Dr. Dog - Rock & Roll Lyrics

When I was young, yeah I was young one time, we’ve all been young.
But, this one time when I was young my buddy gave me a tape. And it freaked me out.
I didn’t know what to do. It was like TNT. I was in my brother’s room.

And another time, different house, different song,
different friend, different band, he had real long hair,
pulled the record out, put the needle on and freaked me out.
I’d never done drugs. I barely brushed my teeth.
But I was on the floor all glassy eyed fucked up beyond belief.

Who’da known, who’da known, who’da known, who’da known
That it would be rock and roll
That would terrify and eat me
That would haunt me so completely

Yeah you were there, summer-time, young love, halcyon days, elysian fields,
Marlboro reds, white car, blue eyes, cd in, cd in, cd in, a cd in a car stereo and it freaked me out.
What he said about love. You were right there, I don’t know where I was.

How much do I owe my uncle? I suspect it’s more than I can pay.
He gave us a tascam, some maxells, a shure 57 and a stereo delay and we freaked me out.
Yeah the hum and the hiss. We were only 16, but we were the shit.

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Dr. Dog Rock & Roll Comments
  1. Cheese Keys

    Bob Dylan in the begin

  2. Ari Ofasgard

    I dig this album. This song is so killer. I love it. It reminds me of my first time on acid.

  3. Joshua Kirk

    Instant classic Dr. Dog song right here! This is me and my daddy's favorite! Dig it!

  4. Tyler Dunn

    Is that Toby?!

  5. Bill Cole