Donnas, The - Revolver Lyrics

Half cocked and fully loaded
Not even trying to sugar coat it
You're aimed at me
but you're shooting blanks
And it dosen't hurt thanks but no thanks

But it's a matter of time
Till you get yours, and I get mine
It might not be me
But you're gonna answer to
somebody Revolver

You've got one foot in your mouth,
and one foot in the grave
You were digging a hole,
and now you're digging a cave

It's not that funny anymore
By the time you wake up
sobered up and sore

I left my comebacks at the door
I didn't know what I was in for
You're deeper than you've ever been before

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Donnas, The Revolver Comments
  1. Kerry Adams

    Thiss sonG is so east Palo Alto. Or Antioch anywaaY. I know this storY.. Blam Blam

    Dave Bell

    Yo..bad ass

    Dave Bell

    Love nor Cali...i want to play at my birthday party..great band

  2. Tere Rguez.

    Up girl really reminds me of Lana del rey PD: Queens all of em

  3. Corey Winters

    this is my favorite Donnas song.

  4. Joe krause

    I love this song

  5. Rob Chenoweth

    What a song!

  6. జ్ఞా Dippy Jippy జ్ఞా

    My favorite song by them for sure

    Julien FREZARD

    Mine too. By a mile

  7. George Burdine

    4 beautiful girls rockin their ass off. Thanx Donnas

  8. This is moi

    badass track. I fking miss you. You were the best female band ever (apart from the Runways, that is)

  9. grimmyx22

    Reignited my lust to be a drummer.

  10. HilDawg

    can they go on tour again? I want them to play at my wedding!

  11. Luciano Nascimento

    <3 From Brasil! Yes, braSil! :)

  12. Eddie The Head

    Song will be in my head for a long time

  13. m700m


  14. Butchie

    So good. The Donnas were superheroes in rock music. It's sucks bands like this aren't taken seriously.

    Eddie The Head

    It sucks bands like this fall apart and the members fade into normal human society.

  15. Sonya Ellison

    Underrated af.

    Eddie The Head

    You had to ruin it by saying "af..."

    GJ 77

    Sonya Ellison one of my favorite songs ever.

    Julien FREZARD

    That guitar riff is so insane.

    Arya Grimm

    @Eddie The Head what is "af"?


    these ladies need to come back and kick the music industry in the ass

  16. GasoLINA INK!

    hahaha the fucking six!!! yeah baby. only the g's will no what im talkin bout.

  17. Elizabeth Valtierra


  18. Adam Bodford

    Why is this fucking awesome band dying?! This is ridiculous people!

    Kerry Adams

    The Label? Dressed-em up for "fantasies", or maybe internal combustion.. The Last of their LP's suggests "image" issues.. Love This LP of Theirs the Bestest! From Antioch California not Santa Clara County.. Smiles..

  19. xvanillaperfume

    great song

  20. Kazekage Ivan

    Nice Song