DJ Neptune - Tear Rubber Lyrics

Oh yea yea yea
Mayorkun baby oh, wuuuh
Maria ih ih, maria ah ah
It's young John the wicked producer
I go dey give gift, I'll be your santa
DJ Neptune!

Ma baby na tear rubber oh
Living lavida loca (La vida loca)
And am'a show killer oh
I scatter everywhere I enter (Oh ye ih ye)

As you can see, body no be firewood oh
Anytime I see you, girl I want touch ehh, ah reh oh
I don mu ezebu, all the things I talk no be my fault eh, eh eh

I no go play you wayo oh, yeh
But you fit pass me claro (Hmnn lavida loca)
After two bottles of shayo oh oh (Yeh)
Do re mi fa so la ti do, do
Let me take you round the world, yeh
Make I invite you to my tour (Oh oh eh)
No dey play, I'll make you ball oh oh uh oh yea
You don trip me, make me fall oh oh eh

Ma baby na tear rubber oh (Tear rubber yea)
Living lavida loca "La vida loca"
And am'a show killer oh (Show killer yea)
I scatter everywhere I enter (Oh ye ih ye)

As you can see, body no be firewood oh
Anytime I see you, girl I want touch ehh, ah reh oh
I don mu ezebu, all the things I talk no be my fault eh, eh eh

Maria ih ih, maria ah ah (Ehh)
I fit to die die on top of your matter, cheii
I'll be your best friend, I'll be your father
(That's right)
I go dey give gifts, I'll be your santa (Oh ye ih ye)

As you can see (Wo wo wo wo wo…)
Body no be firewood oh
Anytime I see you, girl I want touch ehh
(Girl I want touch eh), ah reh oh
I don mu ezebu, all the things I talk no be my fault eh, eh ehh

Girl, I wanna show you off oh
Take you to places, baby, kedu, maka gini, why oh oh oh ehh?
And am a show killer oh, and a goal getter oh
Wa n'bi, wa n'bi baby baby wa jo oh

As you can see (Wo wo wo wo wo)
Body no be firewood oh
Anytime I see you, girl I want touch eh
(Girl I want touch eh), ah reh
I don mu ezebu, all the things I talk no be my fault eh, eh eh

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DJ Neptune Tear Rubber Comments
  1. Alice Ile

    let me take round the world , mayor of Lagos

  2. Mhiz Golden

    I love u dear

  3. Silupya Victor

    Wonderful song mayor of lagos

  4. Michael Kalunga

    Mayorkun always on point

  5. Amalia Johnson

    July 2019 still enjoying this gbedu

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    Mayor to the world

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    africa music the best 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  9. leopold petersen

    Came here after watching the video of the little boy eating chicken 😂

  10. Mildness Mimie

    Beautiful African ladies...

  11. Mimi Ezinne

    I really love this song ...nice one

  12. Queen Emma


  13. Tibour Rasan

    2019 yeah

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    I love that part teeeeeaaaar rubber

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    This song!!!!❤❤❤❤

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    Till now I love this music

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    Mayor is my best musician

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    I officially luv dis song, why am i even surprised his songs r always hits luv u mayorkun

  19. Queen Emma

    Nice one 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  20. Harby SLOY

    As you can see, BODY NO BE FIREWOOD,
    Anytime i see, i wan touch....
    #MyBabyNaTearLeather NOT Rubber

  21. Daniel Otomewo

    lit... sweet vibe

  22. Elizabeth Anthony

    I love ❤️you mayor

  23. Regret scan

    Nice songs , now i finally realise another best African singer.. i really like mayorkun voice 🔥🔥

  24. Samson Ola

    Let's say the truth. This music is very good but it cannot hit millions of views because the owner of the song did not sing any verse or even a single line in it. Mayorkun did everything.

  25. Francis Chinaza

    so much I hv 4 dis music

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    people dey sleep on this one

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    This dude music makes you start day dreaming about having a girlfriend lmaoo

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    Mayor always on hit kudos dj Neptune

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    Good stuff

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    Wat ur problem mayorkun u want to kill with nice music if I no love you wetin I gain 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

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    Living la vida loca

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    mayor of lagos always on point even in dream

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    here for great DJ Neptune ..

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    mayor soon i wanna collabo with you if I arrive from Europe

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    One bottle for the creative director @adasacookey i love this video mad. the song is bomb clear and cool i so much love it. as you can see body no be firewood....

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    Davido,mayorkun,runtown,phyno olamide,are made of music

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    Love you guys.i send love from india ..please accept it...i respect all African girls and boys...

    Fatima Abubakar

    kishan goyani we fully appreciate it❤️

    Michelle irina M.E

    Great. We appreciate

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    you are the best

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    I always have an high extreme expectation that's mayorkun is in.

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    I've been looking for this song and finally I found it 😥

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    This one touched me much....

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    Cheeiiiii.. Who's feeling the beat like me

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  64. Merit Darlynton

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