Drake - Club Paradise Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
They say that all of yo old girls got somebody new
I say, "damn really? even Rosemary? even Leanne Seely? "
They said, "fuckin right, they were the 1st to go
It's nothing personal
It's just that all of them women you slept on were working though,
They was saving up
New niggas came around, they've been waking up with,
I swear, you don't know this city anymore
They might've loved you before
But you're out here doing your thing
They don't know you... "
Sure they do they're just not as sincere
It's crazy all the emotions forgot in a year
She like, "why you even give a fuck you not even here"
Well out there there ain't nothing for me, and I think I need to come home,

Tell me, who did I leave behind?
You think you got to me
I can just read your mind
You think I'm so caught up in where,
I am right now
But believe I remember it all

[Verse 2:]
I be with my nigga chubbs
He in love with street shit
No wonder why I feel awkward at this fashion week shit
No wonder why I keep fucking up the double cheek kiss
Along for that ignorant Young Money, Miami beach shit
A couple of artists got words for me, that's never fun
They say it's on when they see me, that day don't ever come
I'm never scared, they never real, I never run
When all is said and done, more is always said than done
And I was told once, things will change,
By a nigga named tip when my deal came
Told me it's all good, even when it feels strange
Now I'm the guy that know strippers by they real names
Rochelle, Jordanne, thick bitches, they just talked me out of 4 grand
How did a pile of kush become the mountain of truth
How did a bottle of wine become the fountain of youth
Damn, my biggest fear is losing it all
Remember how I used to feel at the start of it?
And now I'm living a muthafuckin fairy tale
And still trying to keep you feeling a part of it
Yea, just lie to my ears,
Tell me it feel the same, it's all I've been dying to hear
Lights get low, and that's when I have my brightest ideas
And I heard my city feel better than ever,
That's why I gotta come home,

Tell me, who did I leave behind?
You think you got to me
I can just read your mind
You think I'm so caught up in where,
I am right now
But believe I remember it all

[Verse 3:]
My mother is back to who she was years ago
It's like a new page me and her are beginning on
I wish she stopped checking up on women I can't stand
'Cause I got new girls I could use her opinion on
She thinks I've become a slave to the wealth
But I'll never break the promises I made to myself
And I would never make up names for myself
Then change the names, that I just gave to myself
Certain rappers would call me to say, "wat up doe"
I used to brag about it to my friends, and now I'm feeling like all of these niggas cutthroat
And maybe that's all they do, is just pretend, damn
But I bought it though, I believed it
Yea, I thought it, and I achieved it
Yea, so show me love, show me fucking love!
'Cause I thought it was all I needed
Yea, Clearly I was wrong about it all along
And this will be the year that I won't even feel shit
They trip about the amount of people I brought along
But I'm just trying to be surrounded by some real shit
Need credentials for everyone of these Toronto kids
I promise they see it with me, we just tryna live
I told 'em we bout to get it, and we finally did
Listen closely to my shit I swear it sounded like home

Tell me, who did I leave behind?
You think you got to me
I can just read your mind
You think I'm so caught up in where,
I am right now
But believe I remember it all

[Outro: Bob Marley]

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Drake Club Paradise Comments
  1. Drop on place Records

    we the latest here.... hit like if it still hits you like the first time you heard it... 2020

  2. Mo TV


  3. Ke'shunna Bolden

    2020 is here and I’m still listenin to dis🤞🏼forever one of my favorite Drake songs 😌🤝

  4. Melvin Tejera

    One of my favorite Drake songs of all time. Beautiful track.

  5. Yungin_ Isaac

    Bro drake can take you away from where your at and put you at what you used to be at for a whole ass song I love it

  6. Maitlin Joyner

    This and over my dead body ALWAYS get emotional thinking about life.


    Me and you both bro

  7. Trell Hicks

    I miss my ex 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Jess Whiting

    Whenever I feel like I’m losing my way, I come back to this song to make me feel grounded again - always have, always will

  9. Ana Cervantes

    I remember this song when I spent time doing geometry homework in highschool. 🙂


    Hey Drake, I'm aspiring to be as great as you are. Legend is not a word anymore to describe you bro 👐 you're beyond that man.

  11. Tajah Kymani Gordon

    As much as this song is now on Care Package I always find myself back here as the ending to this song is beautiful

  12. Oliver Edwards

    It’s a shame it’s about to be 2020 and I’m still looking for conversation in the video comments, nigga when this shit dropped I was going into my second week of high school. Shit I remember having this shit pop up on my Timeline and this is no doubt the most beautiful song I’ve ever come across no bullshit this song has forever molded me

  13. Wavy Stallion

    This comment section proves that Drake is a legend.. the impact he’s had on everyone this generation is impeccable.

  14. Michael Jackson

    2020 we still Here 🕊

  15. Kayy Har


  16. George Best Willis

    Damn had to come back to this song in 2011 I used to play this song all the time with my ex who I thought I was gonna marry but we never grew up 2 years later I met my wife gotta whole kid now damn time flies

  17. Taylor marie

    My shit since summer 09. Damn drake was so hungry 😥

  18. Carolina De Monaco

    Top shelf

  19. walter jones

    High school

  20. Yasser kazi Syed

    2019 December???

  21. Wallace Hill

    For some reason this song has got me through some shit 100 been my ringtone for years!!!!

  22. April Showerzz

    Maaan I still bump this isht

  23. Watching TESHA


  24. Drew Andino

    Timeless Song

  25. Kayla C

    Still rocking to tis 2019

  26. reuben burton

    That Bob Marley at the end exemplifies quality if this art

  27. Jose Márquez

    Anyone who lives in Seattle, this song would fit perfect at Alki beach smoking one at night 👌🏼

  28. Clickomatic What up!

    One of the best songs to sing along to...thank you Drake!!!!!

  29. Armando Marquez

    Wow this song is 2 years shy of a decade,where has the time gone?,lost so many friends,family,relationships during these years it feels like I'm still there back then when I close my eyes,when i open them it gives me this strange sad feeling nostalgia I guess I need to let go of the past idk how.

    Cesar Almanza

    Felt this one

  30. Zo Worlds

    if you still playing this in 2019 checkout my music "Zo Worlds"

  31. Ricko Alejo

    The memories 🔥 🔥

  32. Trell Hicks

    2019-2020 lit 🔥. This song had me since last year with my ex when i first met her

  33. Rykon Son

    This is just one of drakes songs that ain’t bumpin like it should be

  34. Sesame Papi

    I thought it and I achieved it yesssss aubrey

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  36. Pocky Kat

    You're encouraging drake

  37. Pocky Kat

    Hey, drake just went to tell you thank you for all your songs

  38. Chance Marko

    Yeah it carry a feel......

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    Makes you feel so legendary

  40. Avinash Lilmohan

    Uk 2022

  41. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  42. learn, educate, teach

    That Bob Marley quote at the end really hits home

    Chance Marko

    It carry a feel. 😥

  43. Lily m

    This song helped me so much throughout my life . Thank you drake for this song



  45. Tropical99

    I'm not kidding if I say this is a top 10 Drake track...easily his chillest song.

  46. Techtonic Tips

    That intro is a toned up version of the "hate sleeping alone" melody,love that part and a deep song in-itself,I salute drake man,he makes music that speaks to you and thats rare these days!

  47. Rudy Esco channel

    2019 still jamming

  48. princess ruby

    what's a "care package?"

  49. Mikey TK

    Takes me way back

  50. Christopher Carby


  51. Jordanian_TINGZZ

    this song hits different when ur alone

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    Omg drake I love it 😩😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    2019 still listening to this and in 2020 I say the same

  54. Leo Mulonga

    September 2019 anyone.....

  55. Jetro 360

    After this I'm playing "U wit me"

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    This Drake Most Soulful song..... & The ending with bob Marley talking makes it even more classic 🔥🔥🔥

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    Someone should make a short film about love with this song

  58. Trell Hicks

    I can't believe me n my ex broke up 😪😪😭😭

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    This is for the people thats been listening to this song since the summer of 2011

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥 here 2019 checking in

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    This song sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooo dooooooope!🙏✊

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    Damn, really? Even Rosemary? Even Leann Sealy?

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    8 years ago today....

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    The fact drake got our memories botched' with songs makes his legendary status

  65. Alexsndrei vecinal

    All of Drakes music is timeless

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    Yelp, sounds like home

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    This shoulda been on take care !

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    I was always crushing on somebody still riding the swings at the park when this shit dropped

  71. Gavin Jordan

    Your music contributed to almost every moment of my life. Every since Degrassi. I just wanted to say thanks for being the great artist you are. Long Live Drizzy!

  72. Kush & KJ

    This takes me back to black ops 1 and mw2 after school. 2010-2011. Miss those years.

  73. ayenman studios

    Shit is hard

  74. PoPular_FLEXIE

    Still fucking with this shit tho what about ya ???

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    This is Drake's top 5 song of all time. You can't at me because deep down you know it's true.


    Marvin Mosley 👍🏻 yep

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    same here was 14 know 21 and still turning up to it

  77. Ακροδεξιος Πουτανες

    Bro im about to be a senior in high school after a lit summer break and i think that in 5 years i will feel super nostalgic for the days coming while listening to this song

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    Club Paradise
    Club Nintendo
    Club Penguin

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    4:08 This should’ve been included in the rerelease for Care Package

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    I not going to lie 2019 is my first hearing this song.


    @Jay Martin yea its pretty good

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    Gabriel Gonzalez

    don’t worry bro 2020 for me

  91. truthisreal.

    19-28 this is still one of my go to songs when I’m lost in all the airwaves that come with dealing with life. Lost friends, failed relationships, loved ones passing. No matter how lost you feel you always have those songs that remind you of who you were and where you wanted to go. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. This is always going to be my favorite by drizzy

  92. jacquel powers

    Still my shit

  93. What is ALONE

    His music would be pretty good, if his personality wasn’t so bad sometimes lol please don’t attack me.

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