Dr. Dog - Today Lyrics

It's all here
Today is the only day
The old times make way for the new

Some fruit punch
Spills on a tablecloth
But there ain't no mess to clean up

Garbage in a can sticks together
The tiniest of things are forever
Drop a couple coins and a feather
And watch them float away at the same time

Song is made with sugar and lemonade
Sing on the porch, swing along
Me and you having a barbecue
Sticking our thumbs in the air

Meeting of some notes on a pocket
Sitting in the sun with some chocolate
Drop a couple pens and some pencils
And watch it all fall right into place

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Dr. Dog Today Comments
  1. Randy Butternubs

    This songs beautiful

  2. tenn4

    Crazy about this record, just brilliant and so precocious of them to be that good that young!

  3. Ted Mark

    Cool song

  4. Beck Hanson

    I love when they both sing in the same song

  5. Katey Tracy

    Ahhhh haaaaa *_*

  6. ReadinRed1

    This is the ending song from the movie Blue State

  7. Emily Joy Simms

    still one of my fav songs.

  8. tenn4

    Bunch of great songs on this CD, and then nothing but great songs on all the rest, from "We All Belong", "Fate", "Shame Shame", "Be the Void", and now a new masterpiece "B-Room". These guys have something magical going on! I think they're the Beatles of this century.

    account 2

    tenn4 definitely agree with everything you said :)

  9. Carlos Mendoza

    I just heard of these guys and I really like this song, any other good songs by dr dog?, are these guys influenced by the beatles in any way?

    account 2

    Carlos Mendoza They're totally influenced by the Beatles, they even used the Obla Di bass line in one of their songs idr which. anyways, if you forgot about them by now, I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT recommend, beg, you to check out them more!!! Check out ALL of these before you decide to like them:
    jealous man
    i cant fly
    wake up
    livin a dream
    shadow people
    that old black hole
    warrior man
    the truth
    the beach
    I hope there's love
    They're so many more. albums include debut toothpaste, easy beat, be the void, fate, shame shame, abandoned mansion, and more.

  10. Jess Berko

    that bass line is too nasty

  11. walterculbertson52

    i could jam to this all day