DJ Neptune - Wait Lyrics

Otefinokwu finatusan
Eh ih eh ih mama
Jumoke, Jumoke funa futufusfusdfo Vado De Great
JayPizzle Production
DJ Neptune

Ike ike, ike oh sarupanla
Ah ih ah ih mama
Ah ih ah ih ah ih mama
(1 2 3, go! krrr)

Nwanna, (give it up oh) wait (South Africa)
Nwanana (Kenya-ya), wait
(Uganda) nwanananana, (Rwanda) wait
(Ghana Ghana Ghana) nwananana
(Yeh, everybody, let’s go!)

Nneka wait (open open), open for daddy (c’mon open)
Nneka wait (nananana), open for daddy (ih eh ih eh)
Nneka wait (nana), open for daddy (c’mon open)
Nneka wait (oh yea yea), oh oh oh

I celebrate with you, my brother man (one time)
I know na only you fit understand
Yeh eh, this life, brother live right
I am (Neptune) Vado De Great

Ike ike, ike oh sarupanla
Ah ih Ah ih mama, (ehh ehhhh)
Ah ih ah ih (bring it Back) ah ih mama
(Turn up- 1 2 3, let’s go, chei)

Nwanna, (egberigbe) wait (tukwito tukwi)
Nwanana (Uganda), wait
(Edia tukwi) nwanananana, (Nigeria) wait
(Ghana Ghana Ghana, aii) nwananana
(1 2, let’s go!)

Nneka wait (open open), open for daddy (c’mon open)
Nneka wait (nananana), open foR daddy (oh oh oh)
Nneka wait (nana), open for daddy (oh oh oh ohhhh)
Nneka wAit (oh yea yea), oh oh oh

No go dey do pass yourself brother
Never envy all these evil doers (sound great)
This life, brother live right
(They know, Vado De Great) this life

Ike ike, ike oh sarupanla
Ah ih ah ih mama
Ah ih ah ih (let’s go) ah ih mama
(Let’s go 1 2 3, go)

Nwanna, (lukwito) wait (Ghana-na)
Nwanana (Mozambique), wait
(Uganda) nwanananana, (Rwanda) wait
(Nigeria) nwananana (I say Nigeria)
(1, go!)

Nneka wait (open open), open for daddy (c’mon open)
Nneka wait (nananana), open for daddy (ih eh ih eh)
Nneka wait (nana), open for Daddy (krr gehgehgeh)
Nneka wait (krrr, oh yea yea, gehgehgeh), oh oh oh

Ike ike, (uhhh) ike oh sarupanla
(Greatness) Ah ih ah ih mama
Ah ih ah ih ah ih mama
(Eh, I am great, Vado de Great)

Ike ike, ike oh sarupanla
Ah ih ah ih mama (ih yeyeyeye)
Ah ih ah ih ah ih mama (oh oh oh ohhh)
(DJ Neptune!!!)

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DJ Neptune Wait Comments
  1. Kelly lovely

    Cool i love you Kizz Daniel

  2. Fraps Ledger

    I love this song, is beautiful. Love Kiss Daniel's voice in this,
    so soothing. 🎶🎶💝💝🎶🎶

  3. Debby Jinadu

    Who else followed the story of the two brothers, and how they refused to give up despite all the challenges on their way to the top. Very inspiring story line.

  4. Joshua Ocholi

    The song is interesting

  5. Joshua Ocholi

    The song is interesting

  6. Emma Phiri

    Shaku Shaku dance won't disappoint

  7. Malkia Mc Cone

    Proudly African🤩😍😻😍😻😍😍😻💋😻😍💋😍😻😍

  8. jane Tambiyi

    Am only here for Dj Neptune ❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍 💍💍👰🤵🏾

  9. Omar Jallow

    Love from Gambia like if u are listen it from the Gambia 😘😘❤️❤️❤️😍🔥🔥🔥

  10. Delali Adadzi

    KizzDanny...much love from GH

  11. Jennifer Fidelis

    If u belive kiss D. is cool can I see ur like

  12. asorockdallas

    Nneka wait, open for daddy

  13. Alfred Desmond

    I'm always here for diz jam

  14. mikey vibes

    much love for this mehhhnnn big up guys from cameroon

  15. Hauwa Aliyu


  16. rahel getachew

    I love you so much kiss daniel

  17. Mimi Luv

    The song jst made me stop feeling depressed..i dance soteyyyyy i 4get say i be depressed sef kaiii dat guy teeth alone pursue d depression...Africa is great wallah..kiss Daniel for me o..

  18. Noxolo Buthelezi

    during this time of xenophobia, " south Africans killing each other" i wish we all could play this song.. we are bothers and sisters!! Africa is ours!! lets us be united. Ilove ya all.

  19. thatgurl momo

    chanelling yvonne chaka chaka umqombothi

  20. Chaka Anastasia

    Du lourd 😍🥰🥰❤️

  21. adebusola ogundipe

    2019 still listening😘

  22. Osunbor Queen

    nice song

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    i like this song from senegal

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    July 2019 anyone!

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    Nice one

  28. Zins Thi

    Greatness, I know na only me feat listing to this kind sweet voice .who else that listing to it.if you are sure hit the like button

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    I love thé song

  30. maggy vivian

    why did i notice the jam this late!!!!

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    Did Anybody Else Get GooseBumps Listening To This Song🤔

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    Anyone listening in June 2019????!

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    i know of a similar song but the lyrics are different. it is a very a very old song

    Uche Iroegbu

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    Nice and Dark whoooo ya. A nice dark man.

  37. Desiree Walters Live Your Journey

    I just love a darkskin man.

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    Que significa en Español? Saludos desde Chile

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    Must kizz daniel always be showing us that he is a nonse man.

  43. Desiree Walters Live Your Journey

    No obesity in Africa. Prolly not my friend said majority of them walk. She lost 70lbs. She ate 3 times a day

  44. Kelvin weberschneider

    After I watch dat mad man dance to diz song on tundeednut page , I love diz song , now I’m so addicted to de song .. kiss Daniel is a boss very very talented 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  45. margaret inomwan

    Well. Done that is really. Good

  46. UurdChuluut Negen

    I really love the message. Shout out from Mongolia.

  47. YananHeart

    cool video

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    kizz continued to blow

  49. Rose Kole

    I love u kiss Daniel

  50. The Choosen One


  51. Blessed Jerund Jerund

    Nneka for the dm u hear because u haven’t still read my messages on WhatsApp

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    Nneka wait 🤨 for Daddy 😯😯😯..oww I love me some Kiss Daniel IDKrrrrr

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    Kizz Daniel all d way !! Even d beat dey wan make u dance U no get choice. Big ups 2 Neptune! !!!!


    South Africa

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