Donnas, The - Take It Off Lyrics

I'm on my second drink
But I've had a few before...
I'm tryin' hard to think
And I think that I want you on the floor
Uh huh, yeah on the floor!

Go on and take it off
(echo) Take it off!
You gotta shake it off baby, for me
C'mon and break me off
(echo) Break me off!
'Cause I get what I want and I like what I see

Need your love 1,2,3
Stop starin' at my D cup
Don't waste time, just give it to me
C'mon baby, just feel me up
C'mon, just give it up

Go on and take it off
(echo) Take it off!
You gotta shake it off baby, for me
C'mon and break me off
(echo) Break me off!
'Cause I get what I want and I like what I see

Forget the application...
You're the right guy for the task
Let me take you on vacation
Just do it, you don't have to ask!

Go on and take it off
(echo) Take it off!
You gotta shake it off baby, for me
C'mon and break me off
(echo) Break me off!
'Cause I get what I want and I like what I see
Take it off
(echo) Take it off!
Take it off baby, for me
Take it off
(echo) Take it off!
Take it off baby, for me.

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Donnas, The Take It Off Comments

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    BRASIL 🇧🇷

  2. Harison William

    Bonjour , y a plus que ' please don't tease " qui manque dans mon répertoire ! Bravo !.

  3. deadseveredhead

    BandS should leave the comedy shit to comedians.

  4. mikabass

    I miss this awesome band.

  5. Ploopybear

    They're hotter when dressed up as boys tbh.

  6. Crystal Gamer

    My fav song from da donnas is get ridda dat girl

  7. Elijah Cleaver

    girls rule

  8. traxan650

    ANyone know if Tori has graduated from Harvard Law yet? No joke, for those who don't know. Last I heard she was going to Harvard Law after her music career ended.

  9. dionne king

    miss them

  10. TheDooNIT

    Don’t care what anyone says, great band and fit as fudge

  11. Lorena Ribeiro

    Just take it off

  12. truthhurts101

    Cool band! Where did they disappear to?

  13. OzHillBill

    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Turn Me On" Live {English Subtitles}

  14. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it reminds me of my sexy male friend he has a hot body and I like it when he takes his shirt off😋

  15. DiMaggia Yen

    god, they're still so friggin' hot.

  16. Mark Boyd

    This album as aces. All respect to the Ladies of The Donnas.


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Turn Me On" Live {English Subtitles}

  17. horowizard

    They stink.

  18. Steve S

    Maya is super cool!!

  19. oxy 75

    Haha nice

  20. sebastian rodriguez

    I just can't get enough of this track! Truly underrated. And there's more than this great track. They just got it! Rockers to the very core


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Turn Me On" Live {English Subtitles}

  21. Carlos Roberto Pasabare Oly

    Pensé que cantaba un hombre ,hasta que vi el vídeo :v

  22. Valerie Complex

    The drummer is so cute

    Jeremy Sipes

    She was so sweet, petite and adorable it was incredible.

  23. OzHillBill

    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "The Non-Fiction Days" Live

    Steve S

    Howdy, yes these girls are good, I just wish they would quit dressing like Hazel (Shirley Booth) Let their talent do the Talkin""""

  24. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  25. just a dude with a pencil

    Who else is here from derpy?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. Dana H

    Every time I hear this song it sounds a chilled on my back. These girls work right from my own backyard and I never heard of them until about 2 years ago.

  27. Tony Wijaya

    I love this era... When all womens starting to rock...
    Not like nowadays.

    Steve S

    Check this out! Warning...Red Hands Never Fade!!!

    Steve S

    They will be at the Whiskey Jan 15th and 16th California Shows in March/April May.


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "The Non-Fiction Days" Live

  28. Jack C. Lamb

    sorry...but MEOW!

  29. Gordon S Hervey


  30. chris reb

    Had the album... Not more 😪

  31. Ida Skyttberg

    I love how the drummer looks totally girly in one second and like a beaast banging those drums in the next

  32. Hester Lolt

    AC De She

  33. White Ranger Tiger Power

    That’s why I don’t take calls I do it by time

  34. Jan Erik Mellesdal

    What happened? Rock Music is dead in 2019

    Bob Parmelee

    Check out The Warning Band YouTube channel lots of great live original music 🤘 RNR is alive with these young ladies 👍


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Thrill" video

  35. Johnny Allright

    ,Your adopted, and your parents never loved you."

  36. Marcus Meadow

    Come back. I am sorry the music industry sucks right now. Billie and those others won't last. Rock n' Roll forever.


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Dice" video

  37. Steven

    I forgot how good this band was. Love this track.

  38. Max Waller

    *8:21 am Pacific Standard Time on Monday, 9 December 2019 - Twitter prevents you from examining the activities of @maxrafaelwaller and @mrwaller3 who are Socratic GadFlies*

  39. Cristian

    best girl rock band single ever. fuck this song is awesome


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Thrill" video ⭐

  40. MrGundam0083

    EHHH we need you ladies back together music industry needs a kick the balls/vagina lol


    sexo solo pienso en eso cuando veo este video

  42. Michael Lucas

    You know I was like 13 when this song released and thought it was only okay, and here I am almost 29 and I listen to it and am just like "GODDAMN DAT SHIT GOOOOOD".

  43. Damen Smith

    please come back to new Zealand hell i buy 10 tickets best chick band i seen live at the big day out

  44. 54youcyan


  45. Peter Fountotos

    Ah yes the _attitude_ ,which is missing from the overly processed safe bs we can't avoid these days.

  46. Cristian Mosqueira

    I love this song in Downhill Dominator, Guitar Hero Videogames.

  47. Alexandra Kai Wilson

    I love loud raw music like this. It sure influenced my band Nora's Attic. Liked and Subscribed.


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "The Non-Fiction Days" Live


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Don't you tell Me" Live

  48. matty barker

    The Donnas brought fun not rage to the scene, and ...oh wait...yeah, no, I don't give a fuck. Disregard this post.

  49. Marcus A. M.

    Heading into a new decade and I'm still listening to The Donnas! Wow! We're heading into the 1st year of the 2020 decade!!!!

  50. Armin Becker

    Awesome! Am l 10 years too late? :(

  51. Nick Yates

    So this was the forgetten music video

  52. Ken Bray

    Took me a moment but I remember these ladies ! Love lady Rockers ....... Kittie Heavey Metal, Pvris, Paramore, Hey Monday, and final without least Tonight Alive, these ladies can rock ! Oh my God I forgot to mention The Donnas.....


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "Thrill" video


    🎀BAND-MAID🎀 "ONSET" Live instrumental

    Ken Bray

    OzHillBill Are you Hillbilly Bill ? Lol, thanks for the links the Japanese girls fuckin rock ! Couldn't understand shit but loved it.... 😜

  53. Dia Kirkwood

    So so so underrated 😭😭 love these girls

  54. pointnozzleaway

    ROCKS !

  55. james allen-jones

    I wanna play strip poker with all 4 of those horny lil bitches!!! :)

  56. Petre Calina

    I just wached Grind the movie and discovered this sound like girls AC/DC version...


    More of these girls and alot less of Kardashian types

  58. Charles Lee

    Liberal whores are fun to watch as naughty, naughty, narcissistic children... You need a conservative WIFE in order to get to watch your own FUTURE naughty, naughty, narcissistic children...

  59. Paul B.

    The band had multiple roles in this video

  60. Charles williams

    Classic album

  61. john giants john

    Chicks can rock 🤘

  62. Mayara Gomez

    still the best!!

  63. Emily Padilla

    I discovered them from a teen romance book and l'm glad l did

  64. John frusciante

    Blz, Mais oq aconteceu com essas mina? Não encontro nada delas nem rede social. Foda!

  65. rick de

    The Hangover

  66. Michael Ashton


  67. Sherry L. Cano

    I miss under appreciated.

  68. Jimmy Gross

    Guitar Hero Smash Hits brought me here

  69. aakksshhaayy

    Y'all are crazy.. this song is uninspired at the very best.

  70. David Wall

    I still love this freaking band. This song still stands up.

  71. SFCD

    Awww i forgot about this great tune

  72. Bluesqy

    The Donnas are just too awesome for this world.

  73. Kineticartist

    to anyone complaining the Donnas are or were underrated i ask one question did you buy their album? to those who miss 2000 rock are you buying music of that genre or just listening for free?????

  74. guilherme calvalcante

    Umas das melhores que tocava no imortal " downhill domination"

  75. lovin every minute of it

    Love it....way to cover this and fresh....oh to be young again.... Lol...but taking applications to help out with that lol...great style

  76. Fredrick Smith-something.

    Ehhh. STILL IN 💘.... Miss you beautiful ladies 😘😚😘😚😉❤🔥💪

  77. jaden mendez


  78. Leoneidas

    This song hits as hard as it it sexy. But this video is not what I have in mind when I channel this song. Way more sexy way more aggressive. Great song and great performance.

  79. Jason Woodford

    These girls were awesome live too, same Energy!

  80. n2cable

    Better than Riot Grrrl ever could have been!!!

  81. International Harvester

    Oh the things I would let the band members do to me.😜

  82. JacobiteBhoy

    World wasn't ready for them... Sadly

  83. Krrrimmi


    Much better than kpop sluts. 💩

  84. My My

    I sing this song it ROCKS~!!

  85. Philip Smith

    Everytime i climb onto my harley, i hear this in my head

  86. Josh Garrett

    What I say before getting laid.

  87. Roland Lidholm

    This is rock n roll in its best costume!

  88. Tudor Miller

    Take It Off!!! Forgot just how much I wanted to bone all members of The Donna's.

  89. guilherme calvalcante

    Só digo uma coisa : downhill domination

  90. King Leonidas

    I don’t normally care for girl bands but, this bands is the exception

  91. Jackson Meyers

    Hey........complete uniformed humans ......ever heard of wendy o. Williams....!! And yes it was a chick break up band...great stuff

  92. Nomnia

    A fucking classic

  93. Craig Stevens

    I wouldn’t mind having a lipstick mark from every one of them of my cheeks... can’t say that about too many rock bands haha

  94. warren e barr iv

    These ladies rock, where did they go ?
    And what about L7 ?

  95. Lautaro Bosques

    very mediocre

  96. George Schlaline


  97. Justin Case

    drummer is way too animated

    Jeremy Sipes

    What?An u a Donna's amateur? Torry was the best girl drummer EVER!


    But she's so damn hot, she can be as animated as she wants!

    Bob Parmelee

    @Jeremy Sipes check out "THE WARNING" three teenage sister band👍 this drummer ROCKS 🤘😍