Doughboyz Cashout - Bravo Lyrics

[Intro - DJ Drama:]
I think its one thing we can all agree on
And that's that the D is as real as it comes
As real as it gets
So when you see some niggas make it out
And make it good, clap for them

[Verse 1 - Doughboy Quis:]
Them rich niggas here all the strippers should cheer
Take this money we gone throw and pay your rent for a year
5 carats in my ear, 20 more in my charm
See them foreigns outside, nigga them all ours
Go to a normal bar if you just wanna drink
Hoes dancing here for free dawg, is that what you think
If you ain't threw no money, nigga you looking wack (Lame)
Everybody point at the nigga who looking wack
First I throw a couple stacks, then i drink me some liquor
Then I throw some
More cash at a hating ass nigga
Im finna go broke, I go hard for the team
It's the world, I'mma take somebody girl when I leave
Presidential on my sleeve, got rims on the coupe
Tripple b's over here, bitch its bottles and boots
Kidd screaming 7 duece, and im repping the mile
Somebody call the janitor to come and sweep up this pile

[Hook - Doughboy Quis & Payroll:]
My whole team ball like we just hit the lotto
We shining like the sparklers on the Avion bottles
When I throw some money all my niggas gone follow
So gone head and make that ass clap (Bravo)
Gone head and make that ass clap (Bravo)
Bend it over make that ass clap (Bravo)
Gone head and make that ass clap (Bravo)
Bend it over make that ass clap (Bravo)

[Verse 2 - YG:]
Make it clap, girl wobble
I hope the, pussy taste like Moscato (Whoa)
She say she wanna be the mascot, so thick
You'd think she had ass shots (What's yo name!)
Gianna, girl my keysia
If her homegirl fucking, she follow the leader
Now throw a stack and make it clap, make it clap baby
And if its wack, immma take it, take it back baby (Yeah)
I'll beat that pussy up, eat that pussy up
Beat that pussy drunk, eat it up
And have her running from the tongue
Hair in a bun, G string in her pussy
If her house clean, that mean she gotta clean ass pussy (Woop Woop)
She looking like Rihanna
She ain't fucking, she remind me of Trigiani
Since her, baby daddy sweat her like Cosby
She somewhere twerking like Miley


[Verse 3 - Payroll:]
Hood bitch (What up doe)
If you ain't know, they call me P (Payroll)
And I'm hood rich, cause when they block was dry they called on me (Yeah)
Shake that ass for a rich nigga
And when your man ain't looking, take a quick picture (Bitch)
I think I wanna marry this ho
Gimme all the ones you got, I'm bout to bury this ho

[Verse 4 - HBK:]
I want a baby momma like Beyonce, a freak like Rihanna
A wife like Kim, white girl like maddona
Bad bitch like teyana, ex stripper like Chyna
A pornstar like Pinky, that can work that vagina
Now bust it open for a real nigga bitch
The only nigga spending bills in this bitch
Drunk on Avion, she off pills in this bitch
After that its Perignon, cause we still in this bitch


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Doughboyz Cashout Bravo Comments
  1. Ether Davis

    Now bust it open for a real nigga bitch

  2. BCDopeToker

    is doughboyz still signed to a label or they drop from it ?

  3. Chief .Denaro

    YG Verse On This Song Ass Smh

  4. kingofKoS123

    had sex to this song last night made that bitch clap her ass while she was riding me lol

    aionia wells

    kingofKoS123 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. gino Hendrix

    CTE it has to be the fucking World BITCH.

  6. KLD

    I knew they was gonna make a strip club joint

  7. YeahImJazz WhoAreYou

    This slap