Dream On, Dreamer - Downfall Lyrics

When the dark throws you down, and you learn to survive
You wake up and remember what it's like to be alive.

When I'm the sun, I'll count the worlds and make them mine.

I'm sick of making all the same mistakes over (and over) again
Will I ever be left alone to mend?
I'll never make all the same mistakes over and over again
Now I've seen what I could become
And I don't want to.

I carried these burdens for too long.
Went along with all the mess.
But it has made me who I am today,
Still standing after all these years.

We are the living dead
We are the living dead
We are the living dead

I know that this life is in our hands
And I know that we wont last forever
But let's make this chance our last.
Don't be scared of any new endeavors.

When I'm the sun,
I'll count the worlds and make them mine.
Because when I'm the sun,
I'll count the worlds and make them mine.

I'm sick of making all the same mistakes over (and over) again
Will I ever be left alone to mend?
I'll never make all the same mistakes over and over again
Now I've seen what I could become,
I don't want to become that no more.
I'm over it, and I'm over it all...

Stop pretending our world will keep turning.

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Dream On, Dreamer Downfall Comments
  1. dr3amb3ing

    Jesus this album held up so well since it’s release

  2. Chase R๐๐lz

    Australian Woe Is Me

  3. Yohio Makoto

    State Of East London <\3

  4. Matt Cunningham

    2019. =)

  5. Marquis Squire


  6. Sleep Serenity Media


  7. Adamshere

    2019 anyone

  8. tiredoftomorrow 01

    Why’d this album get taken down everywhere?

  9. chills

    2018 anyone

  10. Shaggy The klown

    Old video

  11. A Ghost In Somber

    if u guys like this u mighjt enjoy
    this as well????


  12. Mikey Money

    What album is this off?

    dream øn avatar

    In case you didn't find out yet: the album is called heartbound

  13. Jimmy Lynch

    The cleans in this song sound a lot like Light Up The Sky.

  14. Zenn ΛЛТł•MΛТТΞЯ

    post hardcore best music this

  15. Mcoy153

    Hey guys,
    Mcoy here. I'm now a solo artist 👍🏼 Facebook/thebrilliantdance hope you can support this chapter.

  16. fallin666

    fucking clean parts!!! this song is so heavy, but these cleans...
    i mean he sings realy good, but without i think, it would be much better!!
    good stuff...

  17. Justin Owens

    these guys are dope as fuck! I need more

  18. Canadian Metalhead

    My fav band! ♡ Why the fuck is it on RR?! Smfh.

    Absolutely Ningen

    They were signed to Rise in 2011 then Rise dropped them in 2013. 

    Sophie O

    +Andre Lemard Bet they're regretting that poor decision now.

    Bayside Pool & Spa

    +Sophie O'Donnell They are signed with UFND which is a partner company to Rise Records which is based in Australia.

  19. Chas D

    I recognize that 16 inch cymbal from Drumkit From Hell any day!

    Clifton Wink

    @Chas D Yeah bro, sound replacement 101

  20. brody damiani

    I like this song. But not the chorus.

  21. 6MasterWilly6

    This song was ok. Now I'm in the mood to listen to Children of Bodom.

  22. blessthefres

    Sounds like good old WIM.

  23. OfficialRNA

    Can't get over that intro!

  24. ckarlos Carter

    Michael i miss u my nigga o/


    This is so awesome :)!

  26. Marios Tsi


  27. Criss

    Why the fuck all primising bands must fuck their songs adding gay voice? o_O i dont understand this shit

  28. Memento Mori

    Palisades, Hands Like Houses

  29. Mark Agius

    Wut you say 'bout my mama?

  30. mangoe5

    did anyone else notice the Nightmare Before Christmas poster on the wall at 2:03 uh??

  31. Akira Kamisaru

    Not Too Crazy About Zachary Britt, Really Miss Michael "MCoy" McLeod.

    royal priest

    Band died when Mcoy left imo

  32. grimeylad

    city escape

  33. TheErcleman

    count your blessings was shit. bmth has improved their sound immensely since then.

  34. woodsyy

    Unoriginal as fuck tho, seen that comment everywhere

  35. Connor Wilson

    Not the best song of theirs but its still better than slip knot

    JJ Strs_12

    It's a way off

  36. Michał Mam

    You can't get hurt on Internet, that's why you speak before you think.

  37. SkullObsessed69

    The original gene[s]is ....

  38. КамілаКовальська

    these guys are amazing...

  39. zoccer7

    why aren't they with rise records anymore?

  40. acidexpierence

    Best comment ever!

  41. blake moretti

    Straya bitches !

  42. MAKrampage

    Why did Rise drop these guys?

  43. Kyle Garrity

    Australian Metal is just so much better than everything lol

  44. woodsyy

    Actually, the clean vocalist/bassist and rhythm guitarist left the band, also i dont think there signed to Rise anymore sadly.

  45. Sophie

    Dream on dreamer, they're the definition of perfection.

  46. kiRFex

    The singer and drummer left. :'c

  47. Dmaz10111

    I didnt Know Andy Samberg was in this band

  48. JAaAmes Baxter

    I think in hearts wake deserves more recognition!

  49. Steven P.

    they sounded alot less generic on Hope now they kind of got sucky I mean seriously the guitar riffs aren't really that good anymore. Just listen to blackened sky and then this. Not hatin just sayin

  50. Dylan Wallace

    Loveless better be good

  51. Marvin Krampe

    just to throw something in: I guess that's the reason. for all of it.

  52. Mr Core

    New Dream on Dreamer album released 28 June 2013

  53. TheCeeze

    And they're Australian as well!

  54. Corrado_SP97

    Did the band broke up?

  55. woodsyy

    Well goodbye Mcoy and Luke. Dont think the band will be the same without you lads.

  56. Charlie Cairns

    sleeping with sirens! :D : D

  57. Popabuddy1

    no its not the best band, sry no offense but there is a lot of other REALLY good bands out there that you will probably never hear about

  58. Popabuddy1

    screaming is awesome it adds the agony, terror, rage, unique emotions that singing can't give, i mean come on, I'm pretty sure i wouldn't like a guy who sounds like a girl singing throughout the entire song no offense

  59. rckr68

    He sure as hell does

  60. Steven Ramirez

    that's good :P

  61. Jacob McCann

    The clean vocalist looks exactly like Andy Samberg at some parts, doesn't he?

  62. sometimes


  63. Jesse Wright

    Idk what the people who say this is the best band out are on. Not true. lol

  64. Joshua Epperson

    Someone's rocking Agape Attire (;

  65. Narmarka

    AWESOME! Really nice band ;)

  66. kroyakre509

    Jessica birdsong, Secrets and whispers. Your welcome(:

  67. AboodyTUBE

    drummer is awesome

  68. Michael Arredondo

    were gonna miss you mcoy!!

  69. Michael

    This album was such a step down from Hope. There single Midnight Thoughts was sick though, hope (no pun intended) their next album sounds similar. Too bad their cleans left though

  70. Billy Goonty

    A day to remember have songs not exactly like this but sort of similar and some of their songs have like no screaming so check them out

  71. Brett Phillips

    And what does this have to do with Dream on Dreamer.

  72. Daniel Koehler

    Woe is me suckkkkk. Number[s]was good but dream on dreamer is so much better

  73. phil minneci

    look up hands like houses!

  74. Chris Moon

    BMTH got their start with Count Your Blessings because it was original, talented, and genius. Suicide Season was...meh, alright. Everything since has been Oli talking loudly to rhythmic, monotone guitars. BMTH isn't what they used to be.

  75. meatloaf939

    Have you Tried I Am Abomination?

  76. Jessica B.C.

    i wish i could find more music with this sound but with little to no screaming

  77. Derek Smale

    This is really good

  78. Deathowlhunter09

    my girlfriend sent me

  79. Abraham Flores

    kinda sound like woe,is me

  80. Alex S.

    it like how the keyboardist is pretty much on the side with his back turned to the band ha ya know just doing his own thing..

  81. FlyingJustToFall


  82. Liz Burton

    Why are people on the internet so hateful? You get yo download shit for free, and theres porn everywhere. What's your malfunction?

  83. dropdeadhrtz

    its funny how video comments are supposed to be of the video yet they allways go off subject to gay ppl and trolling because of ppl who hate xD i for one enjoy these guys, keep up the work,

  84. braxten hieb

    Sorry, I'm a dog.

  85. GoldenBoy Jr.

    some people take shit way to seriously.....

  86. RainingDownRainbows

    cause i live in australia i get to see them a lot, going to see them this thursday night for $15

  87. Brandon Luhrs

    please visit my vocal cover of dream on dreamer in my channel . Sorry for my English in the covers I only speak spanish

  88. Josh Ross

    Because fuck logic :P

  89. galacticbeaver

    I'm gonna miss Mcoy :'[

  90. Frank Z

    But do you have room to talk shit? We need to know how accurate this new Nostradamus is!!

  91. Ernesto Aguilar

    These Australia bands are the best !

  92. bluefieldchecker

    just wondering Is the screamer guy new?

  93. CobainToxic

    But you are momo.
    *Ba dum tss*

  94. Tiffany Tzimas

    Australia best outcome!