Dion, Celine - Refuse To Dance Lyrics

Got your invitation to the dance
Wear your party dress
Maybe I was just an innocent
But I confess
I never even knew the song
The orchestra was playing

See the cuties in their party clothes
Oh it's getting warm
Off the shoulder cut into the hip
Like a uniform
Did you think I'd want to tow the line?
Well, now the line is broken

Refuse to dance [4x]

You said you're such a pretty thing
You could make a mark
I'll teach you all the steps you'll need
Guide you through the dark
Suddenly I thought I knew the song
The orchestra was playing

Refuse to dance [4x]
I know the refuse

Refuse to dance
Refuse to dance
You refuse to dance
Refuse to dance
Refuse to dance

See how they follow
You say jump. They jump
You say turn. They turn
Look back in sorrow
I won't be there

Refuse to dance [12x]

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Dion, Celine Refuse To Dance Comments
  1. Laurel

    I loved this song as a teenager. My mom would always ask, "do you understand it?" I said "no. Why would she refused to dance?" She made me think about it some more since it was always on repeat. I think it came on right after power of love on the cassette side A

  2. vondell taylor

    I truly love this song, its melody, the rhythm, this song places one mind in a serene place of peace and comfort, and has the ability to create a space for, or to be used meditation at least for me and I am not a yogis or one whom is centered on, and in connecting on any higher plane as some are, I just love great relaxing music, and this is great relaxing music, hands down.

  3. Mat C

    I think in 1993 this song was so in vogue, it sounds like Enigma or some Madonna songs from that time

  4. Ms Kim

    She shoulda released this one

  5. Lindsey H

    One of her most beautiful songs ever.

  6. Tshepo Phothane

    I've always have an affair with this song whenever i listen to it....


    envy you, especially hope the affair u said will be good. i like this song a lot.


    That's awesome

  7. Tshepo Phothane

    This song always goes deeper in my mind,

  8. BaLaNce Heaven Sent

    I refused to dance. Once.... Lol.

  9. cottage gardener

    Love love love this song and this album.... When I saw her live this was the last song I ever expected her to perform! And I looooooved it

  10. Leticia santos


  11. S.E.N.S風

    The genre of this song is very similar to Enigma---"Sadeness".

    Angel Johnson

    Love Music oh ok

  12. brie nunya

    Always did like this one, as you're listening try Not to dance 💃🏻 😉

  13. Nat's Life

    Really like this! The violin parts are really pretty!

  14. Ulf Utstrand

    yes...but could anyone ..heavily remix this one....upbeat...more base....keep the vocals.

  15. Candace Dalton

    Celine Dion is my favorite female singer by far!

    Esperanza Tamayo

    Mine too :)

  16. MartyvH

    Criminally underrated and yes, that was an astonishing album. Track 10 is part of what made it so. Captivating and almost too cool for 1993.

  17. augusto buson

    Celine, dovresti sapere che io sentendo la musica tua mi appassiona è mi metto a disegnare perché rifletto sentendo alcuni pezzi tuoi, è quando sto al mare vicino Roma (località S.Marinella o s.Severa) ho in mente sempre il tuo Cd "A New Day Has Come" perché è troppo Bello è sn contento !!

  18. Mimo habibi

    She is the best

  19. Big Little Girl

    i was a kid then... thought i will be loved by someone special... stupid me

    michela derry

    yes, i agree. The same for me

    Gandalf The Grey

    Wtf. Really??


    You should have refused to dance .... Lol. That's the point of the song. Play hard to get.

  20. Titi Amador G

    super :-)

  21. Colleen Marsh

    Random thought: What if Celine's dress/nightgown wasn't the color you thought it was? All my life I thought it was this color but my mind had a random thought...Lol

  22. Mirela Lilova

    I think that the version of Alan Rickman and Charlie Dore is more sexy and of course
    it's because Alan's sexy voice ... :D

  23. Virginia Neil

    this song reminds me of a ex! eeeekkkkk , he is a twat!!!

    Colleen Marsh

    This song is about meeting a bad boy. Everyone has at least met someone like that. Shudders too...I know what you mean.

  24. CynyMyny21

    i like this

  25. debbie gilreath

    she is one of my favs

  26. Teri M


  27. razrv3lc

    What a strangely mixed song. The vocals sound so separated from the music. Usually her songs are mixed so the vocals are wallowing in the music--honestly this is mixed like Loved Me Back to Life, where the vocals are kind of on their own instead of a part of the music. This is very different from the rest of this album (and decade).

    Also, this song sounds a lot like Black & White by Sarah McLachlan. The lyrics seem so *not* cheesy like her usual songs. This sounds just like a song that Sarah would have made in the 90s. What a hidden gem!

    Esperanza Tamayo

    I totally agree! This song always haunted me when I was a child. I would play it and sing it over and over and barely listen to the rest of the album. It's so weird.

    Gandalf The Grey

    Actually, this came out before Sarag McLachalns did. So in a way Sarah's was like hers instead

  28. rosered140

    Love this song. 

  29. libertinkaCA

    perfect :))

  30. Dee Bee

    Damn I just remembered this one. One of my favs on the album