DiRTY RADiO - 2 Reckless Lyrics

You want this and that
Love to mix and match
Gucci Prada huh
I can't give you that

I got women over seas
But I'm thinking local
Baby save your vocals
Stop thinking hopeful

My life is heart breaks
And marijuana fumes
Tear each other apart
If we in the same room

We need space
We from 2 different planets
And I don't belong here
I just crash landed

You ain't sick but you pop still
No meds but you pop pills
Don't know how a lot feel
And I can tell that you not real

You're too reckless for your own
Nobody wants that
No I won't crawl back
Crawl back

You're too reckless for your own good
Nobody wants that
No I won't crawl back

You should go
You should go
You should go

Whatcha saying
Fly through your city got no time to be plane
Your ex he a lame
I don't watch seinfeld
Don't stay in a lane
But I'm starting to feel pain
And I know you feel the same
Put you first
Put up with your worse

Woods got me coffin
Imma need a hearse
Can't afford to waste my time
This my season
Tweets coming at you
Like you sneezing (bless)

You ain't sick but you pop still
No meds but you pop pills
Don't know how a lot feel
And I can tell that you not real

You're too reckless for your own
Nobody wants that
No I won't crawl back
Crawl back

You're too reckless for your own good
Nobody wants that
No I won't crawl back

You should go
You should go
You should go

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DiRTY RADiO 2 Reckless Comments
  1. Maxine Wolfe

    drake better get on this guy.

  2. Alex Hopkins

    He underrated af

  3. Peter Ashton

    The vibes are strong in this one.

  4. Maxime Wisoky

    whos the shawties

  5. Kenya Fadel

    Fucking Dope 👑👑👑

  6. Maci Altenwerth

    man fk u are good

  7. Alba Charles

    who's the cute brown girl

  8. Aliyah Cantrell

    The guy is officially my new favourite, hope he gets huge 🌙🌙

  9. Wilma George

    Please blow up 🙌🙌

  10. Leo Bates

    Just heard your song!

  11. Luisa Dicki

    need more songs like this! can't stop listening!!

  12. Teagan Heidenreich

    Damn this is what's up. 🌙🌙

  13. Myrtle Bandy


  14. Lurline McCullough

    dammmn this guy need some actual recognition he underated

  15. Archie Anderson

    Nice! keep hustling

  16. Brooke Gardner

    Yo ppl are sleeping on this dude!!!

  17. Booster Redbul


  18. Stanley Penton

    Who came here from OVO radio?

  19. Enola Schaefer

    so flames

  20. Carolina Robel

    Bytha this guy looks like French Montana

  21. Wilbert Hintz

    Years ago I was at a club in Vancouver and literally sat side by side with kresnt.... had no clue the who he was but thought he gotta be a rapper mb cause he older dudes eith suits with him that didnt look like the club type and today he's one of my favorite rappers. Lol shit... kinda depressing. Terrible timing lol

  22. Judy George

    He is so underrated

  23. Adam Johnson

    tbh man nothing special bout this song, the lyrics were there but the flow was way too pop

  24. Sharon Harper

    My favorite Song. i`m Listen from BERLIN

  25. Jose Parisian

    I had to listen to him after i heard him off ken lewis’s post

  26. Beulah Moore

    This track is on over and over when i'm driving, fuckin dope

  27. Maurine Boyle


  28. Scott Gipson

    This is probably the number one song in world 🌙

  29. Harold Harold J. Myrick

    This dude is Palestinian? I'm loving it man!!

  30. Vallie Schmidt

    never been a kresnt fan but damn. fiya

  31. Carolyn Begay

    i was here at 50k

  32. Jerrel Kulas


  33. Nellie Bronk

    this is nice

  34. Emilia Cofer

    This gonna go viral 🤐 🤐

  35. Katlyn Smitham

    Moon God!!!

  36. Kimberly Mayer

    my parents listen to this lol

  37. Rosanna hegman

    sick song, kresnt finally coming up

  38. Aylin Franecki

    Brabus instagram brought me here 🌙 ⚡🔥🌙 ⚡🔥🌙 ⚡🔥🌙 ⚡🔥

  39. Kadin Berge

    this a radio song 10/10

  40. Waiss ANG

    Wow nice Song like it bro zenda baad Afghanistan. Best regards Waiss ANG Afghan Rapper 🇦🇫❤👍👍👍

  41. Aaron Smart

    hands down the biggest bop of Canada 2019

  42. Adam Johnson

    Kresnt had the craziest lyrics i ever heard on a pop song

  43. Sophie Chan

    heard this on satellite radio and damn this a hit fr fr

  44. Frank Fernandez

    I feel rich after listening to this

  45. Cameron Woodward

    Why are people hating on this? Lol

  46. Jerry Hernandez

    too pop tbh

  47. Miguel Hurst

    these guys made ground shake!! that shit changed my life

  48. Brooke Gardner

    Holy S**T why aren't there a million + views on any of their videos ? This stuff is unreal!

  49. Archie Anderson


  50. Ahmad Passyar

    Wicked song! Great Vibes.

  51. Andre Taylor

    This is fuking amazing

  52. Matthew Yeary

    summer anthem I'm calling it now

  53. Dustin Omara

    Blow big time my boi

  54. Michea Smith

    ive heard about kresnt but never seen how he looks? is he mexican?

  55. Louis Robertson


  56. Aletha Prohaska

    I can't go to sleep this song is stuck in my mind on replay 🌊🌊

  57. Augustine Crooks

    Who came from Honeyyy and Perky ;)

  58. Eric Ritchie

    the youtube machine back at it again... who are these dudes???

  59. Sally DuBuque

    Been awhile since he dropped something good

  60. Kali Corkery

    lol anyone else see these guys on recommended??

  61. Justin Tate

    My boy Kresnt went POP with this one. 2good yall!

    Coffee and Banana

    Killed it sir on the Production!

  62. Abolfazl Bayat


  63. Robert Stark

    these guys are littt 😱😱😍

  64. Derrel Geronimo


  65. Pasquale Barletta

    How long have you guys been together for??

  66. OhWowItsEmily


  67. Terry George

    Who could possibly dislike this!

  68. ImCoreyx

    he\'s a dj?

  69. TiteAyumiForever

    My FUCKING FAV SONG Like I rather eat shit vs this song I WOULD EAT SHIT I LOVE THIS SONG 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  70. damir zaki

    so good

  71. Uno Deitanti

    His song is SO CASUALLY

  72. Barman Classic


  73. 101leanna101

    fell in love with this song.

  74. 987mbTutorials

    Can anyone tell me what he says at 1:09 ?.

  75. robkajoint

    Love the way he says ' Your Ex he a lame ' LMAO

  76. Thomas Sundiata

    Hope everyone lighting a blunt right now ⛽️💨

  77. Fred Walko


  78. gabriele Fanelli

    paid shout out??

  79. CraftingPig

    Boi masi been putting me on to new artists haha

  80. Linu Nuli

    views going up nowww 📈📈

  81. mandy louise

    🌎 🌎🌎

  82. John Brown

    Dope visual

  83. Carl Martin

    fireeeeee 💯💯💯

  84. Richard Wood

    Color doesnt matter its all bout being real

  85. Eddie Salazar

    Bro why the fuck ain't this on Spotify????

  86. ralf brauer

    He's about to body the summer 💁🏽

  87. Evelyne Marcheix

    Dammmmmn Dirty Radio got an amazing voice

  88. Hazel Marquis

    Masi Popals snapchat story brought me here

  89. Ryan Perun

    Kresnt season 🌙 🌙

  90. Ben Nobles

    The game needs more music like this!

  91. Carl Miller

    i Can hear this track in H&M no cap

  92. Robert Mazurek

    super fucking lame

  93. Stuart Dalessio

    Everyone sleeping on Kresnt cus he doesnt have colorful dreads or mumbles

  94. Rafael Cook

    about time! Good music is back finally!

  95. Adeline Callahan

    His shit deserves more viewsss

  96. timer time4change

    This song is so underrated! way more views

  97. Christian Cristopher

    I LOVE THIS SONG 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  98. Coffee and Banana

    Thank you for all the Support! " #2reckless - KRESNT ft. DiRTY RADIO " is available on all Streaming Platforms: http://smarturl.it/Kresnt2Reckless