Donnas, The - It's On The Rocks Lyrics

We're over, I'm done
Yeah, it's time to have some real fun
So I'm callin' all my ladies
We're gonna key your Mercedes

Well, you're the kinda guy
Who needs attention around the clock
Well you can't even talk
'Cause baby, it's on the rocks
Yeah, it's on the rocks
Well it's me you gotta detox
'Cause baby, it's on the rocks!

Your luvin's like a car crash
You're gone and I got whiplash
You're a stain I can't get out
I tried bleach and I tried Shout!


I apologize for all the noise
I just had to tell all the boys
That you'd rather have a Mai Tai
Then a tall glass of Bud Dry


It's on the rocks
(echo)It's on the rocks
Yeah, it's on the rocks
(echo)Yeah, it's on the rocks
It's on the rocks
(echo)It's on the rocks
Baby, it's on the rocks!!

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Donnas, The It's On The Rocks Comments
  1. justine dryll

    Impressive ! High Rock'n'Roll energy ! Best female rock band ever (4 me). Never toured in Europe ...? I'm not sure my parents would have let me go ... Is it too late now ? Did they even exist anymore ?

  2. MrTimBranston

    I agree! Where are you gals? Great songs, great sound. You kick plenty of male bands right up the arse!!

  3. Longeno55

    Thank you bullet4mymind for mixing this HOT and loud! The only way to listen to this number!

  4. Lemmy Cash

    Maya Ford is so damn sexy

  5. Downoneburn

    Such a waste that they're not still recording and touring. Bring back The Donnas.

    Rob Chenoweth

    so true!

  6. Jim Duccilli

    My favorite girl-band overall, but if you want really hard, nasty female rock & roll give Betty Blowtorch a listen.

  7. Georgina Milton

    Zero dislikes. #Winning

  8. Bluesqy

    This is almost tooo much fun!!!😎

  9. Angela Canale

    wow that's was intense Brandon!!

  10. Prince Brandon Ravensword

    I'm sippin' some Crown Royal, and it's on the rocks! #TheDonnasWail \m/

  11. Todd Stailey

    One bad ass riff!

  12. Freezknotable/Metal Bunny Records

    Now Playing on Freezknotable channel: Stoner Rock "Made in America" The Donnas "It's on the rocks"