Dom Kennedy - 1:25 Lyrics

It's 1: 25 baby and guess what we up doing
Get money then you die my nigga
Ain't really that much to it
A lot of people have big plans
I'm just the one that stuck to it
A nigga tryna drive what Baby driving
Shit, I'm tryna do what Puffy doing
I feel like the guy in Crush Groove
My whole life is like Crush Groove

[Verse 1:]
How things been since I left?
I know these niggas now have very little respect
That's why I came back to get you up out that dress
And that was kinda direct but what else would you expect
You can buy cars, big condos and jets
Handguns and techs, you'll never get no respect
She walks in the room kisses me on the neck
Sits down on the couch like I'm tryna have sex
Two months later her stomach it feels upset
Took a pregnancy test shook her head and was yes
Never meant to happen hoping it turns for the best
Whatever the outcome I'm always gone have regrets
I am not Jody you are not no Yvette
'Fore charges get pressed I'm a go head and step
If you getting money niggas gotta connect
And I never smoke stress or wanna fuck w my ex

It's 1: 25 baby [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Excuse my language but I done been through some shit
One thing I knew is I never was finna quit
Build a foundation it take time to get rich
Instead of can tuna I'm a fuck with this shrimp
Get a nice car hit it off with some tint
And every time I see my girl I hit her off with some rent
I talk to the kids hit em off with some sense
Don't talk to police you might get somebody pinched
Never give a inch life can go in a flinch
Don't day you got a gun when niggas know it's a wrench
Hanging out with me feels like an event
And I hit it one time she said, "Yea, I'm convinced"
I know it's getting late but I ain't feeling content
So I'm a pick this lock till I hear it go click
Tryna get my chips and stay away from you simps
If you happy being you I fuck with you on the strength

It's 1: 25 baby [x4]

You know, just living the way I was always meant to
Ain't no coincidence, you work hard, you get what you deserve then you die
The rest is up to you and how you spend it is up to you
Tomorrow ain't promised for none of us
That's why we pop champagne today!

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Dom Kennedy 1:25 Comments
  1. Xavier Robinson

    Still off this heavy 2020

  2. CueMcCoy 9

    2020 & I'm still here 💯

  3. therealimlikewoa

    1/25 Aquarius Sznnnnnnn.

  4. Connor Dunser

    2020, still vibin🔥🔥🔥

    j Naquin

    2020 til infinity

  5. Jason Yates

    Man this shit is mean lawd

  6. Bubba waye

    Excuse my language but I been been threw some shit 1 thing I knew I never was gonna quit 🎯

  7. Clem Fivekiller

    Houston in the hiiize

  8. whatta gronk

    Suicide song for the G's that had it all and lost it.. or maybe thats just me

  9. Oscar C

    Timeless classic

  10. gman dub


  11. JRM Media

    7 year's later.

  12. Double X The Hustle

    🏆Gotta Fw This🏆

  13. D.leon559

    Jan, 25th my birthday & I been slapping this song / motivational...

  14. Mr. TAMW

    Dom kennedy you have been my #1 favorite rapper for going on 10 years when nipsey passed you were the first person I thought of listeing to Volume. 2 nipsey was shouted out so much on that album and also the way he was featured on My Benz I just absolutel love you all I hope I can meet you one day

  15. David Aaron

    Get money then you die my nigga Ain’t really that much to it

  16. Desreallifelove1

    This one right here!!!

  17. Isaiah Coca/DenverMade

    I will forever love this song 💰💕

  18. Mike Vonner

    Staying with moms this album pushed me to go get it 5 years later im grinding and thriving in the mf bay area 2019💪

  19. Da'Shun Brown Jr.

    Whatever the outcome I'm always gone have regrets..

  20. Key Dollaz

    2019 still here

  21. JRM Media

    2019 who's here.


    Me my shit 4L

    Louis Gonzales

    Here bro

  22. Glen Brown

    Jam right here 125

  23. mezzymezzhilltop

    Ohio fuckin with dom.... OPM

  24. Owen

    whole album a hidden gem. 🙏🏻

    Shotta Afrif

    Owen yu a real one for recognizing real music.

    Treyvon roddy


    Destiny Laneshia

    Ok Owen watchu know???? Lol

    j Naquin

    This tape is timeless

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    It's 2018 baby 🙏💯🙌

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    Dustin Starr Other People's Money.

  26. Christopher Ryan

    The best Dom Kennedy song 🤜💥🤛

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    the vibe of this track is too dope

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    overturn Cotto.n bubbn.x

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    xmuffy xinewms

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  32. Pablofexcobarr

    this my favorite dom song

  33. Surfin Ghoul

    Classic this my shit. I play this and ppl dont fuck with it. Some just dont know good music.

  34. Jerrod Jett

    I'm from Memphis and I be bumping this joint

    A.R McLaurin

    Wilmington, ☝ Carolina checking in.

    Big L

    Im from Cali and be bumping memphis sht!

    DarC SuN


    The Implication

    @A.R McLaurin wow wtf wilmington here too new hanover high class of 05

    A.R McLaurin

    @The Implication Wildcat 01!


    Best song on the Album, Definetly got that Nipsey flow to him too



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    i say it direct what else do you expect

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    donquise mccoy right!

    Alexis Velasquez


    CueMcCoy 9

    Alexis Velasquez 😂😍

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    unnnng 125

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    West side is the best side 🙏🏽...glad to be from the same neighborhood as this dude ✌🏽️ SOUTH CENTRAL LEIMERT PARK BABY



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    The Trill fucks wit the Dom K

    ATrilla King

    You know it fam.

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