Donnas, The - Living After Midnight Lyrics

Living after midnight
Rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' 'til the morning,
Then I'm gone, I'm gone

I took the city 'bout one a.m. loaded, loaded
I'm all geared up to start again, loaded, loaded
I come alive in the neon light
That's when I make the moves right

Living after midnight
Rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' 'til the morning,
Then I'm gone, I'm gone

Got gleaming chrome, reflecting steel, loaded, loaded
Ready to take on every deal, loaded, loaded
My pulse is racing, I'm hot to take
This motors revved up, fit to break

Living after midnight
Rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' 'til the morning,
Then I'm gone, I'm gone

I'm aiming for ya
I'm gonna floor ya
My body's coming
All night long

The air's electric, sparking power, loaded, loaded
I'm getting hotter by the hour, loaded, loaded
I set my sights and then home in
The joints starts flying when I begin

Living after midnight
Rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' 'til the morning,
Then I'm gone, I'm gone

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Donnas, The Living After Midnight Comments
  1. Bruce Slaughterhouse

    Only thing better is Judas Preist themselves... These Girls rocked BALLS !!!

  2. Ed Johnson

    usually I don't much like covers, but this one is EXCELLENT

  3. chad hannahs

    I think I'm in love....

  4. Dani Kalifornia

    I will never, ever, not love The Donnas✌♥

  5. Nicki Lantz

    I love it!

  6. Slackboy1

    Good rhythm guitar tone. Good upper middy British snarl.

  7. Billy Graves

    Vocals are pretty vanilla on this one, but the music is great

    Thom Drewke

    Yeah, they had a tendency to let the vocals sit in the "I'm a girl" zone instead of growling like the guitar does. I'd always think they should have taken the vocal off the last take on a tune, four hours later at 5:00 am, instead of what sounds like the first or second take. But the mix and the guitar sound, the timbre, is just excellent. Miss 'em!

  8. Tobynn

    Fantastic cover! MUCH LOVE!

  9. johnnie soesbee

    The Priest, would even like this 👌😋🎶🎼

  10. Joe Scorpion and The Inspectoids

    I want to see them play this! They look so good playing the songs! Visual appeal to the max!


    afaik they split up a long time ago. but hell yeah they did a great job on this.

  11. Kouzelna

    I love Brett

  12. MrTimBranston

    Come to Scotland UK !!!!!

    John Dunn

    MrTimBranston Unfortunately they are no more

  13. Dru Smith


  14. Osamu Ota

    i blasted this song on my way to the office from Berkley to Fremont.. it's been 18yrs since then i wanna back to U.S. again...

  15. Markku Koljonen

    :D Yep! Christine&Markku

  16. Barry Soetoro

    love these girls,  my wife bought the cd for me because I would always turn up the radio when ever they came on... lol

  17. Mic Sustianevo

  18. Rexerman89

    Very Joan Jett


    cooler than joan jett, and 50 times more feminine

  19. Jeremy Sipes

    Is Torry still unhinged? I need that bad son!

  20. Jeremy Sipes

    Love the remake!

  21. J Shills

    It just kicks ass that's all.

  22. Cassio Jorge

    muito bom!

  23. Vinyl Rescue

    And my head bangs for these beautiful rockin' ladies!

  24. h2ofield

    Their covers are always excellent.

    John Dunn

    h2ofield Exactly, their covers never disappoint



  25. Downoneburn

    Donnas Rule

  26. dmcxxx

    Great version, except they need a decent lead singer. She doesn't sing as much as talks in tune to the music, lol...


    she has always been that way, it's like they pumped up her mic since she doesn't WAIL.
    Here is their earliest recording at some school talent show, when they are 14.

  27. bfeur66

    that was rockin'!

  28. 320 Parks

    powder coated metal.

    Jeremy Sipes

    Torry's yummy powder?

  29. Paulo Henrique 1944

    that song is like us Living after midnight,rockin' to the dawn,Lovin' 'til the morning, then I'm gone, I'm gone

  30. Farkasvezer

    Disturbed version so much better.

    David G

    Farkasvezer Disturbed did this better but I do appreciate this for the punk edge they chose to approach this with. Gotta make it theirs somehow.

    AeroDyne | SydneyJohanna

    What? Disturbed has their cover too? Gotta check it out…

  31. Kerry Steele

    and I'm gone

  32. Bruce Slaughterhouse

    Donna Rocked the living fuck out of that Guitar!!!

    Rabbit in Red

    Fight Trump Fascism they're amazing. dat guitar tone.

  33. Bazzo Smyth

    great version of a sound ever bit as good as the original