Dr. Dog - Ain't It Strange Lyrics

Ain’t it strange
How everybody says I love you
Ain’t it a shame
How a word can tell you more than words can say
I need you here

Ain’t it strange
‘Cause I’m always thinking of you
Ain’t it a shame
How a thought can catch the breeze and blow away
I need you here

Oh but I know how bad it can get
But I don’t mind
Baby I don’t mind
But I know how soon you’ll forget me
But time keeps blaring
Baby time takes care of me

Ain't it strange
How a man who lives for nothing can change
'Cause if he stays the same he’ll die a million days
Year by year
There’s a drain

At the bottom of the ocean
And when it rains
We'll get close to where the water meets the sky
For you and I

Oh but I don’t know how far this could go
But I don't mind
Baby I don't mind
There's no use in saying
That you've been straying
But even strangers know how strange it can be

We're only getting old
'Cause that's what we are told to do
But they sang to get through
But what's that got to do with us
So go on and work it out

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Dr. Dog Ain't It Strange Comments
  1. Mr. Pope

    This band is heavily ripped off, especially when it comes to Mild High Club and other "our wit is lit" thrift store collectible groups.

  2. Gerald

    Seriously one of their best

  3. Dylan

    Anyone know what the background audio is at 1:59?


    @Russian Polyester You're not listening close enough. You can hear them sample an audio of what appears to be a man speaking. Also, I know what a piano sounds like haha.

    Russian Polyester

    I listened to it again and I do hear it now. I could just be a intentional static voice used just to draw emotion or something.. There is a similar technique that I like in Joy Again's song Cecile

  4. Andrew Snarr

    How trippy is it that someone I met that made me believe in God again showed me this song for the first time and I listened so intently cause I love her for everything I have and have not seen from her yet.

  5. River W

    I think this song just saved my life. I thank u all so much. humanity is the best


    River W when I first heard it in August 2015 I felt the same way


    Been there man, I remember when this came out and this song made me feel things I hadn't felt in years....

  6. Christine McPherson

    3:28 and on is just Pure Bliss

  7. Milo Otis

    Saw them live 7 years ago, horrible. I still love the music but they were straight up terrible live

    Patrick Whipple

    When I saw them and meet them it was a simlar feeling

    Milo Otis

    Arthur Duncan I don't drink but they were definitely on something ..especially the guy wearing sunglasses ,a cabby hat &trench coat (vocals in this song ) ..dude was in a different world ..was really terrible..I'm sure it sounded good..to him. ..the whole crowd was pretty bummed that night


    Not sure what gig you saw, but you need to see them again. They're a killer live band, check out any cuts from their live double LP. I've seen them maybe 35-40 times live, all great and some just mind-blowing. I know they've had a new drummer in the past seven years, all star prodigy Eric Slick, who was playing and touring at 15 years old with Adrian Belew. He started with them on their "Shame, Shame" album.

    Drew Sikora

    They been practicing since then


    I just saw the live yesterday (sober), and boy they blew my mind. They were awesome live and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

  8. Logan Carson


    Ariel Rosenberg

    Logan Carson Why you gotta bring that negativity here. Just enjoy the music without the unnecessary hate.

  9. Brandon Hamilton

    one of their best


    reminds me of the Beatles

  11. Elijah O'Brien

    The bass on Dr. Dog songs will always be my favorite


    Elijah O'Brien the dude is killer met him couple times he fucking kills iy

  12. Emcee Moniker

    this cut PWNS

  13. shabadoo shabadoo

    Ain't it strange
    How a man who lives for nothing can change
    'Cause if he stays the same he'll die a million days
    Year by year

    ah so true.


    Ive wanted to get this tattooed on me for some time now...

  14. Joshua Servin

    Awesome song!

  15. Keely Martin

    This song speaks to me SO HARD

  16. Fry Schlotfeldt

    You have the lyrics wrong. They make a little more sense if you go by the lyrics in the album booklet...
    It's word *can't tell you...
    breeze and blow away *and leave you here...
    *what I know I* soon will forget
    there's a *drain*,
    you know like in a tub.
    Hope this helps!

    Oscillating Omniverse

    Thank you for the corrections, I appreciate it. I actually get the lyrics from random lyric websites, which probably have improved since this video was posted.


    please update the lyrics, Fry's are correct

  17. teamSAF bmx

    Is not it strange? SAFBMX.blogspot.CoM

  18. RootbeerPugLove

    i'm freaking obsessed with this song, dios mio!

  19. Zach Riggs

    Dr. Dog is so damn good.

  20. nic

    Great song