Dr. Dog - Love Lyrics

There goes my baby
There goes my bride
Feels like the first time,
Time and time again
She was the one,
she was the only
she was a mystery
imagine my surprise.

I went to London down to the dungeon
I’ve been to hell if I’ve been any other way
If I’m not mistaken I wasn’t taken
I found my own damn way down there for love.
But can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?

I met her in a costume
Underneath a full moon
Love from the stormiest skies.
The whole masquerade stopped
Yet another shoe dropped
Just another kind of disguise

I’m holding on, don’t ask me why
I am afraid the only answer is a lie.
I tell myself the strangest stories,
I ain’t a crow I found a crooked way to fly oh love
But can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?

Love can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?
Love can it last all my life, as it passes?

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Dr. Dog Love Comments
  1. boti

    im in "love" with this song

  2. flying whale


  3. Chris M

    Scan lines galore.

  4. EatAtTheDanglingDiner

    Never heard this Cage The Elephant song before. It’s good.

  5. Marty Wacker

    this would have been a good Beulah song.

  6. sonicboyPT

    Can it last? :\

  7. JZsweep

    Sounds a lot like Cage the Elephant to me

    Travis Garman

    Well Dr Dog is much older than CTE


    @Travis Garman you're half a year late

    Travis Garman

    @JZsweep Woopdy doo, I am

    Uncle Remus

    No, he's a billion years early

    iSay Hi

    JZsweep Fuck off hipster

  8. Dana Cierniak

    I'm so glad I got to see them back in November!! They are so great!

  9. Sebastian

    Man, i could listen this song forever...

  10. Diego Emanuel Osechas Lucart


  11. kuriuz00

    anybody know the chords to this??

  12. KipperTheArt

    Great video. I was confused at first about the old, random toy commercials, but it makes sense. A love for a toy is immense initially for a child, but it is also fleeting as the next new toy takes its place. Perfect for the song. I love this more than a new toy :D

    Miguelito, The God

    KipperTheArt Cage the Elephant is great! But Dr. Dog is way earlier!

  13. Emily Joy Simms

    so often this song gets in my head. but i aint complainin' none

  14. Cole Bronson

    Why? Whats the point? I don't fuckin get it man, why do faggots like you try to start this racial shit in the comments section all the time? Fuckin just knock it off, it's not funny and your not sending anyone a message.

  15. opa435

    Sounds so Psychedelic.

  16. IsaiahD

    So good

  17. MJF941

    its a youtube video to mp3 converter. you put the url in and click "go" and it will download the mp3 to your computer. listentoyoutube. com

  18. bluepenggz1

    I can't wait to get the album! Are any of the songs from the Wild Race EP on here? :oo

  19. Andrew Reynolds

    What is the flying toy at 2:47? I am too young :(

  20. Didier Morin-Laprise

    I was asking to _download_ it, not listen to it online

  21. pacfolly

    For one person? I'm not sure. For certain things or ideals? Yes.

  22. Starr Ciprich

    This song has been in my head all day :)

  23. MJF941

    reminds me of Easy Beat. We All Belong is their best though and will always be my favorite.

    Miguelito, The God

    MJF941 Abandoned Mansion is their best work!

  24. MJF941

    copy the url to listen to youtube .com

  25. Didier Morin-Laprise

    Where to download ??? Love it...

  26. M RM

    I love how it seems like at the end of the song they are saying "bye" to you....

  27. zoljo

    ...by the way, how do you stop listening to this song?

  28. Caulfield63

    Great song, great band. Some of the most relaxing shit Ive heard.

  29. Ted House

    Am I old if i had the Race Car Gun toy at the end of the video?

  30. Charlie Claude

    This song is the greatest time and time again...

  31. Austhesauce

    I'm holdin' on, don't ask me why!

  32. jokerface108

    It's like this video should be creepy but its really comforting for some reason. Song is completely gorgeous by the way

  33. tenn4

    Truth!! It's comin' down...

  34. Mr.Eggman

    Man u guys never fail me

  35. Blac Spirit

    you guys are doing cool music.

  36. Christopher Cabiria

    October 1st is fast approaching ! Be Reel or Be Home!

  37. Jennifer Smith

    You guys are probably one of my top three bands of all time, but while your music's still good, your lyrics are really failing me.

  38. Joshua Petroni

    Yeah, 00:35 seems far too sexual for a children's toy.

  39. WV Groyper

    Just yes.

  40. luke meeks

    who else is a little disturbed by 0:35?

  41. SuperMarioMC

    Can it last,
    All my life,
    As it passes?

    Great part of the song!

  42. Tricia McMillan

    This was a little different for dr dog....my son who is 11 even said that's doesn't sound like them. But he still liked it.

  43. Erik Huntoon

    WTF gave this a down vote?

  44. Amy Scott

    weebles wobble but they don't fall down!

  45. NITEFLYtv

    rad. cant wait til the homecoming shows in Philly once again!

  46. Samuel Gill

    Whatever dick dint like this needs to be checked by a "dr"

  47. Louis Ramsay

    So jazzed for this album. Dr. Dog is the ish.

  48. dobbsiancant

    where is jenny lewis in her toys-r-us ad? missed opportunity...

  49. tst.jpeg

    worm toy makes me laugh everytime lol


    nice song!!!

  51. Nate Sacks

    I'm in love with "Love"

  52. Kevin Alexander

    Man, I love the theme of the videos they've been putting together for the songs from "B-Room".