Drake - Can I? Lyrics

[Drake & (Beyoncé):]
(Can I, baby? Can I, baby?)
Yeah, (can I, baby? Can I, baby?)

(Can I) bring you to the six where I really stay, (baby?)
Show you why I am the way I am
(Can I) tell you what I think my biggest flaw is, (baby?)
I try to be consistent, but I can't
(Can I) have an honest moment wit' you right now, (baby?)
Tell me who the fuck you want to be
(Can I) get an honest answer from you right now, (baby?)
'Cause all we ever talk about is me
(Can I? Before I turn the lights out)
'Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be
(Can I) call instead of text you on the hotline?
Sometimes a nigga wanna hear your voice
(Can I) see you right now, I know the sun is up, (baby?)
Sorry, I don't really have a choice
(Can I) ever make you feel like I'm down for you, (baby?)
You do so much more than that for me
(Can I) finally take the time and open up to you, (baby?)
'Cause that's the side you never get to see
(Can I? Before I turn the lights out one more time)
'Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be

(Can I, baby? Can I? Before I turn the lights out
Can I, baby? Can I, baby?
Can I, baby? Can I, baby?
Can I? Before I turn the lights out)
Tell me who the fuck you wanna be
(Can I? Can I, baby?
Can I, baby? Can I, baby?
Can I? Before I turn the lights out one more time)
Tell me who the fuck you wanna be
(Before I turn the lights out)

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Drake Can I? Comments
  1. SeekTheGreatness

    Just heard this. Definitely had a "If you're reading this, it's too late" vibe. And that makes me mad it wasn't on there. Lol

  2. Ri Ri

    Now you put this out 😂

  3. SUPERYOUTUBER Guess who i am

    Waited ducking years for it to be official released

  4. Wheeler Handford

    Drake stealing kodaks flow!!

  5. Safwan Ali

    these demons beating my ass man


    2 0 2 0...............................................T I M E L E S S

  7. Maria Maldonado

    y3s you can bby

  8. Goop Taco 2

    So I randomly thought of this song after hooking my ps3 back up and listening to my leaked remix version and wondered, "did the full version ever even release?"🤔

    Here I am now ladies and gentlemen 😌

  9. Nahmir P

    So Kodak made the exact same song 2 years ago and apparently this was leaked in 2015

  10. Hector Reyes

    Kodak is better

  11. C-O-S -M-O-S

    Meech brought me here,,,

  12. lDoxology

    "Tell me who the fuck you wana be" damn...

  13. Christina Bennet

    2 for 20 .. yea

  14. LaMonica Upshaw

    First time hearing and the beat is cold...

  15. Christina Bennet

    can i baby

  16. TheDevil's Rockstxr

    The leak had me feenin

  17. Nate F


  18. Mynameis Garnette

    Les twins

  19. Sal Gutierrez

    I try to be consistent but I can’t...

  20. Lyntia Shorter

    Can I "Babe" so I can tell u who the fuck I wanna be #DrizzyBabe💋

  21. Lilly anne

    Can I baby

    I felt that 😌😭

  22. Kushagra Paliwal

    Don't scroll down there are many like beggers

  23. Braden Boyd

    Any publicity is good publicity. Drake's whole career has proven that.

  24. Pertrice Huggins

    Larry 🖤

  25. Lovely Scorpion__

    Finally omg i will forever love this

  26. Emir kann Azgin

    Larry les Twins :)


    Emir kann Azgin 🤟🏾 exactly

  27. Rodolfo l

    Kodak better

  28. deadloxs wood

    Kodak ran this joint up harder than drake could ever

  29. ShaktaWizard

    This reminds me of Sal Houdini's song. "I Just," ft. Rihanna.


    Where do you think Sal got the idea from lol

  30. BG Chop

    When beyonce said “one more time” I felt that 😭😭

  31. X'OtilweO'D


  32. Danyell Daniels

    Beyoncé’s voice is so distinct.

  33. prince well

    She sounds like Beyoncé.... wait😭

  34. unholy one

    Where Kodak at

  35. David Cathie


  36. Kane WORLD

    💪🗣tell who tf you want to be

  37. Preshaaa Makeaaa

    I hear queen bey💗💗

  38. KCeulb

    Any of y’all know that song that’s kinda like this but with samples Rihanna’s interview? It’s not by drake but I can’t remember who it is by

  39. Lad

    Didnt this have kodak in it ?

  40. Ineffable Man

    If this Care Package was in COD Blackout I'd be sniped, Revived. Sniped Again.

  41. David Cathie


  42. Dominique Dimery

    Can I? -2019

  43. Kahsidy Winchlae



    JADEN SMITH ????

  45. Shawn Taylor

    Definitely heard this one years before. 😅💯

  46. Linda Bella

    I always listened to the Leaked one i was like yeah Beyoncé yeah Drake

  47. M.C

    “No you can’t”

  48. M.Lee Cthulhu

    I love how this album is mostly b sides etc. And thoughtfully named "care package".

  49. BIG NUGZ

    I never knew drake was on this beat so i heard kodak ugly ass voice right when the beat came on😂

  50. Renny Martin


  51. Renny Martin

    She's a stable genius. Right when This is US started playing then she got the 2 dogs out.

  52. Renny Martin

    The Queen and I.

  53. Renny Martin

    WE are Double Edged.

  54. Renny Martin

    Can't refuse the queen.

  55. Renny Martin

    Queen's choice.

  56. Renny Martin

    No harm shall ever come to the queen.

  57. Renny Martin

    It's done.

  58. Renny Martin

    It's finished.


    Fuck this version, Kodak does way better imo

  60. Orlando Ruiz

    Kodaks verse is cool too thoooo 🌊

  61. Kahmari Green

    Kodak a goat for sampling this


    Kodak's version is way better

  63. nya rose

    kodak ?

  64. ismael lima


  65. coas clear co

    Been here before all these songs still vibe all your shit now long live drake 💯 bang it

  66. Jazmyn Brown

    This is old shit

  67. Shaundaria Williams

    I get a feeling of like..suspense idk why ..am I the only one?

    Da Kid N U - Kids Songs & Nursery Pop

    It's called anxiety

  68. Cem Toktaş

    kanka yine ben .d

  69. Melody Silva

    Issa vibe 😋

  70. Slenderman Jr

    Wish Drake had more verses this song I literally can't stop replaying this song lol

  71. Rafael Cristaldo


    Rafael Cristaldo

    after so many years

  72. Lana Dusse

    Um... Your Wife ☺️I'll Go To The 6 With You or Wherever You Want 💙🦂🦉

  73. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    I like the whole tape. To me you qent harder on here lyric wise and flow then any off your past albums. I enjoyed listening to the whole thing. God bless

  74. Taylor Anderson

    Who’s still here all 2020 too?

    Tabriz Kabulo

    Give me 4 days

  75. Taylor Reese

    this is hysterical, I was like wait 2019 what,,,been bumping this shit for years hahaha. low-key feel like the leaked version better hahaha

  76. Jada Howard-Nolan

    this has BEEN out lmao but it does sound so much like the stranger things theme song 🖤😂

  77. Jomo Art

    We get it. You heard the song before it came out. Lmao okay.

    LaCienega. Boulevardez

    lmao FR 🙄🙄


    Jomo Art lmao we can’t be excited that it’s finally here 😂? Like ok 😂

    Kyrsten Athan

    Jomo Art 👏👏👏

  78. Kristopher Deundra Smith

    Had this leaked version

  79. DreBreezy Gaming

    Nigga I waited yearsss

  80. Mz Records

    stranger things vibez

  81. Curlyhead_ Zharii

    bruh the struggle of listening to the leaked version 😭😭

  82. River Peters

    Good vibes

  83. Alex Alpha

    No Beyonce you cant bathe me

  84. Bassel Elashrey

    I had the leaked version. This is way more cleaner in terms of audio stuff. But the older version is still better, only difference is "tell me who the fuck you wanna be." Is repeated several times which is the best part of the whole song.

  85. Nintendo 64

    Back in College this dude was weak. But now I got mad respect. This nigga is real. Beats and all.

  86. Kidd Stiggs

    Kodak did way better on this beat than drake tbh

  87. Jeffrey Plantz

    Kodak remixed this

  88. Sarah Smiles

    Anyone else Here before this hit 1million views 🤑

  89. Sol Gomes

    Let's make love to this song baby 🐏

  90. Swaylight

    What's this about? And the 9000x can i's meaning?

  91. Ahmed Amin

    show you why I am, the way, I am

  92. ToneDog01

    Kodak’s is wayyyy better

  93. MVTony MVKruth

    If your reading this its to late

  94. the flash

    love this song play it 5 times a day

  95. Aydingo

    where are the lyrics labsbsbsdv

  96. Cassidy Job

    Someone please make a hour loop of this .... 🖤