Domo Genesis - Full Moon Lyrics

Tell them niggas clear the lane, we on the way up
Tired of waiting, telling them pussy niggas stay up
Pressure, I'm putting, pushing the ball til they pay up
Killing niggas easy, man, this shit is like a lay up
And I'm chilling in my lair
See me marijuana pulling bitches by the hair
Cause they know a nigga real, man, this shit ain't even fair
Like creative player, swagger make your bitch go "woooo", Ric Flair
In the back of my grizzly, you silly niggas, we run shit
Drunk, hella pissy, my niggas ready to funk shit
Talking out your neck, make a nigga wanna slump shit
When a nigga say he real gotta deal with repercussion, man
Chilling in the venue with some blunts in hand
Young nigga getting baked like the muffin man
Talking money, no other discussion, fan
Winning, man, you niggas gotta trust the plan

I ain't even gon' front, I ain't even gon' front
I ain't even gon', I ain't even gon' lie
I get what I want and everything I want
Still hella money on my mind, hella money on my mind
Real niggas gon' love, real niggas gon' love
Niggas gon' ride, niggas gon ride
You can play if you want, play if you want
Young nigga getting high, nigga getting high

Nigga, you know me
Chilling like a villain feeling too OG
I'm on a spree killing the trend of you niggas gimmicks
With an end to all this bickering, niggas is feminine
Pappy did teach me all the rhythms to be a gentleman
I hit the ground running, no [?] to what I'm entering
I'm real, repping what I got here
Watching it all grow from the views of my lounge chair
Know they wanna see a nigga lose, but I do not care
Never looking back, they owe me for what I'm coming for
Got my heart racing, that's why I'm smoking a ton of dro
I'm gunning, my niggas who switching up and other rose
I was still tryna figure out where the money go
I'mma find my way, I promise you that
Youngin with ambition, pimping, I thought you knew that
Stunting on them suckers, them fuckers like where they do that
About to blow up so pussy nigga just move back

Get out the way, move bitch, get out the way
Bitch, move, bitch, get out the way
Move, bitch, get out the way
Move, bitch, get out the way
Move, bitch, get out the way
Bitch, biatch

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Domo Genesis Full Moon Comments
  1. 25bananasaday

    domo is GOAT

  2. JayMitchTwin

    This Full Moon sample is beautiful. Reminded me of childhood as well.

  3. ThatNinjaEBAY

    Wait what.... WHAT IS THIS?! Domo dropped something new ;O


    lol who you telling


    Myself lol