Dolly Parton - Tennesssee Homesick Blues Lyrics

New york city ain't no kind of place
For a country girl with a friendly face
If you smile people look at you funny
They take it wrong
The greenest state in the land of the free
And the home of the grand ole opry
Is calling me back to my smoky mountain home
I wish I had my old fishin' pole
And was sitting on the banks of the fishing hole
Eating green apples and waiting for the fish to bite
Life ain't as simple as it used to be
Since the big apple took a bite out of me
And lord, I'm so tennessee homesick that I could die

But I ain't been home in I don't know when
If I had it all to do over again
Tonight I'd sleep in my old feather bed

What I wouldn't give for a little bitty taste
Of mama's homemade chocolate cake
Tennessee homesick blues running through my head

Mama you can fluff my feather bed
Just as soon as I can I'm gonna head
Back to the tennessee hills and it better be soon
Daddy you can load the rifles up
We're gonna load them dogs on the pickup truck
And take off to calhoun country and catch us a coon

[Repeat chorus]

Eatin' grits and gravy and country ham
Go to church on sunday with dinner on the grounds
Tennessee homesick blues are runnin' through my head

[Repeat chorus]

Good lord have mercy on a country girl
Tryin' to make a living in a rhinestone world
It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world
With tennessee homesick blues runnin' through my head
I've got those tennessee homesick blues runnin' through my head
Tennessee homesick blues

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Dolly Parton Tennesssee Homesick Blues Comments
  1. Eliot Duke

    Honestly does it get better than that?

  2. Macey Cohn

    Coming home from college tonight :)

  3. mkl62

    A #1 hit for Dolly Parton on the Country & Western charts. It was the 719th #1 C&W song of the Rock Era.

  4. doreen adu

    rhinestone should of been a hit its a wonderful movie so I really don't know why the people didn't like it back then

  5. Scott Powers

    Going home to Tennessee in a couple of weeks! First time in 3 years. Can’t wait to see my family. 💚

  6. Jessica and Ricky

    This was Dolly coming back home to country music. Remember she had crossed over to pop in 1977, and did that kind of music for several years. When she recorded this little gem in 1984, she was getting back to her roots. One thing about Dolly, she might experience the glitz and glamour, but she has never forgotten where she came from.


    This hit did get some play on pop stations, as well.

  7. Nate Maris

    I was born 1988 but I love country and dolly is my world 🤗

  8. Nita Marceaux

    Yes indeed I love this song Dolly you did this one I can listen to it over and over!!

  9. Jenn Eiland

    "It''s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world." One of the greatest lyrics ever written.

  10. Lauren Wyrick

    New York city is no kind of place for a country girl with a friendly face that sounds like me

  11. coorslightcowboy

    Great childhood memory with this song.

    Greg C

    Cowboys? ! Where? Rhinestone was a cool movie

  12. Jason Nadle

    Mike Post's chums Leland Sklar and Mike Baird play on this track. Could've been a soundtrack to a Stephen J. Cannell country-type movie or series.

    Nate Maris

    Jason Nadle Love her more than anything! Gotta love country


    Saw Mike Baird in person in November 1986 when he was with Journey (Hampton Coliseum, Virginia). Glass Tiger opened.

  13. Sarah Trivett

    lovely music it reminds me of ny home good times