Donnie McClurkin - The Great I Am Lyrics

You're the Author of Creation
God of every nation
You're the Holy of Holies
Angels bow before Thee

Tenor – Mighty King
You are the Great I Am
Sap – Almighty King
You are the Great I Am

Praise Jehovah Jireh
For being my provider
Praise Jehovah Rophi
Because You healed my souls diseases
Praise Jehovah Shalom
You're the peace that calms all of my raging seas
You are the Great I Am,
Sap – Almighty King
You are the Great I Am

Praise God from whom all blessing flow
Praise Him all creatures, here, down here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Sap – Almighty King
You are the Great I Am
Sap – Almighty King
You are the Great I Am

I am, I am. You are the Great I am.
I am, I am. You are the Great I am.
I am, I am.

You are the Great
Sap – I am, I am, I am
You are the Great
Alto – I am, I am, I am
You are the Great
Tenor – I am, I am, I am

You are the Great
I am, I am, I am, SAP, Alto, Tenor
I am, I am, I am, Alto, Tenor, Sap
I am, I am, I am, Tenor, Alto, Sap

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Donnie McClurkin The Great I Am Comments
  1. D’ Gabriel Hopkins

    Love Donnie mcklurkin

  2. jamar dye

    That bass player sound great

  3. Delores Cox

    There's No One Greater Then The I Am!

  4. Willie Wallace

    The Great I Am

  5. Yvonne De-Souza

    Powerful worship

  6. olusheyi banjo

    Happy Birthday Pastor Donnie

  7. Angela Greene PHD MD

    Dear DM: Your songs make sense when the words come DIRECTLY FROM THE KJV BIBLE CALLED HOLY SCRIPTURES! These are the correct Hebrew Names for God! Well-Done! The Great I Am = God (not us as mortal people)

  8. Angela Greene PHD MD

    Dear DM: You look very handsome in a dark suit & red tie! Nice choices!
    American Christianity 101:1. Jesus is our Lord & Savior2. Our American Lifestyle is to be more & more Like the Character of Jesus Christ!3. Not the Physical Body of Jesus!4. Character qualities are explained in the New Testament K.J.V. - Galatians: LOVE, PEACE, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, KINDNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS & SELF-CONTROL5. These are Adult Lifesyle Goals!6. This is the Christian Adult Attitude on a Life's Journey!7. Easy to read, but challenging to accomplish in life! In America, we say, GET A FOCUS! PAY ATTENTION!8. This takes weekly Sunday Church, Praise Music, Scripture Memorization, Bible Study & some Bible College!

  9. Angela Greene PHD MD

    Dear DM: 1. You are a USA Citizen in America. 2. You are impressive as a USA Citizen Man. 3. Now, let us all stay in America & Focus on America & USA People - Why? Because America needs to Stay a Great Country by Excellence! 4. See how DM leads his Band & Vocalist with Excellence! 5. America needs our USA Men to Get Smarter & Smarter with Age! 6. Formal Education Rules in America! 7. Academic, Business, Sports, Economics, Politics, Bible, Miltary, Family-Relationships Lifelong Training!!

  10. Pauline Johnson

    Your cool Donnie

  11. Pauline Johnson

    Your cool Donnie

    Ayla The queen

    Pauline Johnson

  12. Angela Greene PHD MD

    Pastor Donnie McClurkin: You look very handsome in this Dark Suit & Red Tie! You have Good Energy! Dr. Angela Greene

  13. jamar dye

    great song that bass player was getting it

  14. gaming with faith gaming curry

    I like this

  15. Danielle Saunders

    A very beauitful song. I enjoy listening to you ministry and song. Just to hear your voice is pleasant. Hard worker for the Lord. Keep on writing 🎶.

  16. Kathy Shinall Godzlady

    This is one of my favorite songs."THE GREAT I AM".There's no one like our GOD.

  17. David John

    Nice song

  18. Brittany Brown

    coach Brown

  19. Winsome Smith

    pastor don songs are all beautiful,touching,and sentimental,thank u jesus for one of ur obedient servAnt.

  20. Daniel Jenkins

    The Great i am

  21. The28Bajan

    we need the full song not an edited version

  22. Terencetheboss

    you know,he is really great i am. GREAT I AM,AMEN LORD

  23. Terencetheboss

    wow jesus is the awesome god the one and only

  24. Gelson José de Almeida

    May God bless and keep using Pastor Donny McClurkin very, very beautiful the music. Hallelujah!
    Pastor José de Almeida Gelson -
    Itapetininga - São Paulo - Brazil

  25. Rodney Skinner

    Natalie Raggins on auxilary keyboards. So cool to see a chick play.

  26. Teha Miri

    whoever the 13 were that disliked this video I forgive you, because I realize your mouse wasn't positioned right & you clicked on the wrong button. Awwwww gloray, For God is the great I am!!!!

  27. Hennesys Hernandez

    My God My God My God. . . You are the Great I Am. . .

  28. jarelkendrick

    That's hilarious

  29. Gotta Lose Weight

    The Great I aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm!!!!!! Yes Lord!!!!!

  30. Aquamarine Kings

    woooow, love this, why havent i heard this before, i thought i knew all Donnie's songs..///

  31. Naja Hall

    Praise Him!! Glad you aint run off the road!

  32. DaMindie

    Its Church time!!!

  33. Thomas Anderson

    Natural voice , I really enjoy his voice. So nice video and music.

  34. Thalia Sanders

    lets have some church. I remember organs like this when I was attending Harvey Memorial Baptist Church.

  35. Hawkins Dunn

    Nice music video. It's a good song.Donnie McClurkin a great singer.

  36. Leslie Woke

    @gaysamoanguy you that think being gay is natural and from God. you are doomed for hell if u dnt repent and denial yourself of that filthiness.

  37. Maxtheking

    Happy Birthday Pastor Donnie!

  38. CjBland777

    THE GREAT I AMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ms Jae2U

    @lb162001 lol.......

  40. FeliciaTCG

    I really want to know the name of the female musician. Does anyone know?

  41. Turrell O'Neal

    Who's the woman on the keys??

  42. fred wills

    I was on my way to dialysis early in the a.m. and heard this on
    WHUR (Wash, D.C.); almost crashed my car shoutin. Could hardly sit still in my dialysis chair replayin it in my head...

  43. Rob Perry

    hi i love this song because it take you in to worship it tells yoou who GOD IS IN ICONTROL OF EVERYTHING.PRAISE HIM FOR WHO HE IS NOT JUST HIS HAND .

  44. Julius DeBerry

    check out the chick on the piano. I love to see women playing instruments. especially keys and bass.

  45. DeShun Stephens

    You better play Natalie!!!

  46. itai67

    the GREAT I m certainly

  47. Geneva Bullitt

    I really got my praise on and then went into worship with this song. I really love it.

  48. Lee A. Scott, II

    one of the greatest and distinct gopel voices of all time. PASTOR MCCLURKIN, God bless you

  49. Paula Galloway

    I love this song!

  50. TheDraindeimo

    Not my method of praising the lord, but eh whatever floats your boat.

  51. kabardastar

    He is great and worthy to be praised!

  52. Michael A. Crump-Johnson

    All I can say is Hey!!! Thank you Jesus, For You Are The Great I Am!!!

  53. Michael Jenkins

    Donnie is a bad brother, favorite male singer!

    this is straight up church!

  54. Chuck Cobb

    Now thats COGIC all The Way

  55. VeePri

    @lb162001 LOL!!!!!!!! That's right

  56. TheMICHELL54


  57. Michael Jenkins


  58. William Stockdale

    My, my, my, Glory be unto god!

  59. darknluv

    how could they be sitting down!!??? Boi when the song came on, before they even started singing I was bouta dance a hole in the floor! lol I'm teaching this to the choir soon as Saturday come lol

  60. Lanita Wilks

    @IwasBorn2Win lol, it just has that affect! I've only heard it on the radio in my car until the other day and I was so bummed that I had to get out. This song is truly amazing!

  61. ashesly

    @lb162001 LOL!!!

  62. ayana smith

    my mom loves this song this song makes me glad i am alive today thank u god u really need god in ur love without him u will be nowhere and nowhere wil end u into death then u will wish u had a chance with god think about tht

  63. Charles Tucker

    Now this sounds like church I love it

  64. Lanita Wilks

    I heard this in the car and almost ran off the road! Hallelujah!!!!!!! Praise Him!

  65. Mp4playerz

    Oh man organ player killed it who is that girl on the keys?

  66. preacherfemale

    I love it !!!!!!!!!!!