Don Moen - I Believe There Is More Lyrics

You have been good to me
You have been good to me
You have been gracious
You have been faithful
Meeting my needs
Lord, it's so plain to see
You have been good to me
I have been given so much I can't even
Begin to thank You

And still I believe there is more
I believe there is more
I believe
So I open my hands to receive
All that Your love has in store
Lord, I believe

Everything I have done
All that I've said and sung
Lifting Your story giving You glory
That's just the beginning
Father, I know there is more
Power to heal and restore
Miracles wonders blessings unnumbered
Love never-ending


Exceeding abundantly
More than our minds can imagine
Love overflowing
You are bestowing
Day after day after day

[Verse 1]

[Chorus 2x]

Lord, I believe
Lord, I believe
Lord, I believe

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Don Moen I Believe There Is More Comments
  1. Suherlin Renny

    so beauty video.. picture so nice.. thank u..👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Edgar Negrete

    Its was a beautiful song .....full if love and hope indeed...

  3. chioma akah

    Lord, you have been good to me. You are so faithful Lord, I believe that there is more, because your word says that You will supply all my needs according to your riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Lord I open hands to receive it, Lord I believe.

  4. Eddy Lungu

    Thanks amen

  5. charmos ginamos

    Thank you for making a lyrics of this song. My favorite song of Don Moen... Nice... God bless

  6. doremi miredo

    Today, I believe there's more🙏

  7. Sahat Munthe

    yes, ia believe. ...

  8. Garry P.

    I believe.....

  9. Deborah Bukola

    You have been good to me O'Lord. that why there none to compare to you. Forever you will mighty God..Halulluya

  10. Daphne Ale Ortiz

    It's a beautiful song and a truth that lives in my heart: God has a lot more for the ones who seek Him.

    God bless you. It's a really nice combination of pictures and timing within them. Thank you for sharing.

  11. jimmy siapno

    is there a possible way you could share me the instrumental music of this very nice and inspiring song? I wanted to sing it with my wife in our church. The title fits to our Theme "Believe in Thine Heart". God bless!

  12. Lill Anita Larsen

    Thanks...AMEN !!

    Célia Elza ANDEME EYAGA

    la fille qui chante avec lui c'est qui?