Donald Lawrence - Not Making Sense, Making Faith Lyrics

Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
The evidence of things not seen.
It lives beyond the senses,
You can't see it, you can't feel it, you just have it.
I'm in a season that requires GREAT faith.
Fear and doubt are all around me.
But I'm standing on what The Word says.
Faith is the evidence of what I can't see.
And when people doubt the things that I do.
When I do what God told me to...
For the rest of my life I'm not making sense,
I'm making faith.

Don't know how I'm gonna get there.
But I walk by faith Don't know how I'm gonna live there.
But the just shall live by faith Can't even see the purpose that's waiting there.
But I trust the author of my faith.
And when people ask how I'm gonna do,
When I do what God told me to...
For the rest of my life I'm not making sense,
I'm making faith.

By faith we proclaim (understand).
By The Word the worlds were framed
For that which is seen
Hath not come from what appears in the scene
So don't try and convince when your path doesn't make sense
God is the author and finisher of your faith...
Stay In Faith You may not know how your gonna get there
But just walk by faith
You may not know how your gonna live there
But the just shall live by faith
You can't even see the purpose that's waiting there
But TRUST the author of your faith

And when people doubt the things that you do
When you do what God told you to... (tell them this)
For the rest of my life I'm not making sense, I'm making faith.

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Donald Lawrence Not Making Sense, Making Faith Comments
  1. BI Forum

    This song gave me hope when I needed it the most . Thank you for blessing us

  2. Jacqueline Washington

    Without Faith it’s impossible to please God !!

  3. Charles Blackmon

    This is an awesome praise and worship song!🙌🙌🙌

  4. Shaniece Grimstead

    YAAAASSSSSSSS!! Thank you God for the confirmation.

  5. Myshan Spears

    Donald is my inspiration he's the best song writer on the planet to me. 😁


    I'm just 12 and I really love this long this has blessed me

  7. Vivian Lymas Tegli

    Love it, love it, love it. Hmm.. To God be the glory

  8. Erica Paul

    This song is so very beautiful and su ch a blessing 😇😘😆😬🙌🏾🙏🏽👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!

  9. Carolynn Hoople

    Gorgeous song! <3 Your voice is truly a gift from God.

  10. Felicia Jefferson

    Yes Lord!

  11. D.S Brian

    I dont get having Faith and making sense are mutually exclusive....this is not wht I was taught in church

    Thaddea Woods

    No but sometimes the Lord will tell you to do something that does not make sense or seem logical by man's wisdom, but God is much smarter and wiser than we are . If we want to please Him the thing to do would be to believe and do what He says. This is ultimately what makes more sense.

    Elijah Johnson

    Change churches

    Elijah Johnson

    DS brian change churches

    kingdavid ayoloto

    First change your church. Faith sometimes is not logical but you act accordingly e.g. Sarah

  12. Chosen_4_Such_A_Time_As_This!

    After listening to me consistently trying to explain ALLLLLL the gifts/blessings that God, thru the Holy Spirit, has been revealing to me & constantly hearing me pause & say to her "I know this is NOT making any sense", this same Angel 😇, who I know was sent to me by God, in the form of a Co-worker, suggested that I listen to "3" songs, one being this song. Needless to say, this song has tremendously BLESSED MY SOUL & SPIRIT. Truly, the anointing sets the captives free & I AM FREE! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY 🙌! So, with that being said, "For the rest of My Life, I'm not making sense, I'm making FAITH🙏! Thank you Donald Lawrence for allowing God to use you to bless his people.

  13. loretta pinkerton

    This is my story!

  14. Kimberly Newell

    Wow...touched my soul....needed to hear this message on today

  15. Edna West

    Love this song, it ministers to me when I am having a day that does not make sense!

  16. Felicia Jefferson

    breathless , speechless, blessed

  17. MemoriesGrace

    "Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!"
    As children of God, we were built to outlast the storms.

    Very uplifting song. Thank you.

  18. Way2goful

    It was the 10th interview I got the job!

  19. Way2goful

    Homeschlmomof3...You spoke life to me 1 year ago and I am here to give a follow-up testimony. God blessed me with a job in my field as a school counselor. I've had 9 interviews (over the last year) and 9 rejection letters, but God will open doors in his time and he has placed me on good ground around good people. The wait was hard. I cried, prayed, and questioned... but it was all worth it. For the rest of my life I'm not going to make sense; I'm going to make faith!! You were encouraging thnx

  20. Sandra Kendell

    This song is truly ministering to me in a time in my life that I really want to simply walk away from life, just drop off the face of anybodies memory, but the Spirit of the Living GOD keeps me connected to that measure of faith that has been given to me by My Father. My life has never added up to whole numbers. I am a square circle. I struggle with making sense on all fronts but finally I have come to realize that I don't have to GOD does...Thank you D Lawerence...!!!! for this awesome song.

  21. Ron Pringle

    I am currently standing for the restoration of my marriage. I know God can, even though so many have given up on our marriage. I may not be making sense, I am making faith. WIthout faith, it is impossible to please God.


    With God ALL things are possible. Hold fast to His Word because there is nothing too hard for Him. Praying for you and touching and agreeing with you for your marriage. He did it for me and He can do it for you.

  22. SFarla521

    honey it is your faith that will allow you to receive the grace that god has already provided you with. not what he is gonna do its what he's already done. its done! you already have the job but you have to believe you have the job move the mountain by speaking to it. I touch and agree with you that god has already blessed you with the job that you have need of. to god be the glory thank you in Jesus name!

  23. HomeSchlMomOf3

    I believe that God is leading you to an even better job than the one you hoped to get! Amen!

  24. Way2goful

    I did not get the job I so desperately wanted and needed! I fasted and prayed, but I didn't get the job! I'm hurting, but the words of this song are pulling me through! I am going to walk by faith and trust that God is ordering my steps and he will give me another opportunity for employment and he will cause me to prosper and he will place me where I need to be! To God be all Glory!

  25. Taking A Stand for Him

    I pray that the 2 dislikes come to know Jesus Christ. Once you come to know Jesus, your spirit will understand the meaning of this song. This song brings me to tears everytime I hear it.

  26. Carol Carruthers

    I only wish there was a way to give more than 1 thumb up!!!! AWESOME!

  27. Tony Collins

    @renatamonique Yeah, she tore it DOWN, didn't she?

  28. Rod Jones Jr

    I love it!! I'm not making sense...I'm making faith!!! I'm walking by faith and not by sight! Lord I don't know how you're gonna do it I just trust that you are gonna do it!! I will wait patiently on the manifestation!!

  29. Mirisa Roy

    This song gives me goosebumps. Thank you Jesus for revealing such a strong message to my heart and soul. May it bless all those who listen as well. Amen.

  30. First Cathedral

    @techi9 He did a verse from the hymn- Look and Live.

  31. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @QueenMiriamTiara Amen!!!!

  32. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @dvinedzine1 yes it is!! Amen!!!

  33. Vickie Maxwell

    This song expresses the very essence of all that the world need to know in today's trying times. Thank you Father God for the wisdom and understanding of Donald and his company to explain so simply the answer to all our prayers.

  34. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @techi9 did he use a part of the song from We Agree??? I'm trying to remember

  35. techi9

    if you were at lwcc when he remixed this anyone know the other verse (other than seasons) he used??

  36. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @1krzypraz love this song!!

  37. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @techi9 right I remember :) oh I know its not on the album. I am glad I got to watch the Live performance at LWCC via the web. I'm going to check the site & see if it's still up.

  38. 1krzypraz


  39. techi9

    @HomeSchlMomOf3 the remix he did isn't on the new album. He mixed in a verse from "Seasons" and another song.

  40. HomeSchlMomOf3

    @techi9 oh it was!! I'm here in Oklahoma but i watched it via the web live from Living Word Christian Center..I was glad when he said its available for purchase I immediately went to & purchased it :)

  41. techi9

    he did a remix of this last nite at lwcc in forrest pk il which was .....annointed