Dispatch - Two Coins Lyrics

I stick loneliness, you lips
and the two coins of your eyes
into my pockets

well the train skates into
Port Henry late Sunday
sometimes when I'm riding high
feeling fine you know there's something
troubling yah, troubling my mind

so I reach into my pocket for some
small change
I reach into my pocket for some
small change

I want bones like iron blood like mercury
so I can tell you when I'm rising
and when I'm sinking in


we're gonna take it to the people
hey let's drink from the cup
share some luck
go ahead and laugh cause it don't cost much
no, no, it don't, don't cost much

I stick loneliness, your lips
and the two coins of your eyes
into my pockets

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Dispatch Two Coins Comments
  1. Jard fornstein

    trying to sing and play this on guitar is killing me

  2. David Porter

    Dispatch is so gau

  3. chris sarles

    I LOVE music and am very picky and these guys consistently shock me. Too bad they are gone.

    Sloppy Salami

    They are still touring

  4. Kay Kardia

    Your ex manager wrote a book. You guys are in it. So I looked you up. Wow.

  5. A S

    Shout out to little tiny Port Henry, NY!!

  6. Jordan White

    This song takes me back to November 2001.

    If only someone could REALLY take
    us back

  7. warrinpirimpimpim

    dispatch z3

  8. Glen Garner

    I seen them in Atlanta last week they blew my mind would have never imagined they would have been that good live

  9. Lewis ito

    Beautiful. The only word for it.

  10. Citizen X

    Drink from the cup share the love people

  11. Chris Taylor

    These guys have been rocking for years st my home!!

  12. Luis Alfonso Vazquez

    You are just the best! And will be very WELCOME in MEXICO!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

  13. Joey Zozo

    rip cezbez <3

    Citizen X

    Angels live in Heaven, friend.

  14. Brendon Fourie

    This is some dope stuff. Love your grooves Dispatch. Keep doing these good things. Mellow. From South Africa.

  15. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Small change <3

  16. Matt Forehand

    This album was the soundtrack to my entire time in college. Fuck I love this music.

    The Guy

    what are you talking about, no it wasnt. I remember walking in on you listening to hannah montana!

  17. Patrick Leary

    lands in the top 5 of my hippie playlist. everytime.

    Karen Baldwin

    Patrick Leary that's funny! I'm 58 and a 70's girl!! Love the General... Still playing on song no5!!! Agreed a little " Dillon " ish?! 😊

  18. Zachary Bernard Carlton

    It's been a pleasure knowing you. #LQAEXPERTS

  19. Arivinion

    Dispatch is awesome

  20. César Augusto S

    greatest ever

  21. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Love ♡ Into my pocket ♡