Don Williams - Imagine That Lyrics

No more nights sleeping alone
in an empty bed, in an empty home
Someone to talk to
someone to hold in my arms

Imagine that, how sweet it'd be
To have you here again with me
Oh lord, I wish I had you back
But all I can do is imagine that

no more silence in the all
no more staring at the walls
someone to laugh with,
someone to share in my dreams

Imagine that, how sweet it'd be
To have you here again with me
Oh lord, I wish I had you back
But all I can do is imagine that

Imagine that, how sweet it'd be
To have you here again with me
Oh lord, I wish I had you back
But all I can do is imagine that

Imagine that, how sweet it'd be
To have you here again with me
Oh lord, I wish I had you back
But all I can do is imagine that

Imagine that, how sweet it'd be
To have you here again with me
Oh lord, I wish I had you back
But all I can do is imagine that

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Don Williams Imagine That Comments
  1. Svein Sørensen

    The best from Don.


  3. Svein Sørensen

    Absolut my favorit.

  4. Leticia Cabbigat


  5. Kathphlox

    My husband died a few months ago, I can only play this and imagine that.

  6. George E

    Thank you, Don will remain forever in our hearts, a pleasant and warm voice that has made many happy people. I think the next generations will have the pleasure of listening to you. Thank you also to those who bring back these immortal songs to your memory.

  7. Irén Elek

    A két favorit,Imádom őket!

  8. Norway Knit

    I love this performance. I love this song. Oh, Lord, I wish...

  9. Norway Knit

    I really love this song...

  10. Farmer's Daughter

    Awww..😘😘😘 that deep voice when he talk. Sooo sexy.

  11. Kathphlox

    I still play this and I think I always will. What a beautiful bass voice Don had.

  12. Kathphlox

    My husband just died and this is how I feel about it, I miss him so much :( I wish he could be here with me again.

  13. Kelly F Santo

    Ótima as suas músicas

  14. Jim Hughes

    The master at work. RIP Don

  15. Carolina R.

    Don Williams is genius. 🙌🙌🙌😍

  16. Carolina R.


  17. hele na

    Feel Peaceful my mind,, my heart and my soul,, Thank you very much ♥️😘🌷

  18. Hendricks Moirapula

    Great man!

  19. S S

    Beautiful song I can see the love and admiration in Keith eyes I love love Don Williams .❤️❤️

  20. asmah stephen

    this man is different

  21. joneski D pogi

    i feel the respect by keith to don williams

  22. joneski D pogi

    wow 2 great country singer.don keith

  23. allen balfour

    This song can be heard again and again and again....... World will miss you..... And your rich voice....

  24. Tzuala june

    ava nalh tak

  25. Nuala Murphy


  26. Jorge Mello Oliveira

    Mr. DonWilliams country music forever from South Brazil

  27. Stephen Paul Coates

    Big fan of Don and just love this song like all of Dons songs.

  28. Nancy B

    I absolutely love Don. From age 4 to 39. He is amazing. God bless him

  29. Lucena Asuncion

    Love this song very much always listening feeling loved

  30. Roto tato

    Who the @$!# downvoted this?!

  31. MJ King

    WOW! i'm tears right now..... not only is his singing voice smooth like fine wine, his speaking voice is Epic like the sound of a fountain. gosh! R.I.P. gentle giant. we miss u

  32. Yirom Rimamskep

    One of the golden voice that has ever grace the planet earth, we'll ever miss you. RIP Don.

  33. Marius Kleinhans

    Love you my wife chantell kleinhans

  34. Kim Babela

    I love this song two great country musicians

  35. George Havenga

    What a legend...!!!...the one and only Don Williams..

  36. OldDogNewTrick

    Hearing this one for the first time on Sept 10, 2017. Imagine that. Sure going to miss Don Williams and his great music. R.I.P.

  37. Hannes Uttke

    Wonderful, Maestro!

  38. Caroline Mathews

    ❤ Rest good Gentle Giant. Love you forever.

  39. Ayora Olivia

    Country Music Legend,
    RIP Don Williams

  40. Gentlegianttoo

    Today I've lost a big part of my life. Don Williams, Gentle Giant of country music passed away. I sang his songs, and took his name...
    "Don is gone but not forgotten. Memories will very much stay alive. Life goes on and life goes well but I wonder if I'll ever lose the pain"

  41. Chris Sauce

    RIP Don my cat also died and I am crying so much 😥😥

  42. Angie Gardiner

    RIP Don and thank you for the years of wonderful music and memories. September 2017 God bless x Heaven gained another star

  43. Petar Prodawitsch

    Legend! May God give you a hug or two!

  44. Nina Marie

    RIP Don, thank you for the music.

  45. Leola Campbell

    Don Williams is my Dads favorite singer and this song makes me wish I had him with me again. He passed away October 22nd, 2015. Love and miss you Dad ❤

  46. Bobby James

    Like listening to his wonderful songs what are great artist..

  47. wilfred heggart


  48. YAWO MARX djessou have done jour mission...your god will be enjoyed

  49. sonada2

    I am happy to hear this great country singer, I love his music and enjoy to seeing in this video..

  50. Lorrie Mamoet

    Wish Don could visit South Africa. Love his voice always did.

  51. m m

    love this song and abba songs also  ----   iam from saudia Arabia=======================================

  52. elly watkins

    Well after the end of my marriage end !,,,,,, I bumped in to and old lover of 25 years ago ,He played this to me and we are back in each other's arms xxxx thanks love the song sooooo much

  53. Josephine Marchant

    on repeat !!!

  54. Terezinha Teka

    Don Wililms, você é o melhor!!!

  55. jimvelma

    Imagine those guys.

  56. Nwoko Ebenezer Plato

    what could i have done without Don Williams. many more years for u my man. I love this track so much. Imagine that!

  57. Arunachal Front

    legend is always legend, love you Don

  58. subho chatterjee

    Godlike _/\_

  59. Darren Brackley

    The KING of Country. Xx

  60. Vilma Arguello

    Me gusta mucho du musica.

  61. Margaret McNerney

    Don and Keith so good togather. both lovely gentlemen. real country. play it boys. Margaret-ireland

  62. Lorena Follett

    love this song.

  63. Viimane

    With Keith Urban?

  64. Jerry Blair

    the best

  65. Joao Cuna

    Boa música para todos tempos

  66. Sandy Bueckert

    absolutely amazing singers

  67. Piet Smit

    beautiful....imagine that

  68. Antonio Osmar


  69. Junie Ralte

    whenever I hear don williams singing I always get nostalgic ,he's so cool I love him so so since I was a kid when my uncle used to play his songs ,so original ,so damn good.

    Manfred Furier

    Junie Ralte

  70. Antonio Osmar


  71. cindy kenny

    he's the best

  72. Marc Arnauld

    i admire Don williams

  73. SD Dullah Mmebellah

    the best country man! God bls u mr Don!!!

  74. ruatakima rka

    good news

  75. Daniel Diwize

    Its awesome. his tune.

  76. Claudie A

    I absolutely loooooooooveeeeeeeeee this song!! AWESOME! <3

  77. ruatakima rka

    ruatkima imagine that

  78. Manuel Castillo

    Un mounstruo del Country

  79. Nathan Sunday

    music is not the way it use to be - today you can copy beat and or what ever and now you good -

  80. Nathan Sunday

    played it five times and still can't get it no talent ass clown

  81. sh5248

    great melody with a country feeling that makes one feel good, enjoyably.....

  82. Harrie Jeurninck


  83. Charity Chihuri

    My best Don Williams what a duet!

  84. Charity Chihuri

    Velvet voice The country guru

  85. Lis VS


  86. Angel Soriano

    So much fantastic lovely song he was my favorite at all times...

  87. Snoop Dog

    I love this song so much.. Biggest fan of don william... Hope his fine... May GOD bless him...

  88. Norway Knit

    This is my fav...

  89. J. MAGOO

    Been listening to him since I was a young boy and now pushing on in years,his voice never faded with the years..

  90. B Lombard

    Awesome, saw him a few years back. Listening to him since I was little child.

  91. Abe Peters

    30 years of hearing him sing and still love it !

    mama salma

    Don my favourite imagine that

  92. Ngoan Bui Thi Minh

    I love his voice and can listen his music all day. Thanks to Don Williams

  93. Nkongho Mallove

    country music is the best of all time , love all of it

  94. Vanessa Mlay

    I can listen to his music all day long, it's reminds me of my late Daddy! He used to love Don William song,

    Idolule putlang

    Vanessa Mlay I get what you are saying. I love country music because of my dad☺

  95. Jan Amistad

    the Gentle Giant of country music.. I love his music!!

  96. Frank Cardwell

    One of the kings of country singers -- with a young pretender to the throne