Don Diablo - What We Started Lyrics

Remember when we were young
Breakin' every rule they made
I'll never change what we've done
It made us who we are today
I takin' every chance I get
To make us who you won't forget
Who we are, who we are

This is what we started
This is what we started
They can't hold us down
They'll never be, never be
Never be, never be us
This is what we started

Remember we used to run
To the corner of 69
Yeah they would come chasin' us
We found a new place to hide
Our makin' out plans to brake out
Give me your hand and then
They will know who we are

This is what we started
This is what we started
They can't hold us down
They'll never be, never be us
Never be, never be us

This is what we started
It's everything that we ever wanted
They won't hold us back
They'll never be, never be us
Never be, never be us

This is what we started
It's everything that we ever wanted

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Don Diablo What We Started Comments
  1. Dj Ajhc

    Es una cancion perfecta
    Is one music perfect

  2. Alexis poxtan

    Que buena onda volver a tu YouTube de hace 5 años y encontrar guardadas estás rolitas ✨❤️

  3. Michael PIZZA

    que chulaXD

  4. Coffin Esport


  5. Cat From Hell

    This takes me back to year 7, it wasn't great, but that's where my love for music began

  6. denzoned

    Most streamed track of Don Diablo by me on Spotify this year❤️

  7. Liam Stokes

    My mates love this track

  8. Velocity jryan25542

    This was my favorite song in nhl 18


    Que rolones aquellos :"v

  10. Mfjoshv

    All I could think abt is playing franchise mode with my oilers haha

  11. Sage Park

    All-time favorite♥




    Woooooooooow Nice music 😭💕💕💕

  14. 脇悠泰

    I listened "What We Started" for the first time two days ago,
    and I started to search other
    Steve Aoki's songs.
    I became a big fan of him!
    I Love him from JAPAN🇯🇵🇺🇸

  15. Igor gomez

    One of the best collabs of all time

  16. geanfranco Diaz Torres


  17. geanfranco Diaz Torres


  18. geanfranco Diaz Torres


  19. geanfranco Diaz Torres


  20. 火壁

    We played this song for the ending song of a movie which we made for school festival. Because this song expresses what we were at that time.
    I will never forget then.

  21. aaron maxim

    Chel 18...

  22. Jenifer Angeles Bartolo

    I really like electronic music, they give DJ Diablo of all their songs the one I liked the most was what started that is my favorite when it starts is incredibly amazing and unique I like his songs of Don Diablo

  23. IliaN.M

    Cuando jugaba al Minecraft con esto :(

  24. Ngọc Thành Đào


  25. Dj SONIC HKS

    Steve Aoki Pachuca water castle😍

  26. Sharis Hernandez


  27. PhantomFox456

    Muselk classic for the lads

  28. Kiran Raj jr


  29. Fen Leus

    Best clip ever


    Does anyone recognise the landscapes of the video? e.e

  31. bsucks TV

    N O S T A L G I A

  32. Nicholas Fernandez

    Chel anyone?

  33. Angie Perez

    Sin duda alguna está sigue siendo mi canción favorita ❤

  34. Calan Smith

    1:04, when you finally are given a job to kill Nazeem in Skyrim. XD I came here because of nhl 18

  35. RUKA-17


  36. KAMP


  37. Solto Club Music

    wow)) i like it)

  38. monica morales

    Cuanta nostalgia ❤

  39. Jesus Apaza

    amazing song!

  40. Miguel Silvestre

    2019 Setember ?

  41. Ruben obregon

    Quien juega free fire responda

  42. devilzwishbone2013

    Any one else noticed the background vocals has the artists name in it "a-oki oki, a-oki oki"


    2:22 Let's gooo Uruguay!!

  44. Victor Lillo

    espero con ansias este momento donde steve y don diablo aparescan en creamfields chile 2019... 👏

  45. Isaias Rivera

    Who still missing Lush & Simon😓😔

  46. Leonardo Primangeli

    Ibiza 2019.... magia pura !

  47. Sohvith Chettri

    Video or emotions with a lot of memories :)

  48. theRohan 21

    1:03 Muselk outro

  49. 1Mmaacciieekk

    Amazing <3

  50. Ivan Dharmawan

    Where is this recording location?

  51. Chromatic

    This song still gives me chills everytime I listen to it. I love it!

  52. Gigi Ojoc

    Some one 2019...August?

    Jesus Apaza

    september jaja

    ⱲilliAaⱮ Ƒermin


    ⱲilliAaⱮ Ƒermin

    Ntc october

    Sanzhar Sarsenov

    @ⱲilliAaⱮ Ƒermin december 2k19

  53. Pedro Mauracher

    Where is this filmed??? I know some parts are from tmorrowland. I mean the part with icebergs and that stuff. :D
    Can someone tell me that??

  54. Thestuck Mc

    Saya Datang kesini gara gara bang adib.

  55. EL JR

    Cuando en verdad se esforzaban por hacer buena música 2019 pura basura💔😭

    Hans High Voltage Oficial

    muchos, no todos, aunque si es cierto que ya la mayoria han estado haciendo mala musica :'v

    Marcos Fernández

    Cierto :'c

    Angel Herrera

    Que raro.. pense que todos ya habian olvidado este temazo

  56. Athea Alvarado

    Another underrated song :((

  57. Tyler Pennells

    Canadian forces snowbirds brought me here one of their show songs 🔥🔥🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🔥🔥

  58. luis mendoza

    yar acon ese tema esta vueno

  59. SVMM

    3 years and I still listen to this legendary song

  60. Tace

    This ONE of my favorite songs and it’s got uploaded at my birthday 🎁 2019”

  61. Ferchoraver

    Hace 3 años ya cuánta nostalgia me recuerda mucho a mí mamá te extraño muchísimo.❤️😭😭

    Marlin Ramos

    Alguien que habla español :'v

    Ami igual me gusta la cancion

  62. Olivier Simard

    July 26 2019 ?

  63. benn espinosa

    out here listen 2019

  64. Damian Yang

    Is it just me or everybody hears *"I am a nugget....I am a nugget"*

  65. J. V.V.

    Awesome Track

  66. Miguel Bernal

    who watch this video in 2019?

  67. ariadna selene hernandez soto

    Es hermosa esta cancion❤❤

  68. Rukele is rich

    Love this

  69. Karma

    Bin wegen Seltix hier haha

  70. Aisyah Wulandari

    Indonesia 🇲🇨

  71. Raul JTAUL


  72. Orlando Morales

    Soy muy gay :D

  73. Phangs

    Finally found this song after hours of searching cus all I remembered was the thumbnail

  74. Atomic -Games

    This was my graduation song in 2018 Best Year :( missed everyone

    Nicholas M

    Hey brother I found your comment

    Atomic -Games

    @Nicholas M Thanks brother I replied to your comment

    Thanh vân Pham

    New year new you :)))

  75. Hated By Society

    2019, whose still listening to this?


    These is what we started ..

  77. Thomas Allen

    This is 3 years old BRUH should have been NHL17

  78. ItsFinnishDaniel

    This is what we started.
    Remember, when we used to love NHL?

  79. Mickey Garcia

    LOVE songs

  80. Wilson Crusader

    i hear this song 100 times

  81. an lê đức

    where're Lush & Simon in the MV?

  82. Time to music

    2019?? Bro's

    Daniel Torres Griezmann

    Y e s s s !

  83. Luigi Rivas


  84. Atv Boy

    This is how many people came from nhl 18

  85. 闯搜懿


  86. Charo Zevallos

    Escucho la música y me trae buenos recuerdos de mi infancia excelente

  87. I Come I Rave I Love

    Don is the oldest among all

  88. Arjun Singh

    Nostalgia is on cloud nine right now😭😭😭

  89. Maxi Pedrera

    Till now 2019 this is my nieghbor fav music !!!!

  90. Play Hard



    somebody who's watching this video in 2019?

  92. NicoDLink

    Two 2 Thousand 0 Nine 1 Teen 9 ?