Dr. Dog - Long Way Down Lyrics

I fell asleep around quarter to four
I had a dream my baby didn’t want me no more
I was drowning in a sea of love
I was swallowed up by the water above
Oh water above, oh water below
Take me away in your undertow
I’ve been drinking from a broken cup
And a long way down means a long way up

Yeah a long way down, means a long way up

When I came to
I was feeling high
I got a telephone call from a friend of mine
Coming through so loud and clear
Yeah he was picking me up
Man he felt so near
When I hung up, and I looked around
I could hear the rain hit the cold cold ground
But there was sunshine just because
and it didn’t matter what the weather was

Yeah a long way down, means a long way up…

Something unreal.
I won’t slave for them
I won’t behave for them.
I will be brave.
You can laugh about it,
If you just let go.

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Dr. Dog Long Way Down Comments
  1. George Koki Vanegas

    And it didnt matter what the weather was.. This album is great..

  2. josh maher

    ear worm has nested. head Bob mode engaged. dr.dog daily.

  3. wikkedchik90


  4. Emily Joy Simms

    can't help but groove, smirk and lower eye lids. impossible.

  5. Michael Gregoire

    Possibly a perfect album


    Most definitely a perfect album. :)


    +glossyellie i think too weak to ramble is the only misfire on the album. only song i skip on b-room

  6. Jess Doit

    Hot diggity Dog!

  7. rrCHRISxx

    Been in my head all day.

  8. Zora Sicher