Donald Lawrence - We Agree Lyrics

These are the days of your decree
What we speak will be established
What we bind and what we loose is bound and loosed in heaven.

These are the days when seasons change the first is last the last is first all that you lost shall be returned lost years recovered
So we agree we agree

We believe that the famine is over
We believe that fruit is on the vine
We believe dry places are watered
It's the latter rain the latter rain we believe

Anything can happen,
Anything can happen when we agree
All things are possible nothing is impossible when we agree when we agree...

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Donald Lawrence We Agree Comments
  1. Hadriel Tracy

    it's Judy Jacobs

  2. D-Wayne Miller

    Good one Donald, keep blessing my heart.

  3. Stacy-Ann Laidley

    I love this song!!!!!!! Beautiful selection.

  4. PrazHymn83

    Bill Winston is Donald Lawrence's pastor.

  5. Terrance Phillis

    i love donald lawrence and israel houghton i consider them as power houses but i dont like this song........:(

  6. MrCogicson1

    I'm getting this album. Donald Lawrence is a musical genius and is a blessing to the faith community.

  7. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @lili4125 you're welcome!!! God Bless You!!