Don Moen - Be Glorified Lyrics

With every beat of my heart
Every song that I sing
Every prayer that I pray
Every offering I bring
In every thought that I have
Every word that I say
Oh, be glorified (yeah, yeah)

From the start of each day
'Til the end of the night
Let me bring praise
Let me bring light
Lord, I offer my life
As a sacrifice
Be glorified (yeah, yeah)

This is my prayer
It's the cry of my heart
Lord, I want my life
To reflect who You are
Oh Lord, please stir up the fire
And burn everything
'Til all I desire is You

With every breath that I take
In everything that I do
Let me lift up Your name
And bring honor to You
Let the words of my mouth
Only speak truth
Oh, be glorified (yeah, yeah)



With every beat of my heart
Every song that I sing
Every prayer that I pray
Every offering I bring
In every thought that I have
Every word that I say
Be glorified oh Lord)
Be glorified (oh yes)
Be glorified (oh Lord)
Be glorified

In everything I say
Everything I do
(Be glorified)
In every situation
Every conversation
(Be glorified)
Oh God
It's my prayer
Be glorified

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Don Moen Be Glorified Comments
  1. Playmaths

    Glory to You my Holy Holy Holy Almighty God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for all God inspired somgs Brother Don.

  2. Martha Harris

    I love this song. Been listening to it so many times. Lord, may my life reflect who You gloried!

  3. Angela Saeed

    A great song to start to ear for 2020 may I get even more close to our Lord happy new year to everyone

  4. Junivera Isaya

    Ooh God be glorified forever

  5. Belly Purba

    I like all of your praise, they are blessings

  6. Belly Purba

    Thanks lord

  7. Michel Manzala Ma Ngo

    This song brings me into the high presence of God every day. I can listen to it many times and I find it new because it inspires me and adds me the desire to remain in the presence of God. my ringtone and my alamr for my appointements.
    May God bless you My Brother Doen Moen as well as your musical collaborators in the mighty name of JESUS ​​CHRIST

  8. Monicah Wanjira

    GOD be Glorified. Songs of praises of all time

  9. Jayanthi Muller

    When I fell short of words, I came across this is song and this is exactly my prayer to god.

  10. chandu mark

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

  11. leal Isa belle

    When you're a millenial and you love these kinds of songs👌❤

  12. Mac Einon Batralo

    Super Clean 😇

  13. Schatzen Liebe

    Worth to share...

  14. Schatzen Liebe

    10.20.2019 Glorified🙏😊😊😊

  15. Priyanka Suman

    I love songs of Don Moen and I love this song too much

  16. reena wilson

    This is the theme hymn of my life. Be glorified O Lord. Let the abundance flow through us towards the needy, Amen

  17. Cynthia LOMBARDT

    Holy spirit be with us and bless Mr Don Moen and worship team, my prayer is the cry of my Heart...!

  18. Joseph Kodupoi

    I love Don Moen's songs. They are all blessings

    M R

    Simple, sincere, and wholesome 🥰

  19. Enya Lin

    I only can say Don is a very anointed singer.

  20. Sherry Stiffler

    Great band go tommy

  21. Sherry Stiffler

    Thanks for the lyrics w song

  22. Lenidah Aluoch

    Amen & amen I will always glorify your name Lord Jesus

  23. Johnrey Bandiola

    sir Don .. im Johnrey from Philippines maybe you can help me.. i want to learn the solo guitar part of this song Be Glorified played by Tom Lane .. i hope that you can help me

  24. linda daulby

    I am so glad that i found Don Moen's songs i love them all so much. thank you Lord Jesus for everything you do in our lives, and thank you for Don Moen too. peace and love going out to everyone ..

  25. Min Seok

    Please stir up the fire, and burn everything till all my desire is You , Lord

  26. Berti Mota

    All Don Moen's songs is beautiful that I can't stop listening to it 😱

  27. Joanna Dela Cruz

    I love all worships song of Doen early morning i wanna hear all that worships song



  29. Schatzen Liebe

    Don Moen Songs lift up one's Spirit in midst of difficulties or even in times of blessings.. Any Praise songs for God Jesus are worthy and much more needed in the world of Hate today... No religion and no Race or any language..

  30. Johnrey Bandiola

    Sir Don i hope i can have the guitar tabs used by Tom Lane

  31. Hassan Robert

    AUDIO Mp3 | Don Moen Be Glorified Live Worship Sessions | Listen/Download[New Gospel song] LINK>

  32. leticia thomas

    Glory to God!

  33. Mariannick Ziga

    Thank you lord for what you have done in my life! Thanks Don moen !

  34. Thomas Borromeo

    Awesome songs

  35. Naveena S

    Thank you for wonderful song. God be glorified.

  36. Avril Kalungwah

    Hallelujah... This is still strong and fresh in 2019...thank you father, thank you Holy Spirit.

  37. Froilan Jalapan

    Oh Lord, please stir up the fire
    And burn everything
    'Til all I desire is You....

  38. ZukPlays

    so much blessed... wow!!!!!!!

  39. Mabikkk Gantalao

    That 111 unlikes though 😂😂 God bless you :)


    Perfect melody and full of meaningful lyrics.,Praise Be To GOD...!!!!


    C' est une vraie merveille cette chanson.

    aziel agossou

    Oui. Que Dieu soit glorifié.

  42. Gracious Masa


  43. Adebayo David

    this is my best song ever

  44. Rachel Maganis

    Wow! Praise the Lord

  45. Rebecca Jat

    the sounds of the guitar lead is good ,

  46. Armelle Bikay Née BISSE BEA


  47. pereziii69 spiritfinger

    Glory To God am feel blessing in the name of Jesus

  48. sangeetha mg

    Hallelujah Amen

  49. sangeetha mg

    Oh my Lord thank you Lord I love you Lord Jesus

  50. เพลินพิศ สอาดจิตต์

    Amen thank you Lord Jesus Christ Holy Spirit Priase the good Lord hallelujah in Jesus name 🙏💟🙏

  51. Dina Simanullang


  52. Even Ybo

    Thank u

  53. Arichu Limz

    No matter wat the situation happens in my life and all the breakthrough that m facing il glorify my Jesus my Saviour name 😭

  54. Reeshta Mohith

    Amen. Be Glorified Lord
    I want my life reflects you

  55. Amparo Cariño

    God is good. all the time. i will never tired to hear your voice Ptr, Don moen. i will love u forever God..

  56. Paul Ogbanje

    When I listen to your songs it's like the lord speaks to me through your songs... Thank you.

  57. Lorlie Chang

    Don Moen live

  58. Jazmine Racadio


  59. 3ple L NewQ

    thank you Mr. Don Moen for this wonderful song, Yes! Be Glorified =)

  60. Concepcion Penales

    Thank you for this wonderful song.. We love yo Don Moen <3

  61. emcel joe

    so nice so beautiful i know i seldom goes to church but in my heart Jesus you are always here ' and everything in my life i did offer it all to you

  62. lyk cldcn


  63. Stephen Fosu

    Oh God! Be glorified... Bless you Don and the awesome crew. God is AWESOME!!!!

  64. Carol Howell

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  65. ICAG Phil

    Blessed from ywam ph.

  66. Ebodiam Njoh Mireille

    Oh Jesus

  67. Aimexe Amoussou

    So soothing and lifting at the same time.

  68. Aimexe Amoussou

    God bless Don Moen!

  69. Victoria Munsamy

    don moen i love your music i pray that god showers he blessings upon u 😘❣❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  70. 국밥록

    아 .. 너무좋아요 고맙습니다

  71. Liz Baldovino

    Goodmorning PAPA JESUS🌷🦅😇❤️

  72. HONEY kurian

    The world peple tach new song in god
    is all childrens and members the l and
    man my life all back time small age
    verry pressur you song my life is
    change you song the grate god is use
    man god is blessing to world all people
    you song you messuges world jesus
    you is man

  73. Puja Vasnani

    I 💝 this song

  74. london lilian

    This is my prayer Lord I want my life to reflect who you are .

  75. Christian Patpat

    Be glorified...

  76. Phuc Aw

    i cant understand the people ưho disliked this grate song.pray for them.amen

  77. 7479zm

    Have really enjoyed this music. God bless you Don Moen and your team

  78. Beauty Kowalec

    Amen Amen ❤

  79. Mark Lekasango

    napenda sana from Tanzania

  80. Jayden Playz

    Nice one brother don Moen..GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER

  81. Jayden Playz


  82. stevo stevoh

    wow...! nice combinations


    Thanks Stivo!

  83. fyolka smith

    oh my god very nice song


    Thanks Fyolka! Blessings!

  84. ISRAEL Luteke

    be glorified lord of all, lord of lord

  85. Anfal Aljadlan

    In all situation be glorified,more grace sir......

  86. Uwa Chris

    I'm so blessed by this song... thank you Lord


    Thanks for watching, Uwa! Blessings!

  87. Anne Famaranco

    Praise the Lord.


  88. Hendri Niyu

    Wow good sound..

  89. Kimberly Agustin


  90. Web Developer

    amazing the Lord bless you Don

  91. Priscillia Guia

    Thank You Lord for restoring peace in my soul through this song

  92. Jeremy Maina

    100% BLESSED

  93. Ruby John

    what a time of worship

  94. Gloria Soriano

    Thank You Lord! for this man,Don Moen for his nicest,worship and praises songs...I love to hear all his worship songs,God bless you all!

  95. Mei Clare

    Beautiful song. Amen.

  96. Gabriel Folorunso

    The song sends one right on his or her knees, right! Amen

  97. Gabriel Folorunso

    What a great prayer! God bless brother Don and the team!