DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand Lyrics

You know parents are the same no matter time nor place
They don't understand that us kids are gonna make some mistakes
So to you, all the kids all across the land
There's no need to argue, parents just don't understand

I remember one year
My mom took me school shopping
It was me, my brother, my mom, oh, my pop, and my little sister
All hopped in the car
We headed downtown to the Gallery Mall
MY mom started bugging with the clothes she chose
I didn't say nothing at first
I just turned up my nose
She said, "What's wrong? This shirt cost $20"
I said, "Mom, this shirt is plaid with a butterfly collar!"
The next half hour was the same old thing
My mother buying me clothes from 1963
And then she lost her mind and did the ultimate
I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips!
I said, "Mom, what are you doing, you're ruining my rep"
She said, "You're only sixteen, you don't have a rep yet"
I said, "Mom, let's put these clothes back, please"
She said "no, you go to school to learn not for a fashion show"
I said, "This isn't Sha Na Na, come on Mom, I'm not Bowzer
Mom, please put back the bell-bottom Brady Bunch trousers
But if you don't want to I can live with that but
You gotta put back the double-knit reversible slacks"
She wasn't moved - everything stayed the same
Inevitably the first day of school came
I thought I could get over, I tried to play sick
But my mom said, "No, no way, uh-uh, forget it"
There was nothing I could do, I tried to relax
I got dressed up in those ancient artifacts
And when I walked into school, it was just as I thought
The kids were cracking up laughing at the clothes Mom bought
And those who weren't laughing still had a ball
Because they were pointing and whispering
As I walked down the hall
I got home and told my Mom how my day went
She said, "If they were laughing you don't need them,
Cause they're not good friends"
For the next six hours I tried to explain to my Mom
That I was gonna have to go through this about 200 more times
So to you all the kids all across the land
There's no need to argue
Parents just don't understand

Oh-kay, here's the situation
My parents went away on a week's vacation and
They left the keys to the brand new Porsche
Would they mind?
Umm, well, of course not
I'll just take it for a little spin
And maybe show it off to a couple of friends
I'll just cruise it around the neighborhood
Well, maybe I shouldn't
Yeah, of course I should
Pay attention, here's the thick of the plot
I pulled up to the corner at the end of my block
That's when I saw this beautiful girlie girl walking
I picked up my car phone to perpetrate like I was talking
You should've seen this girl's bodily dimensions
I honked my horn just to get her attention
She said, "Was that for me?"
I said, "Yeah"
She said, "Why?"
I said, "Come on and take a ride with a helluva guy"
She said, "How do I know you're not sick?
You could be some deranged lunatic"
I said, "C'mon toots - my name is the Prince =
Beside, would a lunatic have a Porsche like this?"
She agreed and we were on our way
She was looking very good and so was I, I must say - word
We hit McDonald's, pulled into the drive
We ordered two Big Macs and two large fries with Cokes
She kicked her shoes off onto the floor
She said, "Drive fast, speed turns me on"
She put her hand on my knee, I put my foot on the gas
We almost got whiplash, I took off so fast
The sun roof was open , the music was high
And this girl's hand was steadily moving up my thigh
She had opened up three buttons on her shirt so far
I guess that's why I didn't notice that police car
We're doing ninety in my Mom's new Porsche
And to make this long story short - short
When the cop pulled me over I was scared as hell
I said, "I don't have a license but I drive very well, officer"
I almost had a heart attack that day
Come to find out the girl was a twelve-year-old runaway
I was arrested, the car was impounded
There was no way for me to avoid being grounded
My parents had to come off from vacation to get me
I'd rather be in jail than to have my father hit me
My parents walked in
I got my grip, I said, "Ah, Mom, Dad, how was your trip?"
They didn't speak - I said, "I want to plead my case"
But my father just shoved me in the car by my face
That was a hard ride home, I don't know how I survived
They took turns - one would beat me while the other was driving
I can't believe it, I just made a mistake
Well parents are the same no matter time nor place
So to you all the kids all across the land
Take it from me, parents just don't understand

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Parents Just Don't Understand Comments
  1. Michael Wong

    Someone with skills should overlay all the Bad Boys For Life Porsche scenes starting at 2:20 of this song in 2020.

  2. Michael Zephyr

    That ice cube reference lol

  3. Troiz Katzenberg

    Vanessa was wearing that dress, will never forget her from New Jack City!

  4. Travis Hamrick

    My Dad never listen to me or never understand what I say all the time I have bipolar rage keeping on annoying me and keep on getting my nerves ughh I hate him he will get his throat slit off 😡😡🤬🤬☠💀😵

  5. Lancer____ Dog

    Wow I just had a major flashback of those awkward middle school days. This was the coolest music video back then lol

  6. Peter Man

    Fresh prince

  7. Alexander Posey

    All I know is I’m upstairs listening to my will smith cd

  8. Kevin Bernstein

    30 years later....The beat still goes hard!! I had this cassette in my auto-reverse boom box! Summer 1987 Good Times!

  9. Rene Saldivar

    Happy birthday jazzy jeff!!

  10. Melody Sanger

    (JANUARY 22, 2020)

  11. Ygor Mota


  12. DeeRock

    Will smith took jade from tupac let that sink in.

  13. Janiera Turner-Frazier

    Will Smith Is 51 Years Old & He Still Looks Amazing ! He Aged Beautifully.

  14. Molly Mcmurtrie

    I wouldn't do anything to get arrested.

  15. Molly Mcmurtrie

    That's reminds of my mom.

  16. Molly Mcmurtrie

    I can relate.

  17. barnibizer

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby pop

  18. Jacobi Panama

    still fresh

  19. Edna Uribe

    Krancky mom

  20. Brady Corrin

    Real rap 💯

  21. PerkyMcPerkypants

    This is the first song I ever tried to dance to. Except obviously and of course my middle school break-dancing prowess. And human beat-boxing. I could clear out a whole awkward room of nervous people with that. And so too my dancing to this song, but at that point I didn't care, it was FUN!!!

    And to this day whenever someone says "to make a long story short" I'm honor-bound to whisper "short".

  22. Truss D Process

    Mfs called fresh prince soft 4 his rap style n goin mainstream back in the day...but he battled steady b LIVE on the radio in 1988 on WBLS in philly n CRUSHED many o these cats w "beef" gon battle live on the radio nowadays??

  23. Eric Allen Jett

    X-Men logo at 0:08. Marvel's biggest selling book in the 80's....

  24. SekhmetSecretWeapon

    'mr. potato head'.....LOL..... :)

  25. bunkerputt

    What the heck's a gallery mall? Man this is old. Old and great.

  26. Pink Magnolia

    2020 and it’s the first time hearing this song 👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🌼🌼🌻.

  27. marco law

    Did you notice Vanessa Williams of new jack city and soul food fame

  28. Maria Ramirez

    Who's watching in 2020 only me?

  29. x3 Thisain

    This song won a Grammy

  30. A N T O N E

    Still rocking this for my children 👶🏿 in 2020!

  31. Rex Sexson

    Gen X kids theme song.

  32. Chelly Pooh

    Rebound and this funny

  33. Josephine Cecil

    But our parents were like us at one point they dont really understand because what we do is slightly different from when they were younger

  34. Rafael Bruno

    Não mexa com o meu porco

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    Lesley Knope brought me here

    Ethan Livemere

    Someone is on fire at Ramsett Park.

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    Butterfly collar

  37. Electro Ninja

    Woah that guy looks a lot like will smith

    Tiffany Horn

    U must just wanted some attention huh ?

  38. 6ix9inesHairline

    damn these rhymes still tight asf

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    His sounds funny like a lady

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    Como llegue acá :v

    mrpopis:v yghujj

    When estabas viendo el príncipe del rap

  41. Tobias Christopher

    I wonder how many times Jaden and Willow threw this in their dad's face through the years.

  42. Dom Sansotta

    Anyone else find it funny that this is the song that Jada and Pac was doing a video to this song at Baltimore School For The Arts especially later cause she ended up with Will ?

  43. fred lynn

    I miss these days oh my God!

  44. Retina Mind Productions

    Rap City & Yo MTV Raps....

  45. Dwight K. Schrute

    Bruh everyone talking about the music video but look at his room

  46. dec 28th

    The most truest song every lyric of it love it epic

  47. MALIK Avrette


  48. Edi

    Kids, phone car was a symbol of status once.

  49. Daniel The Maniel

    Who else is here from The Wolfe Pit's "WHAT ARE WE EATING?" playlist?

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  51. Mc Sauce

    Horrible. But legends

  52. Unknown Productions

    Will reminds me so much of Etika

  53. thebest 0321


  54. thebees knees

    Am I right fellow kids

  55. Lisa Hatton

    You can't beat the music from the 80's... Nothing like it!!!
    If I had a chance to go to any year I wanted,I definitely go back to the 1980's...

  56. ThePriest __

    A middle class family buying a Porshe? WIll, WTF? o.O

  57. Amber Barrino

    For the time Will's wears were fresh as hell!

  58. zigzag789789

    embarrassing how he was this mature and talented at age 20 and his son Jayden is 21 going on 12.


    Real hip hop

  60. Taurus Izayah

    When my mom doesn't understand me i play her this so she can remember back in her day when she bumped to this

  61. AJ RX


  62. Ajhia Hunter

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are right parents dont understand that we are young and that we want trendy stuff

  63. Amya Connelly

    100 percent acurate

  64. no u

    we can see jazz’s eyes omg.

  65. Mariam John

    I remember this song
    I think will smith is still a legend

  66. Frozen Gumwad

    November of 2019...still love this song!

  67. Harvey D

    Wondering if Cookie Puss is a nod to the beastie boys....

  68. The Doge

    I’m 8 and I’m grounded from electronics
    Me: -this songs words are SOO right-

    Edit:I wasn’t even born when this yt vid came out lol 😂🤟

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    Aren’t you a parent and who is watching this in 2019

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    as a kid i remember my neighbors boyfriend rapped the entire thing for us it was hilarious

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    Leslie Knope Cold open > Will Smith

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    1:13 what happened? It's like he froze up.

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    this was on the adventures of jimmy neutron boy genius movie soundtrack.

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    Like si vienes de @curiosidadesinf

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    2019 #VeteransDay (Thxs Mom)

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    From here Will Smith built an empire.

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    🤳 take mi back to 2019!!!!!!!

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    chris hansen help!!!!!

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    This video was the inspiration for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

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    0% mumbling
    0% dumb ass lyrics
    100% old school talent

  91. LegitMan335

    Will Smith is truly the Fresh Prince of Belair .

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    I’m 11 and have watched all of fresh prince of bel air on Netflix and I wish I grew up with this show

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    Every Junior High kid loved this song back then.