Dillon, Ricky - Stars Lyrics

The night is young The DJs done.
We ain't ready to go
Our energy's like dynamite and we're about to explode
And I'm gon' take you to a place where we ain't gotta come down
Just let it take you away.
Never wanna touch the ground, ground, ground

Just look up to the
Stars you're wondering where we are we ain't going nowhere
Just look up to the
Stars you're wondering where we are we ain't going nowhere
We ain't going nowhere

This is our moment we're gonna own it let it pass us by
No time to waste so celebrate.
We ready to fly
And I'm gon' take you to a place where we ain't gotta come down
Just let it take you away.
Never wanna touch the ground, ground, ground

Just look up to the
Stars you're wondering where we are we ain't going nowhere
Just look up to the
Stars you're wondering where we are we ain't nowhere
We ain't going nowhere

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Dillon, Ricky Stars Comments
  1. Keisha Ritchison

    Totally underrated.
    I love it.
    This would be so cool turned into a movie..im left wanting more. :)

  2. chelsea smith

    still so in luv

  3. Angie Diment

    2019? 🔥

  4. binnie

    gosh I used to listen to this 24/7 as a kid

  5. Lamar Daftardar

    2019 ANYONE ?

    Like if yes

  6. Nicollas e Meu Mundo Animal

    can someone tell youtubers to stop trying a career as singers

  7. Galaxy Hope

    This is actually really amazing! I’m here after seeing you on Morganchella, you’re awesomeness !

  8. Keisha Ritchison

    Still listening !! I really like this song/video everything about it. It's a BOP in my book :)

  9. Jorden Macleod-Elwell

    ugh i still love this song so much

  10. Britton Sellers

    I'm sorry but this isn't my cup of tea. His lisp was annoying and made the song sound suuuuuper unprofessional, the music video is just wierd, and the song it's self was really bad. But i guess people can't really help what they like and don't like so you do you or what ever.

  11. James Rusk

    ILove you ricky I Love your songs

  12. Aiman Sam

    Still my favorite song Ricky has ever released. The production value is amazing. Who knew that in a few years Charlie Puth who worked with youtubers would become a household name?


    Why have I never heard this?

  14. Jimin does have jams

    ❤💞 still love it

  15. Pepsi Boyz


  16. Kimberly Rosa

    Ppl who disliked this video r ppl who r a disappointment

  17. missa m

    I love you so much I have to get this on my phone I LOVE OLL YOUR SONGS OLWA

  18. r oni

    This is my favorite song of yours!!

    Also his hair was giving me 2014 tyler oakley hair vibes 😂

  19. 이상한아이

    The Mydol bot said this was its favorite song lmaooo

  20. poopooopeepee69


  21. Cheyenne Kuehn

    I love his effects in this video. Every video of his is stunning. Keep it up Ricky love you

  22. Jessica Night

    This is one of my favorite songs that he did. Why can’t his other songs be more like this one.

  23. Twenty Øne Piløts

    I don’t understand why people sayed his signing wasn’t on point but like ... COME ON it’s good af

  24. Fredrick Mayo


  25. sara smaili

    To a plathe 😂 that lisp tho

  26. Rebecca Erin

    ricky should 100% do more edm type stuff!!

  27. Maddi Crane

    Throwback danggg

  28. Laurensz Moeharram

    he looks like a troll man

  29. Laurensz Moeharram

    still can't sing

  30. Kimberly Banks

    This song is stuck into my head !!!!!👾

  31. Michael Chavez

    This was everything omgawhd the blue hair looked so good on you

  32. Mia And Sofia

    Juth thlook up to the thars😂✨✨

  33. Cinder Bug

    great song but whats with the th instead of ss

  34. Tiffany Leonard

    Ricky kinda reminds me of a better version of Charlie Puth

  35. Kaitlyn Rose

    The video is fucking dope but the song seems like a lot of auto tune

  36. 閔允基

    This Song proves that people don't need good vocals to sing, They just need passion and style! Amazing video. <3

  37. Maria Bou

    I can't believe people say he has an amazing voice, I just... Have you ever heard good singing? Or even singing?

  38. Dee Couvillon

    ricky dillon your music is awsome
    from your biggest fan kahla ontiveros love you ricky dillon

  39. Angelo Cho

    i love you ricky dillon!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. torya lol

    it's been two years and i strongly still love this song 💞

  41. Anna Padilla

    I will never understand this music video and I love it

  42. A C


  43. Pugtatos

    I remember I loved this song sooo much

  44. Jane Doe

    I ####### love your vids

  45. It's Kookie

    You should thank and praise whoever invented the auto tune. God knows how much your voice needed it.

  46. RainbowCat5683 AJ

    10 seconds in and I'm already like " Whoa ".

  47. Amy Cox


  48. LeevMeeAlownImWachingYoutube &YesThatsAllIDoDontAsk

    Guys he knows he's not the BEST singer he makes music for fun he's said this before...

  49. Wow Lester

    Let me marry him please

  50. Megan K

    I'm so confused- I don't not like it, but I'm just confused...

    Kaitlyn Tyler

    Megan Kraus he explained it in the description :)

  51. Hayley Thompson

    he sounds like he has braces

  52. Madison Deweese


  53. Nikita Ray

    I love Ricky, he's great but his singing voice usually isn't for me (I do like a few songs and I jam to them he's not awful not saying that) but this song is a bop and the quality of this video is amazing, all the effects were super cool, perfect location.

  54. Mishaal Khan

    I haven't heard rickys music in so long, and now I'm just listening to them all and reviving them

  55. TheGirlWithTheUncaughtdreams

    ricky u need this hair col,or OMG

  56. Laura Isabel

    I feel like this is one of his best songs 😍

  57. Airyana Martin


  58. laura may

    This is still my fav song. I love this Ricky ❤️

  59. Kelsey Hutchy

    i love his lisp its cute

  60. Taylor Kimball

    This will be the best thing you've ever created! please make more! you sent me on an adventure! i had chills the whole entire song! you made a masterpiece!!!! great job!!

  61. La La

    Anyone else notice o2l liked this?

  62. Eve and Ron Mina

    Dillon, do you have an album?

  63. Autumn Huckbay

    His lisp is so cute here i love it!

  64. Allyaxe Jorgensen

    still my favorite video

  65. KayKay

    Who came here from skillets video? "Stars"??

  66. pxrk jxmin

    Stop hating! I would like to see you haters sing. Nobody's perfect.

  67. little heidi

    that woman in the water is a scary woman she's ugly Ricky not you

  68. estella ortega

    Who's watching in 2016?😛❤️

    Trinity Williams

    2016 and 2017


    2019 lol

  69. neely

    at 12- and 14 seconds he kinda sounds like Charlie Puth XD

  70. azraz13


  71. lilly547 Wright4

    this video is so cool great job on the video Ricky love you so much and ignore the haters 😊

  72. cat is dead

    You are great Ricky, don't let anyone tell you that you are not, you truly are the best and I wish I could be right there by your side

  73. lexis lovato

    Wait. If O2L ended in January 2015 and this came out in May 2015, AND it was in O2L's liked videos, could that mean someone was on the channel?!1


    they visit it often🌝 Kian was on it a couple weeks ago.

  74. Why are you reading this

    still my jam .

  75. Alexander Leon

    Illuminati ass bitch

  76. Lorena Nieves

    Why do they keep throwing milk at his face?!

  77. Ta Rina

    how can someone hate this, GOSH!!! IT´s Soooooooooooooooo good.... <3

    Ta Rina

    The beat is deep, I love it, It goes right through me... <3 ;-)

  78. Vanessa Zoora

    This is so catchy I love the drop and your voice I also love the video I think it's so interesting

  79. iliana davila-brown

    This is a good song, but just has a lot of auto tune, which is fine, but I just noticed it and would prefer less

  80. Daniela Falcon

    your the best RICKY DILLON

  81. Random Marti

    He born with talent

  82. angelook

    Isnt Colleen you wife???

  83. angelook

    Copycat lol

  84. Alexa Whitehurst

    this is such a good song😊❤

  85. Morayo Omogbenigun

    what's the story to this video?

    Brooke Streich

    It's in the description

  86. Jazlyn Avalos

    best song I ever heard

  87. Senada Suvic

    ricky my sister said that you are not good at singing

  88. J V

    Ricky believe in yourself I'm so happy that u don't care when people judge you about ur lisp. But notice how people are always talking about it?

  89. Emma


  90. Jessica Sykes

    it's been over a year and still love this

  91. Star Fall

    love this song so much well done ricky


    I really wish there was an instrumental version of this song

  93. The Best Cousins

    This is an amazing song i love it so much i just wish I met you when u were on iceland my sister met u but i did not meet u lov u Ricky cute dog btw love Oliver❤️❤️

  94. Morgan Land

    this song is great with the video and on its own

  95. Skylar Wilkins

    people shouldnt say he shouldnt sing because of his lisp... it wouldnt really make a difference if he didnt have it and his lisp is adorable and it just makes me so proud when he ignores haters and keeps singing

  96. helryon

    Does anyone have any advice for songwriting?

  97. helryon

    Does anyone have any advice for songwriting?

    Aesthetic Anesthetic

    think about something that you care about and put what speaks to your heart in terms of that thing 😄also have fun

  98. Lianna Molina

    What am I watching what is this this is like I'm in a parallel universe or something

  99. X Xxcolbaex

    This looks like something from Mario Kart

  100. Nialler Styles

    love this song x