Dr. Dog - Distant Light Lyrics

The man appeared to me inside that yellow wood.
I’d carved his name in the dirt, at the crossroads where we stood.
He said, “Are you looking for directions?”
I said, “Gee, I wish you would. Which way to the infinite road that unwinds from within.”

He said, “Follow the distant light”
Oh’ you know I will! Follow the distant light, just a little bit over the hill
Follow the distant light and although you’ll never near it.
You can travel on forever and you’ll never be back here.
I said, “alright”

The stranger appeared to me, he hopped down from his tree.
I said, “I can give you anything, but you know that nothing’s free.”
Well I could take it or leave it. I said, “well what do you want from me.”
He said, “nothing much really, just a small token of appreciation
that would mean so little to man like you and so much to a man like me.”

Gimme the distant light.
Oh no I cannot do it
Gimme the distant light, he said through his teeth
Gimme the distant light
I said, “I ain’t quite yet through with it”
As I saw it shining dimly through the branches of his tree, I walked on

Following the distant light.
Like the way some people look for parking
Following the distant light, and tripping all over my feet
But following the distant light
And I know if I keep walking, I’ll never touch it,
but as long as I move it’ll shine down on me.

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Dr. Dog Distant Light Comments
  1. yikes

    Is that a vibraslap in the background?

  2. Kevin Beal

    They are just an amazing band. Love all their songs!  Carinho to you all, always,, CHB

  3. Haley Cox

    Lol. Dr. Dog is a fucking legend. I'm glad they don't try and get big and POP. They stay so true to themselves and let the realest people find them.

  4. LoLDanKNerD

    this proves there is still hope in today's society

  5. The black Thunder cat

    this was used in a skate video that was made by some dudes from a local skatepark and everytime i hear this tune i see them shredding in my mind! Great song!

  6. ZachAttach34

    Great song, great video! Love it!

  7. glossyellie

    Ohhh I love this

  8. Nick Hernandez

    Video is interesting enough although the song isn't very original. It seems to borrow a lot from the Beatles, a lot from Dylan, not that most bands don't borrow from somebody else, but I think I'd rather listen to the bands that created the sound. 


    Doesn't mean that it's bad. 

    Haley Cox

    But why? All art is inspired by someone else. Dr. Dog is very influenced by The Beatles, and others, yes, but they do still have their own sound and very unique vibe...so why is being influenced by the original greats a bad thing? Dr. Dog is a HELL of a lot better than 95% of music being made today. Don't stay back in da past, man. Appreciate the beauty being made now.


    Nick Hernandez oh fuck off and listen to Nikki Minaj then

  9. Jason McNeill

    How the hell does music this good only have 27k listens/likes ? WTF is wrong with people?? This is awesome.

  10. Arreis Snikral

    kinda beatlesesque :)

  11. Clint Magee

    This would be great on a late night talk show.

  12. Bettie Turner

    Really great song - got it off Amazon. :)

  13. Jacob Soboroff

    Dig this video.

  14. DoctorBlankenstein

    gotta say, I dug that. ;)   Good use of blue screen also, creative as hell. 

  15. Debora Hammerstrom

    Love it... We love you guys!


    I really love this song. 


    me too !

  17. Johnny Marke

    dr dog with that "feel good" sound 

  18. tanner buckley

    Sky Patrol loves Dr. Dog. Come play in Des Moines, IA sometime!

  19. Sarah Napier

    This video is gold. 

  20. Eric Wong

    awesome creation!

  21. Dani DuHadway

    Sometimes I think I can't love you any more and you prove me wrong time and time again. LOVE the new video! 

  22. V. Hernandez

    I wish I had a box of Dr. Dog cereal.

    When Darkness Does

    Contents may include an unsheathed knife

  23. Laura Lemon

    Diggin' Eric's threads.

  24. Mark Torres

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Babyfacestunnakilla

    Haha that's funny Frank had on the same shirt at the Burlington show last night. Lookin' classy!!

  26. samantha czechowicz

    Scott without a hat?!

  27. Icculus El Profit

    Sheeit. nice, pimpin ( . Y . )