DJ Quik - Down, Down, Down Lyrics

My name is Quik & I be moving fast like a race car
but I'm top seed #1 like the pace car
Whether you up on me or you chillin' way far
you can tell almost immediately that I'm aced off
So listen muthafucka why you comin' off hard
my objective is to catch you off guard
get covert & infiltrate yo' clique
crack yo' shit & mack yo' bitch
Now tell me could you conceive a nigga all up in her beaver
givin' her the love fever for hours at a time before I take a breather
and when she tell me she loves me I don't believe her
'Cause I rock in stereo or mono hot like gonno-
rhea burnin' everytime you take a pee uh
So when you see a nigga out with his girl
then baby play like you don't know me & we'll keep in a twirl
because baby I go deeper than the deep blue seas
Baby do you really wanna play the flute on me?
I'll give you a sack & take it back & you'll die to get it
little punk 'cause I'm fly with it

When we come up we gettin' down down down
Step in the club they give us pound pound pound
Lookin' for somethin' that be nice brown & round
DJ Quik & AMG with a brand new sound

I told her don't chase it but you can place it
in between your jaws to taste it
or leave it in the basement
I be the riddler that's too familiar get in the middle of ya
and then I diddle ya, dick ya down 'til it tickles
smack the booty with no pimples
caress ya back then rub ya nipples
Baby I'm a crack fiend get the KY & if I'm at a jiggalo
baby say hi fly like a eagle in a Range Rover or a Regal
lookin' for the party people & when I catch ya baby girl
you should feel lucky we can make love
but don't forget to fuck me
'cause you got more bounce than Roger Troutman
I don't know when it's in or out and
soak me baby give me that good thang
ain't nothin' wrong with a coochie bang
'cause Suga Free, Mausberg, Quik & the AM
definitely knows how to play 'em
'cause we went from demos to limos to luxuriousies
to models from Milan on they knees

When we come up we gettin' down down down
Step in the club they give us pound pound pound
Lookin' for somethin' that be nice brown & round
AMG & Mausberg with a brand new sound

Oh you didn't know that I'm the bomb baby
well take a toke of this D-I- & you gon' be feelin' flizie
'cause I be's Mausberg the superior
steppin' through the club pound pound so ya fearin' us
but don't trip we keep the vibe right
Baby buy me some Remy & if
yo' baby daddy trippin' tell him beep me
'cause I be's Black & Tone & swift up on my toes
G'd up in alligate's and steel toes
Can I get a pound pound? (pound pound)
If Free the flyest who am I? (You the realest)
Look into my eyes & tell me what do you see
oh you jockin' my entourage DJ Quik & AMG
well get yo' groove on 'cause I ain't hatin' on the homies
when that 9-5th drop you & yo' sister gon' be on me
all I wanna do is slide up in & slide back out
slap you in yo' face & stick it dead in yo' mouth
You think I'm bullshittin' well meet me after my show
bring yo' lips to that all white stretch limo
so we can ride, slide, dip & glide Booyah!
and do our thang 'cause my whole clique fly

When we come up we gettin' down down down
Step in the club they give us pound pound pound
Lookin' for somethin' that be nice brown & round
Mausberg & Suga Free with a brand new sound

[Suga Free:]
It feel good don't it?
It ain't no good if it ain't good enough
to put the proper good on it
peep how I struck up bitch jump in the air
stay there until I tell you come down
& when you do you shut the fuck up
She'll sell a nice dream but bitch you'll
have better luck tryin' to find 2 Pac than
me buying you somethin' off the ice cream truck
Oxygen you leave 'lone leave me 'lone
before I lock you in that little bitty box again
Don't let up y'all just keep her soakin' wet up
playa playa & tell her when she need to shut up
don't lighten up naw nigga you better you better tighten up
Throw ya head back back back back
lean it to the side hey playas (Yeah!)
tell 'em that we fly (We fly!) Ooooh catastrophe!
Bitch rather slide down a slide of razor blades
into a pool of pimp piss but this hoe had the audacity
to ask me for a dollar even though that's all I had left
These greedy lying ass hoes'll fifty cents yo' ass to death!

When we come up we gettin' down down down
Step in the club they give us pound pound pound
Lookin' for somethin' that be nice brown & round
and we come to hit the world with a brand new sound

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DJ Quik Down, Down, Down Comments
  1. Gabino Nunez

    Still bumping this song 2020

  2. Brown Suga

    💣Genius 💣

  3. a sanderlin

    OXYGEN! You leave me lone, leave me lone, before I lock you in that little bitty box again!

  4. diva77379

    “50 cent yo ass to DEF” 👈🏽👈🏽”FA DEF DOE” 190 👈🏽

  5. maddyplayz

    Fuck ya rip Mando varrio Los Wilma's!!:(

  6. Super Sonic

    Dope Dope Dope

  7. Daniel Deutsch

    flossiest cat ever! I served quik at cheesecake factory when I was like 20, good man! 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Yes Ma'am

    I'm just here for the ice cream truck.

  9. Colonel Muammar Covfefe

    2019 represent

  10. Eric Portillo

    Nice ending

  11. Johnny Love

    rip mausberg i love u cuzzo ! #BOMPTON2LB


  13. Arlo Cordell

    Polish Girl Melrose 9 0 2 1 0 ((hi will!am!))

  14. Jeffrey Richardson

    Quik always has sick beats

  15. Janice Loggins

    This a pimp song 😂😂

  16. Janice Loggins

    I like this songs these young kids don’t know nothing about these songs 😍😍

  17. Mahz Ortega


  18. jayjay Lokz


  19. Elijah The goat

    Is it just me or is this best similar to do I love her?

  20. Junior Ramos

    I think Dj Quik went to the future and made this album. Came back and released it when he did. Only a chosen few new it was a masterpiece, the rest are barely caching on.

  21. Dj MAFIA 2019

    DJ Mafia/ Dave you know that's one of your best cuts especially with my boy Johnny rest in peace I'm out!!!

  22. Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl


  23. Baltimore Z-Wad

    One of so many classics from Quik off a classic album (just behind his legendary "Dollaz + Sense")

  24. Yhung Mav

    2019✨ still bangin🔊

  25. emerson macintosh


  26. RJ Renee

    Just got turned on to this by his greatest hits playlist STR8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔫💣

  27. Anthony lasane

    (3:56).."Oooh catastrophe bih rather slide down a slide of razor blades into a pool of pimp piss but dis hoe had the ordasity to ask me for a dollar, even tho thats all I had left these greedy lying ass hoes will 50cent yo ass ta DEAF!!!

  28. Brown Suga

    🎶🎵🎼Party All Night!!!🎶🎵🎼

  29. MONO3000

    Can’t anything rap in 2018 compare to this Dj quick classic !

  30. cyril nkokha

    You can't beat Quik.

  31. jeremy scorpio

    been looking for this song since i was 13 and heard it on the radio, finally found it when i was 30 ;) good shit 👌

  32. Cathleen

    DJ Quicks the SHIT ..I LUV HIM AND SUGER FREE ..OLD SKOOL thats the illest shit Ive ever heard ..

  33. Lourdes Ramirez

    I still get goosebumps listening to this track👌

  34. Kristen Iuta

    This bitch will have the audacity to ask me for a dollar...if it was all I had left these little lying ass hoes will try to 50¢ yo ass to death. Get on yours kness and plead please.....bitch jump in the air, stay there, until I tell you to come down, down, down and when you do you shut the fuck up..She'll sell a nice dream but the bitch'll have better luck findin Tupac then me buying her something off the ice cream truck.

  35. Stephanie Carr

    Fire man!! that Snoop on the hook?

  36. Yvonne mcgee mcgee

    Come on


    BOOYYYOOWWW thats how you kno tha PIMP comin

  38. Gracie Rivera

    I go deeper than the deep blue C!

  39. Sheels1976

    This brings back mad memories. The 90s were golden.

    Lourdes Ramirez

    👊Right on! 90's will always be that time when music was literally felt!

    Johnny Ortiz

    hell yeah man i wish i can go back.


    50 cent yo ass to death

  41. anthony OC 714

    Really people listen there true this movie is not coming ? Strictly for white boys that love Ray Romano is staring in a film ? Ice age as a fuckin last movie ever , commercials giving your answers but these=fools still making sense out of Dollaz ! Was really LA that fake to you fif Dj Sno Too Sh and west cost from my part cypress hill remember ice cubes ass king of the hill who had your back Ese ? Ice cube make yours dogg ! Your all good !

  42. AntoineMalveaux

    Ca. All day💪🏾

  43. Monica Miller

    Giving her that love feva.

  44. Danny Ocean

    Quik is on par with Dre' if not more... Why is Quik soo underrated, and only known locally?

  45. Michele Holguin

    God bless you and RIP Armando Wilmington Ca.

  46. Christian Ramirez

    good old days

  47. van mcgee

    My boos song

  48. Jason Lopez

    This is what you call some gangster shit!💯

  49. Anthony lasane

    Peep how I struck up
    Bitch jump up in the air, stay there until I tell you to come down and when you do shut the fuck up" lmao

  50. aisha bonaparte

    What's the name of the album before smell my finger. Cause I can't find it on youtube

  51. drowningfish

    Saw him live at the krush groove. He can perform and is sexy af! Awesome show 😸😸

  52. john townsend

    The one and only king of Compton . FUCK KENDRICK ... there I said it ....

  53. Mick Beckett

    #DJQUIKloyalty #caliPride

  54. Cara DeNalga

    Watch suga frees freestyles from baaaack in da day.. In a motel. Dropping beats wirh a pen and a coin while flowing

  55. TriggaHappySpillz

    Pounding my bitch to this. Lol😁😁

  56. Angela

    i give you a sack then take it back!! NEXT BEST LINE WE CAN MAKE LOVE BUT DON'T FORGET TO FUCK know what every line on this trackkkk is GOLD..

  57. James H

    Memories from highschool.

  58. Andrew Flood


  59. ybnpxpii Alvarez

    He da King of rap 💯❗🔥

  60. Jay Smoggy

    Here’s another rapper Bruno mars stole from

  61. Grag Anstey

    01/02/18 Quik Still Tha Name

  62. Dan Victor

    who is all up in her beaver in 2018?!

  63. JamesBarriere

    why am I dancing? how can I dip and glide all of a sudden?

    Kay Nezzie

    It's the bounce of the beat.

  64. JamesBarriere

    I grew up listening to 2001 since realizing hiphop is about as broad and intense as jazz. THIS IS FUCKED! its clearly what Dre wanted to steal, but this is just INSANE!

  65. Elouise Thomas

    Pound pound

  66. Oliver Hernandez

    This song wack

  67. bsc27 Squad

    every OG from LA has this CD in their Monte Carlo .. DJ quick, Suga free, mack 10, and tha dogg pound .. Los angles essentials in the ride!!!

  68. Ivanka Defense Force

    Kendrick Lamar ripped this off into King Kunta.

  69. oliverrando

    sorry just saying

  70. oliverrando

    i dont know in this album cover dj quik looks kinda gay

  71. Vincent Petker

    servile is a must flesh or spiritual race is out

  72. Trey

    I was living in LA i remember hearing this on the radio i was 4 or 5 lol my mom was driving somewhere i forgot where i think i was in 100s


    Great lead bass and bass beat , stands out from most rap and DJ Quick smooth rap and I grew up on James Brown , Funkedelic , Isleys and if I was still DJing I'd play this every night ....

  74. Wally Jaik

    fuck kanye west what they know about Quik

  75. David Joy

    I been banging quick sense I was 3years old born in 91 and the whole music industry has it fuccd up now. I will always rep the real Westside Cali music and 70$-90$ music these songs is the classics and music now will never be the same as my generation and before my birth.

  76. NerdyDude186

    I wonder how many people discovered this song because of gta 5

    Niko Bellic

    NerdyDude186 yea

    Joe Jordan #23!

    NerdyDude186 not me


    Wait this is in gta 5 i heard it on the radio in my grandpa's car lol

  77. Evil Kobe

    Beat sound like you just made it to level 20 on a arcade game. 💀

    Bhris Figueroa

    Akeem exactly

  78. Roberto Chavez

    Is that right?

  79. Daniel Smith

    rembering this😐

  80. Rudy Acosta


  81. Adanze Ofoegbu

    OMG!!! this shit takes me bk to '98-'99 ...high school, my best friend and I cruising LA in my toyota Tercel lmao!!! certified banger!!!

  82. ronald addison

    D. J. Quick the bombest by Far.

  83. david strong

    this old school music brings back so many memories!

  84. MrsTravislynn

    we can use to get off at the skating rink to this🎧🎶

  85. Sabrina Bond

    He will always be number one in my book I love his music

  86. mellany maria

    down down...

  87. lilminniegirl

    love this..

  88. Ramon Gomez

    elizabeth mamame la verga puta comte gusto hahahhaha

  89. Benson Saavedra

    Gotta get in to this one, but Quik is the Man on the West Coast!!!

  90. KING KALIKush


  91. Sandra Ruiz

    he is the man!!!! I love me some Quik!!! been listening since the 80's!!!

  92. Anthony Pantoja

    that fonky shit been listening to this since a kid .. glad my pops was a G

  93. The original man

    Suga free owned this track

    Krystle Jean


    Krystle Jean

    suck IT

    Krystle Jean

    suck IT 噢几天

    Krystle Jean


    Mahz Ortega