Dolly Parton - Hold Fast To The Right Lyrics

Come and sit by the side of your mother my boy
You have only a moment I know
And stay while I give you this parting advice
It is all that I have to bestow

Hold fast to the right hold fast to the right
Wherever your footsteps may roam
Oh for sake not the the way of salvation my boy
That you've learned from your mother at home

In your satchel you'll find there's a Bible my boy
It's the book of all others the best
It will teach you to live and prepare you to die
And will take to the gates of the blest

Hold fast to the right hold fast to the right...

Hold fast to the right hold fast to the right...
Oh hold fast to the right

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Dolly Parton Hold Fast To The Right Comments
  1. Kamau Joseph

    Dolly:Your music has been my favourite and continues to be for more than 40 years now.

  2. Amen Imchen

    can I get karoake..?? for this song?

  3. Roko Chase

    A perfect song for mother from Dolly as a gift

  4. Johntel Gitau

    dolly you are sooooo nice. (vizuri)

  5. Anthony Newman

    Singing again Dolly I don't think you God daughter is listening too good... However I am paying attention... Instead of are getting sicker she could come clean... And stop calling bad good and good bad. God help her.

    Anthony Newman

    Miley Cyrus that is

    sadie vlogs

    Why do you feel like this ?

  6. John Bond

    Ah,  "Reynold's Rock".  Not even  Candy Hemphill can hold a candle to Dolly's rendition of this James Vaughn classic,  and Candy Hemphill is very, very good.
    Though Dolly didn't write it,  she sings it like she owns it.  Now I gotta go find and dust off my old 45 copy of Apple Jack.  See what y'all started...

  7. Wungrampha S

    One of the best song from Dolly, I can listen to this thousand times in a day.

  8. Maureen Barnes

    An incredibly talented lady who refused to let poverty defeat her. The great American dream at work. Congrats Dolly!

  9. Maian Chapman

    I just heard this song and love it already

  10. thefrisquette

    Marvellous Dolly Parton!One of the best american country singer of all time...And she's very beautifull!Thank you for the video.