Dream On, Dreamer - Chapter: Desired Permanence Lyrics

Still looking for a day it all comes true
Where we sing this song together and remember
every word that you said, every king is dead.
Another day. Another way. Why is everything so far away?

(Far away)

Everything around me is fading away.
Why can't you stay, hold me, break me free.

(Everything I say and do is useless to me)

Why can't we be another perfect dream?

(If I had one wish right now you know I'd make the earth shake)

so you would hold on to me and we would never break.
You wont forget any of those portraits
You wont listen to the sound when my heart breaks.
You wont forget...
Can you hear the sound of my dying voice?
Can you hear the sound of me trying to avoid...
Another faceless dream in another scenery.
You cant just fall asleep in another mystery.

(Everything I say and do is useless to me,
Why can't we be another perfect dream?
Everything around me is fading away.
Why can't you stay, hold me, break me free.)

When we look up to the sun we both know that we never going under.
When we look up to the sun we both know that we never going under.

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Dream On, Dreamer Chapter: Desired Permanence Comments
  1. Eternal Convict


  2. TheNeoHarmony

    Underoath and Asking Alexandria vibes anyone? Or just me?

  3. Jayce Westerlo

    great effin band, all of it is tops!

  4. Jake Bricker


  5. RedEyedFriend606

    Parkway Drive ???

  6. Paul Lucker

    loved it!!

  7. jay hundley

    Dream on dreamer and the amity affliction are 2 of Australia's best bands!

  8. Soundgear Master

    Love that bass @ 0:05

  9. borna fran

    they deserve atleast 1M views... eargasmic

  10. Marianas Curse

    If you like Dream On Dreamer and like Australian Metalcore please check out my channel for my solo project Marianas Curse. New music and an EP coming early 2013!!

  11. Maxze

    Backdrop* ;>

  12. Jorgenito Zio

    the bass drop at the beginning

  13. Veness Alexander

    fucking glorious.

  14. PillowsInHD

    Why is Downfall not aloud in the U.S.

  15. Sofie

    I know D: I'm saving up to go

  16. friagreen

    0:03 .. caoke?

  17. trent sux 666

    He swore in the song, you don't need the lyrics to tell you that, but who cares if he swore ? Heaps of bands do..

  18. Dadrik

    Yeah I found that too. He's saying it, but it's not in the lyrics

  19. Sofie

    Australia should give Europe some awesome bands.

  20. Ohlamus Madden

    what a miserable pit. :/

  21. Michael Sywak

    he did

  22. Ali Michelle

    Wait so, I looked up the lyrics and they didn't swear but it sounded like he said "Why is everything so f****** far away right in the beggining"?

  23. Blake Doyle

    my new favourite band <3

  24. jesseeatsbrains

    :06 *BEWWW* *TING*

  25. Claude Arena

    Australia has the best metal. You cannot argue.

  26. piercemyv3ilx

    uh huhhhh. c;

  27. piercemyv3ilx

    Duhh, where everyone lives. Unicorn marshmallow land. 8)

  28. piercemyv3ilx

    It's been 2 days.. WHERE'S MY BEER?

  29. Terry Shaw

    Best releases I've ever heard, they sound exactly the same live and the're some of the nicest guys i have met

  30. Andrew Skidmore

    The Amity Affliction brought me here, The Amity Affliction poster in back... this must be a sign

  31. Letrell Williams

    120 likes, 0 disikes... looks good to me :D

  32. Nick Marengo

    vmmm TING

  33. guitarist2oo8

    @jaybaybay72 I did see them live on the Rise Records UK tour with MMF/TCM shortly after leaving that comment, and indeed they were incredible. Met Marcel too was such a cool guy, think Rise is becoming one of my favourite labels :D

  34. jaybaybay72

    @guitarist2oo8 You have no idea how good they are. And you need to see them live, expectations are good, what you see is even better.

  35. Camden Rieder

    @djaysustaita eueoropiens lol

  36. Vincent Rodriguez

    @kiki0391 well they got signed to Rise records so :D lol BUt I Do miss theyre old stuff :/

  37. kic maric

    I cant wait until they get big

  38. psylime

    Amity Affliction poster in the back.

  39. Daiana Gonçalves

    vcs poderiam vim para o brasil

  40. Ramūnas Kazlauskas

    Awesome band. I wish post hardcore band like this band could make a concert in lithuania..

  41. Daiana Gonçalves

    me doi saber q tudo tem um fim q tudo acaba" a solidào" ,. e tambem tenho a alegria de poder viver e saber q talvez alguem esteja desejando a minha salvacão .,,.,/. poder ouvir delirar em todas as musicas até a morte

  42. Gabriela aguilar caamal

    me gusta mucho,mucho,mucho esta BANDA,

  43. guitarist2oo8

    Just saw these related to an Amity Affliction video and I'm glad I did, they sound fucking sick!

  44. kingz8ter

    Fucking Awesome