Doris Day - Crazy Rhythm Lyrics

Crazy rhythm, here's the doorway
I'll go my way, you'll go your way
Crazy rhythm, from now on
We're through.
Here is where we have a showdown
I'm too high-hat, you're too low-down
Crazy rhythm, here's goodbye to you!
They say that when a high-brow meets a low-brow
Walkin' along Broadway
Soon the high-brow

He has no brow
Ain't it a shame?
And you're to blame
What's the use of prohibition?
You produce the same condition
Crazy rhythm, from now on, we're through
Crazy rhythm, I've gone crazy

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Doris Day Crazy Rhythm Comments
  1. yvan mcgregor

    Excellence pure,merci:)

  2. Gregory Fall

    That opening of this is annoying!

  3. Patrick Carney

    I was listening to Crazy Rhythm on "Normal As Blueberry Pie" a tribute CD to Doris Day; and decided to look for the original recordings. Thanks so much for posting "Crazy Rhythm", I enjoyed hearing the Day original. I see you have many uploads and am scrolling up to hit subscribe.

  4. yon-ichi

    It is a vinyl we have been looking for for a long time.
    very good. great.

  5. Blair Lavoux

    nice song ^0^
    why people don't song like this anymore?
    i love this kind of american music !

  6. Tinymoezzy

    Doris Day.... she is just awesome


  7. guitaress1

    nice record