Donnie Iris - Bitter Lemons Lyrics

Take a hundred pounds of clay
My friend
And a hundred gallons of sea
And forty days of wind and rain
Behold the lemon tree
The tree it bears a holy fruit
A product of the earth
Good book tells how the snake
It sucked the sweetness from the dirt

The gods are laughing
They watch us grappling
What will we do with bitter lemons?
How tart the apple
How sweet the grape
No where in Heaven are bitter lemons?

A dozen packets of seeds
My friend
Six yards of midnight soil
Build a fence to keep the voodoo away
Mix vinegar with oil
When the fruit begins to sprout
I sensed the mighty power
The tomatoes sweet
And red as a beet
But the lemons have gone sour

I took a pretty woman for my wife
And dressed her in white lace
I laid her on the bed of lilies
Ran her like a race

I squeezed the lemons in the jar
Now I've got it made
Mmmm... taste like sugar baby
Sweet as lemonade

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Donnie Iris Bitter Lemons Comments
  1. John Rose

    The HARD-CORE have Donnie's music on YouTube, but to have the (best?) album posted (completely) here is a great treat.


    I honestly believe that IRIS fans will multiply over time - 50 years from now he will be the standard of ROCK & ROLL - western PA should be very proud of this favorite son.

  2. Andy Mehos

    4-star album top to bottom. AMAZING

  3. Franklin Parnell

    Just hard to beat King Cool. #4 reminds me of Bowie. Great album.

  4. Ineeda Cocktail

    The Rapper... You Go... Donnie!

  5. Ineeda Cocktail

    Memories of seeing him at The Ritz NYC in the 80s. Phenomenal concert & evening! 💯%


    Finally finding this album might of been a one hit wonder but it will always be listened by me AWESOME memories!!!