Dispatch - Bang Bang Lyrics

She woke me up with a bang, bang
Looking over cross-eyed
Had a big hunch that the world was a big lie
When I got up all the blood to my head
I got so dizzy fell back into my bed

I went over to the way side
Looking for the high tide
What will I find, will I find, will I find, find?
All I saw was a man that had a hat that had a pom-pom
He's been there for years
Can someone tell me how long

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

You see this woman woke me up
At a quarter to three
And I didn't know it then
But she put a spell on me
Said, "I had to go down to where the cliffs meet the sea
And meet an old man to present my plea

So I headed way down to the big pier (the big pier)
To await and confront my big fear (my big fear)
I wheeled around behind to my blindside
To find an old man with a lime and a kind eye

Said, "Mister, mister, with your beard so long
Won't you be a saint and tell me
Just where I'm going."
He pointed to a conch shell and then to the lime
And said, "This is all I really need to get by."

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

Hey, mister man
I know you don't know
Who you think I, think I am
But I can safely say,
That I should've been sleeping, been sleeping, been sleeping, been sleeping the day away
(someone pull down the shade)

I said, "'scuse me, have you got the time?"
He shrugged his shoulders
Said, "Get a spine.
Coconut hit me on the head
Jonesin' for a fig
I got booked last night
I need another fix, dick."

Just then I see a twinkle twinkle in the old man's eye
And a wave tossed bottle is thrown to the sky

I caught it on the rebound
It landed with a soft sound
I took out the message,
Put the bottle down

Inside was the antidote to the spell
And I read it to the man
'Cause he couldn't read so well
Said, "Don't worry about a thing
You know your path is true
Just ease your mind
Have a banana or two."

Well, goodness, goodness, woe is me
The man nearly flipped to learn that he was free
But just before we left and started kicking it
I picked up the bottle and star sixed it

Kick kick shuffle shuffle back to the beach
With a tune on my lips and my quest in reach

If that woman comes to you with her song so sweet,
Say, "Damn! Let the poor sucker sleep."

Let him sleep

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

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Dispatch Bang Bang Comments
  1. debosea jones

    One more thing ...it is SAD these guys dont get recognized nationally with a Grammy... I dont think they care of course but it tells you what the mainstream music industry is about...satan shit....I dont float that

  2. debosea jones

    These dudes the realest shit coming out of yankeeville...keep on keeping on Dispatch!!

  3. Brianna Wynn

    Played this video all the time for my daughter when she was in my belly.. she is 3 months now and it's a go to for when she is fussy.. calms her as soon as I put it on :)

  4. Matthew Carbone

    Man I really hope they come to Austin. Great vibes.

  5. William RICHARDS

    How do you whistle like that?

  6. Carlos Alberto Briceño Castro


  7. Andrew Palmer

    Heells yeh bra

  8. Magnus Birkenes

    Sounds like Ben Harper joined forces with good 'ol Sublime. Very nice.

  9. Mr West

    Bongo man got a Voice and a half.

  10. stephen devine

    I love these guys almost as much as I love sweet potatoes!

  11. Winter Wonders

    I found out this band because of a youth group pastor. I’m so excited to listen to this.....🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  12. Rusty Merritt

    Discovered and listening to this while eating my breakfast with my baby girls. Good way to start our day.

  13. Tim Brogan

    Ease your mind, have a banana...or two 🍌

  14. Jarrett Pflieger

    Sounds like a mix of Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews

  15. BLoopDub89

    This is still one of the greatest. Should play in the woods again. V apreesh. K thanks.

  16. TC Wildcat

    Such a underrated band it's insane

  17. kromerdude7

    100% Good Vibes.

  18. BenGz Music


    Mr West

    Raw music is the best. Almost 2020. Top man

  19. Corey Bowser

    This makes my heart happy.

  20. rick george

    awe man im on my dads account. but um...im sad I find you guys years later than your prime. and I listened to this as I read the Wikipedia of you guys and I cried like a little baby. its just 2 good; the whole story. okay bye. im gonna go be happy now

  21. letitbe101

    I wanna burn one with these guys

  22. SuperOtter13

    Damn, highschool was longer ago than i thought. Thank you for the memories sirs.

  23. Renee Nowicki

    LOVE Bang Bang

  24. Ozenoz Media

    I am at this classic moment. Classically trained trumpet for 8 years, piano player 10 years, guitar thousands of hours, rapper five thousand years in a few. Writer, videographer, yes I am a comedian and an artist. you can c ozenoz.media. I am at that jumping off point like, hell ya but I am gun shy. This song resonates as betwixt message with tour of qualms/duty...

    Ozenoz Media

    It is jam rap so "Let the poor sucker r.i.p. ?!!"

  25. Corey

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Never knew I was a Dispatch fan before :p


    Welcome to that crowd now!

    Michelle Audet

    The general is another favorite tune of mine :)

  26. Anthony and Maira

    Thank you Pete F. sad to see ya go but best of luck!

  27. Antman0216

    Seth rogan is in dispatch? Haha

  28. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Good morning music~

  29. F & Everything

    This is thousand times better than the studio version

  30. Ozenoz Media

    Amazing stuff! You know, I often hide out in the woods with friends and large amounts of musical instruments as well. We should jam sometime.

  31. Satan666One

    Nce songs!!
    Greetings from Colombia!

  32. Johnny Gunz

    Felt like a twenty minute nap /song. Going to hit rewind!!!

  33. MrBobbyz24

    Ooh there's a tic right there.

  34. Stephanie Montgomery

    2019. Still groovin

  35. Lee Matthews

    I miss this dispatch. Gotta get Pete back.

  36. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    This song's at 4Mil now! Damn!!! Go Dispatch!!! 🎙🎶🎵😙

  37. Shaun Somma

    After almost 4 years I still love this song especially this style of it just can’t get enough

  38. Catherine Pope

    High Grade Vibes!

  39. Peter Seidel

    Is this playback?

  40. Hollie Bingham

    What a BEAUTIFUL SONG!!! :) Thank you for creating such a peaceful vibe!

  41. James Kryzaniak

    Bang bang?

    As in hello, She? Is the important won.

  42. jahshta

    💦 in a 🌵

  43. Gonzalo Gallo

    great band, horrible recorded

  44. Tamu DeFoe

    I ❤it... Real talk

  45. Arnaldo Ribeiro

    Horrible song specially when we hear "nice tempo" wtf??? Crack voice... I just hate this music when turns on by it self on a mix playlist... its painfull to hear it!!!

  46. Corey Stevenston

    This song makes me wanna bang it just to bang bang it.

  47. letitbe101

    Who the hell hit dislike??????

  48. nyengster

    I feel bad that i just hear this now.
    You have a new fan right here.

  49. Evaluate TheMind

    Sitting at work and just stumbled across this.... wow.

  50. letitbe101

    Who ever disliked this song listens to mumble rap

  51. Jason Wieczorek

    I took 2 days worth of food and survived for 4 last camping trip... I will do better next go around... I was lazy and scared. I know who I am and have learned from past mistakes... I will do much better next time around! I had to figure out what was important to take~

  52. MayanMountainInc

    Right at the last second of the vid "Oh that's a tick right there!" lol

  53. WeDrive4U

    Good meeting you guys ,safe travels to Glen Allen VA....cheers ,give us a call for a ride next time around central VA Mario with WeDrive4U

  54. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Still love this so much! 😚

  55. Tyler Power

    hey I will subscribe if Dispatch considers letting me remix one of their songs. Lets make it interesting. Let Dispatch pick the song they would allow me to remix and I'll blow your freaking minds....sound like fun? if you wanna hear me I'm www.soundcloud.com/nicky-stax.
    I've been listening to Dispatch ever since I heard the general and feel they are hugely under-appreciated. Would love to be a part of their up rise.


    Nicky Stax


    For this request, I would consider commenting on Dispatch's own YouTube channel, or other social media outlets. Best of luck!

  56. G James


  57. Suzanne B

    Just love. Cannot stop listening.

  58. David

    This is so tight!

  59. Joy van Aardt

    Best track I’ve heard in awhile . Nicely done you beautiful boys xxx keep having fun . Thanx for the beat

  60. Christopher H

    Love this. I sometimes wonder if I am single-handedly responsible for 2 mil of those views...

  61. Norma Arce

    Would love to see it sung live. Link please if available <3

  62. John Duncan

    good vibes

  63. Nuggettzz AJ


  64. Zuckemn

    much better than spotify version...


    One of our favorite things to hear :)

  65. Dezuyate Zuya

    Can I get this as MP3 somewhere? I would definitely pay for it :D


    We are hoping to one day make that possible! (Maybe tell them that on their page;)

  66. federico rodriguez

    based on buffalo springfield isn't it?

  67. Shmuel Sigler

    can anybody explain me the line star sixed it?


    Hmmmnnn, yeah, fair question.

    Shmuel Sigler

    OurVinyl what's the answer

  68. emery

    "Oo, there's a tick right there" lol. I live W coast, and not so many ticks...I thought! In fact, yes we do have ticks and lots of them! (But prob not nearly as many as mid west and...East?)

  69. zisforziggens

    well if this doesnt take me back to high school....

  70. LisaLeigh16

    I didn’t want it to end. ☀️

  71. Lex Demonica

    Real talent in music is still alive. Bless

  72. cheesewhiz32

    It's got a G. Love and Special Sauce feel :https://youtu.be/EMAizuqPBik?t=48s

  73. Aubrey Everett

    good song

  74. Teresa Bunnell

    Love this!

  75. Chance Rix

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  76. Nathan Winch

    The power of music. I was having a bad trip on life until the energy of you guys lifted my head above water. Thank you, peace.


    Very cool. Music for the win.

  77. Taylor Crain

    I would rather sit in with boys and drink a few beers, than to spend a minute with a greedy soulless person like you!

  78. Peixonauta

    I tought the title was gangbang.. damnit

  79. Pee jay

    Outstanding vibes.

  80. Dragobar Supply

    Where have you been? This just popped into my feed.

  81. t0xicp0izin


  82. Andrew Radtke

    What I'd give to jam with these dudes.

  83. Pungent Bleach

    That whistle bit was sweet but I don't like it when people are performing like that and start making that kind of eye contact the WHOLE time

  84. saphira schmidlin

    props ;)

  85. Jack Swish

    So chilled - wish these guys were my friends seem like really nice guys.


    They are truly good people.

  86. Jack Swish


  87. Arthur Farrand

    holy good god, try not to feel good listening to these dudes. The whole time I didn't care about anything else but listening to these bros play it out with each other.


    And they're great humans to boot! Thanks for watching.

  88. Jesse McCurry

    great song cheap up the work

  89. Steven Anderson

    This is so dope! See you Austin Dispatch!

  90. Jackie Teitelbaum

    they're all unique and it's so cool to have a band of distinct qualities together

  91. Pedro Scolari

    The Group is awesome

  92. Victor Honores

    es mejor que la del álbum :v

  93. Alexandra 12

    And original!

  94. Alexandra 12


  95. Dustin Johnson

    These f****** act like they got this s*** figured out but in reality they are just as lost as everyone of us watching this video


    Dustin Johnson dusty dick dustin