DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Rhythm Trax - House Party Style Lyrics

[Fresh Prince:]
In the beginning.. there were many
As time went on there became few
Now there is only one..
One man.. ONE DJ.. standing alone.. on Mount Olympus
Ladies and gentlemen, DJ, Jazzy Jeff!

Alright, alright I reckon
Back up off of my DJ
Give him some room to operate here, c'mon!

Ay Jeff, this what we gettin ready to do right?
'Member how we used to rock back home in Philly right?
At ALL the house parties and all the ballrooms and stuff like that
'Member how we used to rip things up at like ? Room,
And Central High, and Overbrook High
And all them places like that?
This what I want to do right -
- I want to give these people a little taste of how we used to rock
How we used to get on the wheels of steel
Used to just throw the records on - and just get stupid
Back forth left right crooked upside down and all that stuff
I want you to do all that stuff for these people right
Cause I talk all the time
I tell everybody how def you are
Everytime we go somewhere I be yellin and screamin
I want you to get busy on your own Jeff
I want you to tear these records up Jeff, rip em apart
Go 'head now man get busy, go Jeff go

{DJ Jazzy Jeff gets buck on the turntables}

I'm telling you, this man can not be taken
He can't be beaten, don't keep on talkin
All you other DJ's, don't keep on talkin
Jeff, this what I want you to do
Take that record from the top right?
Scratch it in right now
And I want you to do what's called a breakdown
Just break it down for em right?
Now start it with the music
And then cut the music out and just break it down for em Jeff go ahead

Now break it down

{DJ Jazzy Jeff does the breakdown}

Ahhh Jeff, that was DEF man, that was def!
But you, you did it too fast man
You gotta do it a little slower this time
Or or maybe no music, yeah that's what we can do
Yeah, that's the ticket, that's the ticket
Ay Jeff, just break it down with no music right
Bring it in, now bring it down and then do it slower
No music so everybody can hear it

Now isn't that special?

{DJ Jazzy Jeff does the breakdown}

Yeah Jeff, that was def!
Hold up, now you had enough time to warm up back there man
Are you ready to really get stupid? {Jeff scratches "Yes!"}
I didn't hear you man
You read to cold rip things apart or what? {Jeff scratches "Yes!"}
You ready man? I didn't hear you {Jeff scratches "Yes!"}
Aight I'm with it..
Aight Jeff, now hold up
'Member the other DJ, that DJ approached us
Man he was talkin all that trash about how good he was
What did you tell him that he could do? {Jeff scratches "Eat shit!"}
{Jeff scratches "Eat shit!"}
What'd you tell him? {Jeff scratches "Eat shit!"}
And you know he (STILL) kept talkin trash right?
He talked (ALL) that trash Jeff
And then the next day we found out that he had took your stuff
But you didn't even care
What'd you tell him he could do? {Jeff scratches "Bite it!"}
What'd you say he could do? {Jeff scratches "Bite it!"}
Now what did it sound like when he bit it? {Jeff stretches the UTFO sample}
{Jeff stretches the UTFO sample}

Aight, enough about that guy, you know what I was just thinkin about?
'Member the other day we were walkin down the street
And that girl came up to you and she was lookin you up and down and grinnin
And she wasn't real, what'd you tell her? {Jeff scratches ??}
What? {Jeff scratches ??}
You even broke it down for her, get busy {Jeff scratches ??}
Yo word now after she felt it and found out it was real man
You kinda looked like you was widdit a little bit man
You was movin and all that stuff man
She had her hands all over you
Hold up tell everybody what you started screamin man
{Jeff scratches "Don't stop!"}
Hold up tell em louder I didn't hear you {Jeff scratches "Don't stop!"}
{Jeff scratches "Don't stop!"}

Yo word, that was def
Ay Jeff man, that's just the way we used to rock it!
Man we used to RIP crowds up, but hold up
'Member how when all them DJ's used to be on the stage
And everything after you got off
They'd be whisperin and sayin stuff to themselves
About how you ain't this you ain't that
What did you used to do Jeff?

{Jeff lets the sample of Vincent Price cackling go he was holding back}

Word, Rhythm Trax - House Party Style
Yo Jeff we rocked em, now let's get out of here

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Rhythm Trax - House Party Style Comments
  1. Clapp To This

    My goodness!! Didnt realize that Freak Nasty used the bass line to this on You Dip I dip we dip

  2. The Mongoose King

    Classic Philly shit. 💪💪💪💪

  3. Matthew Hartley

    Great song

  4. D.Beautiful One

    DJ Jazzy Jeff ranks SUPREME in creativity whennot comes to mixing and sound effects. Especially on the samples💗💯❤👏🏽🥰👍👌👏🏻🕺💃

  5. Hiram Vargas

    To this day , June 27 , 2019....this is still FIRE......

  6. Mr Spectacals

    samples 122 bpm from Jive Rhythm Trax

  7. Albert Pringle

    What good is a DJ if he can't scratch


    U sho' RIGHT....that's why I began to DJ AND SCRATCH back in '84 at the age of 12 and eventually worked my way up to 4 TECHNICS 1210s.....ON DA FLY just like what my man DJ JAZZY JEFF did need for preparation.....just spin and do your thing

    Goran Hrastovik

    then he is not a turntablist..there's more elements of DJing then scratching ;) classic djs tell this all the's about hypeing the crowd up and make them feel good by mixing, having a good taste and knowing your music history and various of other stuffs #neverdissrespect

    Stoney Jackson

    @Goran Hrastovik
    The next level guys mix shyt in the same key too. That's the type of shyt only a few music experts will pick up but just about EVERYBODY'S subconscious will.


    (CRUNCH!)..BITE IT!!..


    dj jazzy jeff is an icon one of my favorite deejays of all time

    Jackson Avian

    Chaoticskillz #1

  10. DJ skinny Taulilo-Makaea

    DJ jazzy Jeff fresh price
    Rhythm trax house part style

  11. robballz

    This is why I scratched for myself

  12. Terneal Kelly

    cutting & scratching that nigga jazzy doe

  13. Marc Hill

    It's some vicious dj's old,new,far and wide. But jeff is the best to ever do it. PERIOD

  14. Howard Falice

    Yo having come up in Philly during this time there was no better time in hip hop than that time early 80's. Jeff, Cosmic Kev, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell, Miz, Spin Bad, Lightning Rich, and all the basement DJ's of that time made Philly the DJ capital of the world! All these cats was and still are insane on the 1's and 2's real rap!

  15. BigHRD2

    Real scratching

  16. D.J. MASE

    love that smooth planet rock hook

  17. Jeff Gaines

    real scratching old school

  18. BigHRD2

    Creator of the transformer scratch DJ Jazzy Jeff.

    MC Zappa

    BigHRD2 nah that was DJ Spinbad.

    chris johnson

    spinbad fool? wrong. i was in dmc and various dj comps and have djd since mid 90s. spindbad is an nyc dj that got on from the return of the dj series. cold cutz crew wqs spinbads original crew. nice try SON. real hip hop head since 86 and i dont sleep on knowledge so get your FACTS correct. thats all. real hip hop is a mans sport.

    Goran Hrastovik

    @MC Zappa don't sleep during the will say something dumb


    There are 2 DJ Spinbad’s, one is from New York, the other one was from Philly, and yeah, he did the transform scratch before Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money. So better brush up on your history before you start calling people names... 😂😂😂

    hardcore boom bap

    Yeah that 2nd disc should b in all hip hop djs record box with the dope breakdowns n breakbeats underatted as fuck

  19. BigHRD2

    This is one of the best hip hop mix on an album, they use to feature the dj a lot these days nothing represents the dj.

  20. LGKids

    Back when they used to take time for the DJ's and let them shine! Now its all about the rapper and the DJ is being so faded and push to the back, maybe someday this style of Hip Hop will return. Peace!

    Galactic Rangers

    The boom bap is coming back with an axe to mumble rap, DJ's to ya one's and twos, em knows they can't fil our shoes.



  21. fooloof

    Great upload!