Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid Lyrics

Hver en tåre er frosset
Vår sjel er lenket
Vårt hat er blodig

All glede er svunnet
All latter er forsvunnet
Alt liv skal ende i død

I et kalt og øde landskap
Skal den sorte horde tre frem
Vår herre skal stige
Opp for all tid, reise sitt rike igjen

Vår kamp skal belønnes
Våre nav skal prises
Våre sinn skal dra den grene
Og hans kjærlighet skal evig gå tapt
All moral skal forkastes
Du vil men du dør av skam

Nå er tiden kommet
Ja knus de godes ord
La oss for alltid bli herskere på denne jord

[English translation:]

[For All Time]

Every tear is frozen
Our soul is linked
Our hate is bloody
All happiness is gone away
All laughter is gone away
All life shall end in death
In a cold and deserted landscape
Shall the black horde step from
Our lord shall rise
Up for all time, rise his kingdom again
Our struggle shall be rewarded
Our names shall be written
Our minds shall pull the bough
All morality shall be cast away
You want but you die of shame
Now is the time come
Yes break the word of the good
Let us for all time become rulers on this earth

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Dimmu Borgir For All Tid Comments
  1. Phillip Amason

    Absolutely haunted, enchanted sounds. It'd be cool if they redid this album too without, ya know, shitting all over it

  2. Phillip Amason

    When I downloaded this off soulseek 15 years ago, I thought the first song was corrupt because of the intro lmao

  3. Leandro \m/

    The Best pagan viking Metal.. i am brazilian , my Blood latino, my soul scandinavia \m/

  4. константин груздев

    And best album cover of all time.

  5. константин груздев

    Best Borgir album from the best Black Metal era.

  6. ElliS Dee

    I wish this type of music was more popular.

  7. david morison

    Dimmu boring.....

    Ayşe Raven

    Fuck offf

  8. jelefaz

    ok...that´s what i call a positive development...

  9. Batallador1957

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros nuclear blast music 😍😍 bravo

  10. Andreo Suro

    опять ахуенно :) по ходу на столько старый что отдает еще панк роком :))

  11. AncientGreekStudios

    One of the only two good albums along with Stormblast. Before they sold out and became fakers, like most people in modern society. Cheers.

  12. Antonju Cesmez

    Dimmu Borgir uno de los más oscuros metales👍😉muy bueno y consistente😎

  13. MrSlaroW

    how canyou like this??? I am fan of Dimmu borgir but from those vocals my ears are bleeding its really awful

  14. Eric Camacho

    The First Four Albums + Godless Savage Garden 🤙✌🔥🔥

    Phillip Amason

    I bet you'd like the devil's path split they did with old man's child. The best of both.

    Eric Camacho

    @Phillip Amason I remember that one - that split was really really good 🤙🔥🔥

  15. Enrique Arriaga

    El mejor sin duda, oscuro, épico, transmite todo más con ese intro espectacular

    Gersson Monroy

    Es el primer disco que escucho de black metal... Y que te puedo decir, me encanta, rapido lo ame. No pensé que me fuera a gustar tanto este género y en especial esta banda

  16. n n

    back when they were lowkey NSBM :D

  17. Bozhestvo Smerti

    Still got this cassette...

  18. Lida Otero

    Perfect album ! For all tid ! 😈🤘🏼

  19. William Smith

    For Ass Tid.

    G O

    For ass tits

  20. Nikki Sturlesi

    Their best album 👌🏻

  21. Ned Gray

    A masterpiece.When I first time listening to this I was not know where are they from.I was imagine snow,forest, untouched nature.Then later someone said me Norway 😊

  22. Victor Barrios


  23. Sushi

    I love metal 🖤

  24. Charles Anthony

    Why did you make Enthroned Darkness Triumphant private???

  25. Dean Rossiter

    Great album for sure a classic

  26. maung ciakna

    Best dimmu borgir album so far ,in my opinion

  27. Mat Demaz

    Damn, I love this album. Sounds so epic and sad at the same time.

  28. Aspirative Music Production

    Any one find the vocals hilarious. Some cool music and than the voice of sick raccoon comes in. I can't stop laughing.


    Silenoz on vocals for this album. It's no wonder why he was swapped for the drummer.....Shagrath.

  29. riojasnoah


  30. Nords Gods

    Какая то хрень, Dimmu не туда гребешь.

  31. Hirurg Iure

    Det nye riket 00:00 - 04:59
    Under korpens vinger 05:00 - 11:01
    Over bleknede blåner til dommedag 11:02 - 15:09
    Stien 15:10 - 17:09
    Glittertind 17:10 - 22:25
    For all tid 22:26 - 28:15
    Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppene 28:17 - 31:37
    Raabjørn speiler draugheimens skodde 31:38 - 36:39
    Den gjemte sannhets hersker 36:40

  32. Blue Winter

    probably my favorite DB album

  33. WeedeatersElite

    Classic Borgir. This album and Stormblast were their primes

    Emil Rasmussen

    And I fucking love that it's in Norwegian! I know that a lot of people don't understand it, but there is just more "soul" (or no soul to be edgy) in it. \m/

    M. B.

    plus Death Cult Armageddon and In Sorte Diaboli - everything after is different and I don't like that

    Matt Frame

    @M. B. so basically you like everything, but there last 2 albums haha

    M. B.

    @Matt Frame Yeah

    Victor Murilo Silva

    You guys should listen to some fucking Ulver. More precisely their first album.

  34. Eddy Reuneker

    When Dimmu produced proper black metal.....not to compare with the new and annoying album😔

    Un Dead :v

    Try to listen to it but taking it out of the context of being a black metal record, listen to it as a symphonic metal with harsh voices and you will see that there is substance.

    Charles Anthony

    Say what you will about Eonian. At least it isn't Abracadabra. That is such a shitty album.

  35. Armando Jose

    DIMMO BORGIR é uma dás maiores bandas de Black Metal do Mundo.

    Geovane Promised

    Na minha opinião consegue ser a melhor do mundo, pois se diferencia da maioria com arranjos super melancólicos, enquanto outras só tem mais aquele chiado e blast beats com pegada hardcore.


    @Geovane Promised Já ouviu o primeiro cd do Dismal Euphony (Soria Moria Slott)?? Espetacular...

  36. Dioguinho Torres

    my fav one from Dimmu, true black metal!!!

  37. Omar Garibay

    One of my favourites

  38. antonio Maciel

    Uno de sus mejores album sin ninguna duda...☻

  39. wilmar andres acevedo montañez


  40. Tanx913


  41. Mohd Ibrahim

    I grew up and started with Morbid Angel Kreator Suicidal Tendecies and then there was Black Metal Explosions i didnt start with Deep Purple Led Zeppelin or Uriah Heep thank you !!!

  42. Lyset

    I bought this on a whim nearly 20 years ago, I knew who DB was but I only knew the "newish" stuff -- not only did I think this was "For all Cid", I also didn't know it was their old stuff until after I got it.

  43. The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow

    Dimmu Borgir is 🖤🖤🖤

  44. Ray H.

    I remember getting this through the underground when it still existed. My band caught the tail end of the underground but we weren't black/death metal and by mid '95 that's basically all the underground was.

  45. Broncycolon 70

    Dimmu is always a big thing...but this is...can't find words....👍👏✌👌better than fuck a girl

    Honestly,I am not gay

  46. Broncycolon 70

    Oh🙋lots Dimmu here...wow...THX...for all tid...

  47. cid alexander

    the best

  48. Metal Finder

    1997 remastered... Great album, awesome sound!

  49. Glodjkers

    Retardi sektaski

  50. Broncycolon 70

    1 of the best Albums ever....OK,you tube....you are doing influence well...Mainstream? Yessss

  51. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    Sorry guys, but this one I dislike.

    Ayşe Raven


  52. The_Horse361 Show

    I'm hoping with all this Dimmu Borgir uploads there is a unannounced album going to come out

  53. Marisol Merida M

    Excelente !!

  54. Christopher Lee

    Hell yeah

  55. Jay Johnson

    Fan since Highschool!!!
    Still ROCKIN on My YouTube woot!!!!!!!

  56. xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx

    Can't wait to see Dimmu Borgir in January at o2 Kentish Town

  57. Jefferson Tecnologia

    For all Tid, Stormblast, Puritanical...my favourite

    Something Wild

    Dont forge Enthrone....


    SBD is still severely underrated.

    Varg Des todes

    @FearNoGrave i don understand why that´s my favorite with this one and Enthrone Darkness Triumphant.

  58. Paulohenrique Batistadosreis

    Caralho já tem novo álbum

    Jefferson Tecnologia

    Novo???? 😒

    Paulohenrique Batistadosreis

    @Jefferson Tecnologia só percebe depois kkkkkk

    Paulohenrique Batistadosreis

    Ta cheio d br aqui

  59. Boyko Dimov


    Robert {BAPH} Broussard

    I laughed hard...
    Too hard for just that. I guess it is stronge

    M. B.

    @Robert {BAPH} Broussard and "erektcione" :D

  60. espartaco 8000

    Se extraña ese tipo de melodias de Dimmu , su material reciente ya no suena a lo que una.vez fue....:'( desde que vortex salio y el otro tecladista

    Ariel Millanao

    Vortex y mustis no estaban en este disco.

    espartaco 8000

    @Ariel Millanao man, sabes de que hablo. La.mayoria de sus discos que saco las vocalisaba Vortex. Y ps le.dava el.tono del.melodic bien pinche perro a las rolas. Muy medievales . Sus recientes discos ya suenan forzados.

    Ariel Millanao

    @espartaco 8000 si, estoy muy de acuerdo en eso.

  61. kenita Bathory

    Uno de mis discos favoritos de Dimmu 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  62. Adrian Lindsay

    I have this somewhere in my cd collection. Fantastic music. Brings back good memories.

  63. LydDee