Dion, Celine - Next Plane Out Lyrics

I listen to the sound of the rain fallin' down my window
Prayin' for a gentle wind
To bring my baby back again
Tryna be strong but I'm not getting any stronger
Loneliness is tearing apart this heart of mine

I lie awake
'Cause I can't take
Another night lonely
It's been too long,
I can't hold on no more

Leavin' on the next plane out
'Cause I gotta see my baby
It's been too long
Since I held him in my arms
And I just won't sleep at night
'Til he's sleeping here beside me
Here beside me again

Talking on the phone but that don't make it any better
Nothing's gonna ease this pain
Until I'm in his arms again
Runnin' down the stairs there's a taxi that's waiting for me
Loneliness, I'm gonna leave you far behind

I'd walk for days
Through pouring rain
Anything to be with him
It's been too long,
I can't be strong no more

Leavin' on the next plane out
'Cause I gotta see my baby
It's been too long
Since I held him in my arms
And I just won't sleep at night
No, no, no, no
'Til he's sleeping here beside me
Here beside me again

I gotta be with my baby

Gotta be with him
Gotta be by his side
Gonna be with him
My heart's made up my mind

I'm leavin' on the next plane out
'Cause I gotta see my baby
It's been too long
Since I held him in my arms
And I just won't sleep at night
No, no, no
'Til he's sleeping here beside me
Here beside me again

It's been too long
Since I held him in my arms
And I just won't sleep at night
'Til he's sleeping here beside me
Here beside me

I gotta be with my baby,
Gonna be with my baby
Gonna take the next plane
Or the next train
Gotta get there
Gotta see my baby

And nothing's gonna stop me
From leavin' this time
Leavin' on the next plane out
Leavin' on the next plane out

Next plane
Next train

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Dion, Celine Next Plane Out Comments
  1. Jasmine Mitchel

    Great song this song brings tears to my eyes it reminds me of someone

  2. Amarjaa Tv

    Classic 💖

  3. Dean Shaw

    I won a be on the next plane now to see my hubby 😢

  4. Misha Reynolds

    Missing my Momo😍

  5. Ali

    Still listening

  6. Peter Jump

    To all the men out there turn the song round we've all been there this song reminds me so much that I've lost in my life heartbreaking

  7. tom magne nilsen


  8. Sir Roché

    look at us now

  9. Maria Stella

    Quanto piace il color seppia alla nostra Angel Queen 💕

  10. shanika Riggan

    Still listening. ..Montego Bay Jamaica, Nov.24.19

  11. Motlatsi Lebereko

    Reminds me of Mamsie, you used to write her songs on a book. You would sit down with your small radio outside afterschool just writing songs and singing along. I love you Sis, I miss you but now I know you are with Mom together. RIP

  12. Leisa May

    4 weeks to go before i see my baby its will be 3 years since i last held him... its all apart of being in love with a military personnel

  13. Cassandra Barrett

    My favorite artist always

  14. Carleb Raphael Mesadieu

    This song is the best mein love listening to this

  15. Damarli Coombs

    Nuff love Celine

  16. Tashy Monii

    Forever my song!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Collette Gumbrell

    I'd forgotten how great this one is!

  18. Mpho Aletta

    I dedicate this to my late sister Thandi Mokhatla she used to love it especially when she was doing spring cleaning 😘

  19. APRIL Wooten

    This song reminds me of some one in Arizona. I know he lives there I live in Georgia.

  20. Steve Wilson

    9/24/2019 🎇🎇✈🎇🎇🌎🚀🇺🇸🌅

  21. Sifiso Ncwane

    September 2019 still listening

  22. Jackine Harris

    Can't stop loving this song 😍😁😢

  23. Kelly Amos

    She is amazing,best artist on this planet,my idol, I will never tire of her songs her lyrics are on point,amazing

  24. Carmen Marope

    Lets talk about love

  25. Micky Ash

    September anyone 😎

  26. Marcella Aguilar

    I don’t know how I’ve never heard this!!!! ☝🏼🔥❤️🛫

  27. Sophia Youboty


  28. Leisa May

    A party in Jamaica isn't a party if this isnt played. Classic

  29. Idir Hallaf

    Bonne fetes celine!
    Divas vegas! Forever celine.

  30. Afrodaughters

    🎶🎶💕💕💕” I got to see my baby it’s been too long”

  31. moimême Pourdevrai


  32. Sherika Palmy

    I will never stop loving this song 2019 going into 2020❤💯

  33. Davia Thomas

    2019 Jamaica🇯🇲

  34. Shannel Shaw

    know long mi nuh see my baby father I need u

  35. Shawny IsBless

    7/6/2019 still listening😘😘😘 I'm in love and can't wait to be with my baby.

  36. Leisa May

    Cant wait to see my baby in April 2020. Last seen him in December 2016...❤❤❤

  37. Blossom Thomas

    Still listening to Celine Dion in 2019 ,missing my husband

  38. Ali

    cant stop listening to this song on repeat all day every day

  39. Detroitman.

    I didn't there was a video for this.

  40. Ali

    for my baby Armani

  41. Nina Deniz Dz

    C est le clip de "je sais pas"

  42. Berta Andrade


  43. Meikhallanni Nuevamujer

    It's been too long !! .....
    Since I seen my babie's !!.... I just won't sleep @night till their hear beside me.... Nothing gonna stop me ! IAM on tha Next plane ... Can't wait to see my babies . 2019 feeling the vibe's from Dis lil'lady 💌🙏💞

  44. Meikhallanni Nuevamujer

    2019 still loving these tunes 💯%🔥👌 feeling the vibe's from Dis lil'lady &de Swansea city crew 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️ respect always.💌💞🙏

  45. Michael weiler Weiler

    A mãe da musica a maior artista da historia

  46. joy thanda

    Mid 90's.. In my teens... Was still a Virgin at the time... But I could tell when it was love or not.....

  47. Annmarie Delaney

    Still love this song 😍😍 2019.....

  48. Celeste Kriel


  49. Barney Bunn

    2019! Missing that special someone

  50. nibor77

    2019 anyone??

  51. young lord Malcolm

    Celine dion i love your voice so much 😍😗😍😙

  52. Hamish Palmer next

    Almost 1am and still listening

  53. Rose Agaatsz

    To me you are the greatest artist then and nowadays. 👀🎤🎧🎼 every song tells a story ! ❤️CD .

  54. shy.kid. loner

    Anyone still listening in 2019

  55. Yvonne Ward

    2019 any one ❤️

  56. Peter Lukhele


  57. Candace Shirley

    If only Celine

  58. sudian aldridge

    Next plane out......who's listening in 2019😍😍😍 Celine my fav😘

    Sifiso Ncwane

    Irene Monyamane I'm with u

    -Tracey -

    Bagged my tickets for Dublin. I adore this woman 😭😭😭😭

    real mdrid

    sudian aldridge me 14/10/2019


    i am these r my tunes

  59. Evertton Alves

    Love song in 2019?

  60. Nicola Mckinnon

    Love this song my favourite Celine dion song x

  61. Getrud Ndeshaanya

    She takes me into a fantasy world still here 2019 anybody else?

  62. storms a brewing

    2019 and I can't stop thinking bout you Santiago since u passed in 2009 r.i.p babe ur gone but not forgotten bless it be

  63. Keneita Samuels

    Mi want to look lke u wen am getin old gve mi dat secret remedy plez

  64. Keneita Samuels

    Celine u knw u not gettin old dam

  65. Stone Love


  66. Chinelle Chambers

    Who here in 2019

    real mdrid

    Chinelle Chambers me 14/10/2019

  67. Antoinique Bowe

    2019 an still jamming ❤️

    Kabelo Marumong


  68. Nicola Taylor

    This song have me weak in my hold body big u girl right now i miss my baby

  69. sensy 01

    video from the song "je sais pas"

  70. Renee Walsh25

    My fave

  71. Sophia Dent

    Love is beautiful ❤️❤️

  72. moloto Theese Mphahlele

    A big song and i love you Celine Dion

  73. Desmond Morris

    When you know your single for too long :(

    Kedisha White

    Yep that me RIGHT NOW LOL

  74. Luís Renato Alves

    Anyone still in love with this voice in 2019???

    real mdrid

    Luís Renato Alves me 14/10/2019

  75. Annabe Mut

    All time classics, top of the charts.

  76. alecia cole

    2019 and still love this song everytime I hear it

  77. Anthony'z official production

    Best biggest singer for mi ever drop a like if u agree

  78. Marcio santana santos Santana

    Fuitrj derty

  79. Galman Ferguson

    Whenever I starts rain, I start playing this song all over again

  80. metalmover7546

    Half way around the world in somebody else's war for 6 month's 20 odd years ago balkans , this song rang so true!

  81. Sheyon Thomas

    The moon

  82. Oneil Thunder

    Sitting here at JFK🛫 like😍 2019

  83. Edwillpehi Tjijeu

    Iove u 0816615333

  84. Kelleen Williams


  85. Kelleen Williams


  86. Galman Ferguson

    That 'again again again again again' part by the end always gets me. It's so angry but also delicate and sweet at the same time

  87. Rodwell Simon

    2019 wow

  88. ski Mask Hip Hop

    2019 anyone

  89. Janel Wilson

    These song just got me drinking lay in bed feeling so 😄😄😄

  90. Jennilee Wade


  91. Rachel Copley

    Still listening 2019. Memories

  92. Reasibe Tloane

    2019 still going strong