic hahah

  81. keonifx

    @DGKrew00 WTF? Thanks for reading my last post jackass where I was correcting what I said. I don't want any flaming going on on this video, so let's just end it right here and go on with our lives. I just hope that Dream On, Dreamer, stops this kind of shit that it pulled with this album, and make stuff similar to the Hope EP on their next release.

  82. Devan Sobolewski

    @keonifx have you ever listened to TDWP they sound nothing like this lol. id say more like we came as romans

  83. Bryant Mojica


  84. keonifx

    @WilliamSGScene I forgot about those vocals.. Yea, they do sound more like them... I seriously was expecting the lyrics "My empty cup could never fill another." when I heard the vocals on this.

  85. keonifx

    I loved the Hope EP so much, and so far I've gotta say.... This seems so dissapointing. They sound like TDWP now (not criticizing TDWP, but it's just kinda generic).

  86. VitaVersus

    @XThatGuyUWishUWerex i have to disagree, i see you like metal stuff but IMO Decoder is the best and most original band on Rise, but i agree memphis may fire is up there. but decoder takes it all

  87. VitaVersus

    @Finndajeeh WCAR blows so does thats outrageous, Memphis may fire is good. bad choices to compare them to lmao

  88. Cameron Sumner

    @InAWorldOfLies With better vocalists*

  89. stevie asap

    good shit

  90. FloatingFireworks

    this epic album is coming out on my 16th bday... WINNING!!!

  91. Finndajeeh

    This band sounds like We Came As Romans marreid That's Outrageos and they got a child which is named Memphis May Fire.

    Amazing <3

  92. Josh Sullivan

    I like how Michael can sing both high AND low.

  93. Josh Sullivan

    @RaZoRFTWo Except with a better vocalist :P

  94. VitaVersus

    Best song on the album. Period.

  95. ShadowSatire666

    Yup. This band scores big time. <3

  96. RaZoRFTWo

    a We Came As Romans esque intro <333 :) love this one