Donnie McClurkin - We All Are One Lyrics

Listen can I have your ear
Everybody gather near
Can I ask a question now
Can somebody tell me how
How we got so separated
How we got so torn apart
When did we become divided
Tell me now, how did it start

Some are episcopalian, church of God, lutheran, cogc, presbyterian,
Gospel, and the ccn, baptist and methodist, oneness and the trinity
When will we remember we are free

And we all are one
We all are one my brothers
And we all are one
And we all are one my sisters
And we all are one
And we all are one together
One in the lord
And we all are one my brother
And we all are one
And we all are one my sister
And we all are one
And we all are one

Can we learn to love, ([Chorus:] yes), without prejudice, ([Chorus:] yes)
Can we learn to live, ([Chorus:] yes), with togetherness
Are we one united, ([Chorus:] yes we are), are we undivided, ([Chorus:] yes we are),
Are we past the past, ([Chorus:] yes we are), are we free at last, ([Chorus:] yeaaaa...)

Tell me can you hear the sound
Dividing walls are falling down
Loving God and loving man
Holding up each others hand
Differences are tolerated
Starting bonds of unity
Showing all the world we are free

[Lead & chorus:]
And we all are one [3x]
One in the lord [repeat often as like]

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Donnie McClurkin We All Are One Comments
  1. Jordy Nsumbu

    We all are one in Jesus

  2. saquan bostick

    The Intro alone is thunderous, and extremely well orchestrated. The Message in its entirety is Awesome!

  3. nwolu chinonso

    And we all are ONE in the LORD.

  4. Derek Flanagan

    I listen to this song all day long every day I can on the bus look up to the sky and look at the lord

  5. Dana Mweka

    so sad that nowadays we are torn apart... Pastor preach it sing it so that all will know that we are one in the Lord and need to unite to be strong for the Lord...

  6. Eric Baah

    have been looking for the video of this album. can someone help me get it

    saquan bostick

    Me too! Would love to see this recording Live.

  7. dameon sims

    we all are one in the lord!

  8. Tashawn White

    This is my favorite song

  9. talona06

    My song .

  10. Terri DiNatale

    Unity in the Body of Christ is so important...we need to powerful with our relationship to Christ...Donnie has a very anointed message in this song...We all need to try to help each other be brothers and sisters one in the Lord...We willbe a powerful weapon when we are one!

  11. SimsGoddess

    This should have more views